Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Can you hear me at the back?

I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't, as I'm a little hoarse. "Naaayyy!"I hear you say.

I do the jokes, buddy.

Games Day. Well, that happened. It was great too, but the sheer scale of it was so vast and the ambient noise so loud, I had to shout to make myself heard all day and was left with little or no ability to speak ("Hoorah!" they cry). Thank you in huge great big dollops to everyone who came and queued for the signings, everyone who had a question or a comment, everyone who said hello, and everyone, basically. Also an especially shout out to Steve, who brought his custom built Blood Pact army to show me. Pictures of this must be distributed to all immediately. It was fantastic. Badger Guy Haley at White Dwarf until he does a feature on it (well, don't ACTUALLY badger him, just an odd email request, maybe).

There are pictures of Games Day and a report on the BL boards. Go look.


Anonymous said...

*laughs and continues to laugh in a suitably evil manner*

But 'twas a brilliant day. And I lost my vioce too. Only not to shouting but to endless chatter.

Now I just have to come up with something as devilishly fiendish for next year. Though in truth you all brought it upon yourselves.

So there! :P

Love n lembas
From me!!!

Bennett Hobson said...

Oh I have to see this Blood Pact army! My friend (who has a gigantic Tanith army) and myself are working on a Blood Pact army together now, and inspiration would be awesome. How do I badger this Guy Haley? I must see it!

Anonymous said...

A little hoarse you say?

Ah, so that explains the long face!

(Boom-tish etc! Hmm. Maybe I should leave the jokes to you...)

Anonymous said...

One of my friends at my store is making a Blood Pact army, using normal Guard rules. I keep telling myself I'm going to start a Bluebloods army, but...haven't yet.

Anonymous said...

The blood Pact army rocks, I've seen it. It rocks, and I wanna chout out to steve, Thaks for getting me into the Tantih books. Mr. Abnett, they rock big time.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say big thanks for keeping me immersed in your Eisenhorn books for way too much time again and again and again. Actually bought all three books in the series three times now... all but one time intentionally.


Pär in San Diego

Anonymous said...

Suprised you could stand the noise, to be honest. Or the smell (Ohhh, the stench of a thousand damp nerds). Or the humidity. I knew by the end of the day it was driving me nuts. That being said, I proceeded to catch something vile and have spent the past week being ill.

But then again, you did get to hang around in the VIP lounge, which no doubt had fagrant palms, and drinks cooled by ice brought in from space.

Hmmm. Maybe they'll publish pics of that Blood Pact army on one of the websites? As much as I'd love to see it (Can't get enough Blood Pact. Might even roll them in Aeronautica Imperialis), I can't bring myself to buy another White Dwarf, even if it does contain some hot, Dan Abentt-based action.

Anonymous said...


So it was Games Day gave me this illness. Someone else has been struck down with it too.

I knew people were bad and such be avoided.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr `Hamilton`

Click on this

and scroll to near the bottom.

Those two guys look familiar?

Anonymous said...

Well that worked well didn`t it?

add 25mmCW.htm

to the end of that url.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys if any of u guys would like to see that Blood Pact army just e mail me ur email adress and i will send u the photos its large at around 4000 pts tanks titans the works, as made by me and george dellapina

Anonymous said...

what a twat i forgot my email address