Thursday, September 07, 2006

An Eventful Life

Just a reminder about the Abnett/McNeill/Swallow super-signing at Watford GW this coming Saturday (the 9th) from 1 PM.

And while we're on events, Forbidden Planet has asked me to sign the hot off the presses Armour of Contempt (Gaunt #10) hardback (and the equally hot off the presses His Last Command paperback edition) on Saturday the 21st of October, from 1PM, at their flagship store on Shaftsbury Avenue. I'll be there an hour or so at least. The last FP signing was fun, so come along and make this one funner.

Then of course, the big one, Games Day '06 at the NEC Birmingham, Sunday the 24th September. Everyone's going to be there, including the God-Emperor of Mankind, Abaddon, Sigmar, and the guy recently arrested for setting the Galaxy alight in the first place.

Other news... still can't tell you about the Very Exciting Project I've just started working on, though I will be able to soon. If I keep writing sentences like that, I'll soon have devised the anti-blog.


Anonymous said...

nevermind Abaddon, he's no fun these days. what Games Day really needs is Suicide Girls. I mean, will Abaddon strip to the latest Motörhead album?? THAT'S WHAT I THOUGHT.

Anonymous said...

Nice job with the more frequent blogs via little updates. Hope you can keep it up. The blogging I mean.

Anonymous said...

Watford was great. Sorry for bringing 23 books for you to sign, and many thanks for actually getting through all of them (Let alone writing them in the first place).

Dan Abnett said...

Watford WAS great. Thanks to all who came - even those who brought 23 books (Kidding - you bought them, least I can do is sign them). Really good time had by me, Jim and Graham, and the GW bods seemed very happy with it all too. The only oddity was the fact that the Harlequin Centre had clearly been designed by the same architect who brought us lost R'lyeh and Leng. Ah! the non-Euclidian geometry and the labyrinthine car park.

Let's do it again sometime. And see you at Games Day!

Anonymous said...

Not long now!

*laughs in a suitably evil manner and rubs her hands with glee*

And how I am at Games Day will all dpends on the outcome on Amrour of Contempt.
Especially as I'll be extremely sleep deprived due to an absencely busy week at work and then having to get up ridiculously early.

There's a good chance that I may actually be caffeinated. But I'll be wearing a classy T-shrt and very fitting for GD coz it says 'Heroes Die First' on it.

And so I apologize in advance for......well me.
See you on the 24th!

Oooooooh. And I have a brilliant question to ask. Something strange, bizarre and unusual that no one else might have thought of. Well technically it's more of an enquiry about something I may have discovered.
But we shall see...and I shall be terribly smug if I'm right. Though there is a letter missing. But it's very very very close. So much so that it can't be a coinsidence.

*laughs with glee*

Anonymous said...

Dan I am sorry I called you a "w***er" . I am across the pond and that term really has no meaning over here, so it didn't occur to me that I might offend some youngsters of the world. As long as you keep blogging on a regular basis and I take my pills everything should be fine.

OK, now onto the good stuff!

Congratulations on the Nova series getting picked up. I loved what you and the other half of DNA(I can see why they didn't use your guys last intials for an amalgam) did with the mini as well as Kevin Walker's great artwork. I would love to see him join you guys on the series but I have a feeling he won't be along for the ride. Hopefully you get teamed with someone on the same level as Kevin.

I loved the redesigned costume for Nova. He definitely looks less goofy. I would like to see you guys get a chance to redesign some of the other Marvel cosmic characters, most of them are in desperate need of it.

Keep up the good work. Soldier on!!

Anonymous said...

Hi dan, i know u must have heard this about a gazillion times but i need to say that the gaunt ghost novels are defo the best books i have ever had the pleasure to read. They almost makes me wish i was in the trenches with the tanith boys, now i say almost becasue most of them are dieing at a fast rate prob because they have been in more wars than i have has sunday dinners hehe. But honestly i love the books .. so many twists and turns, my mind boggles at how you manage to keep the books going at the high quality you set yourself from all the way back to the first book. I have only one complaint about the books .. i dont get enough sleep when they get released .. i cant put the bloomin things down hehe.. Hey i think you are doing a great job with the blog keep up the good work mr abnett, u keep on wrighting and i will keep on buying.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, i've been a fan for a while ever since i first read Xenos and thought it was so good i started reading it again the next day! The quality of your writing and the sheer amount you do is mind boggling!
Keep up the excellent work and thank you for more Ravenor!!!

Tiletron said...

Although I didn't bring all my books because of some "misinformation", I really enjoyed your signing up at Watford...

I even managed to get them to give me that Sabbat Crusade poster!

There was something I wanted to discuss with you at the event but ran out of time, so you should get an email about it from me soon.