Saturday, April 21, 2007

Random Box of Horns part II

Games Day France, April 15 2007.
"Let's get this party started!"
Spontaneous jubilation breaks out as the crowd is told that
Dan and Graham have entered the building.

Le shopping.


Blood Pact!

Sigmar Queues.

A blue man.

A French ork.

Dan and Natalie, Madame le translator.

Dan and Julien, Monsieur le translator.
Nik and Mathieu, Monsieur le Publisher,
Bibliotheque Interdite.

Dan and Graham, the Look of Destiny!

A random box of horns, earlier.


Unknown said...

Haha. Great pictures there. Nice looks of destiny and it's good to see so many.. enthusiastic fans.

Hope it were fun.

Toymachine said...

Look out, Dan!

Theres a space marine behind you!

Anonymous said...

They're better than the UK ones from last year.


Well with the exception of the one with me on :D

But it seems a day for classy pictures all around. Nearly had a fit of joy today with all those Stormtoopers (the Star Wars kind) in my ickle home village.

Love Stormtroopers.

lordy said...

How many Blood Pact armies have you seen now? It must have been a fair few.

Anonymous said...

Someone's growing a mighty batch o' facial hair...And Nik looks very sofrenchtikated in that turtle neck! Oh, I read that batch of Texas Chainsaw Massacre comics you gave me, and seriously grissly writing. I like!


Jesse said...


I read your post. You're on. I just registered for the Black Library open short-story competition. We'll see how I do. I would go ape-dookie if I actually made the cut for publication. I would probably spend my entire winning check on business cards that say "Jesse ..... Published Author!"

Even if I don't make the cut, hopefully writing the story will help me get the creative engine running for my other, larger project.

Rob Rath said...

Ah, so that's what a "look of destiny" is.

I have no idea what madness I was spouting in my last comment about looks of destiny. Next time I go to a history dept. party with free champagne I'll hold back a little. Sorry.


I'm registered too. (Probably half the people reading this blog are.) I've tried these competitions before but never got past the first stage... of course this time I mean to actually WORK on it rather than throw something together at the last minute.

Personally, I find that whenever I'm stuck writing the best solution is to switch to something else for a short time, so yes, working on a 40k story will probably give you a jump start. Good luck.

Bodjo said...

I just had the pleasure of finishing the Eisenhorn Omnibus.

Sacred...feth. It really lived up to the hype. Just wow.

Jesse said...

Eisenhorn was my 'foot in the door' to get people hooked on 40K books while I was in the desert. The Ghost novels kept them coming back for more, but all my little Genestealer cults began by reading Eisenhorn.

Anonymous said...

@ Jesse:

Right, that's the spirit! Good Luck, and may the EMperor be with you. :)