Saturday, September 02, 2006

He's back, and so soon

Hey, look at me blogging. I’m like all bloggy now. Two blogs in a week, come on.

Actually, I figured out why I haven’t blogged that often, and it’s got nothing (ah, well, little) to do with work pressure.

It’s because I can’t think of anything to say. I’m torn between the fear that I just don’t have an interesting enough life, and the concern that blogging should actually be called “Boy, do I like the sound of my own voice-ing.” To illustrate, what have I done recently? What have I done today? I cooked meatballs, and went out underwear shopping with my wife. The underwear was for her, though I suppose I have a vested interest, but I was really only there to offer some company.

See? It’s not very interesting is it? If I blogged every day it would be like “Got up. Found cat in bath. Saw the man from number 75 on his way to work. Thought about dimetrodons. Ate blueberries...” The most interesting thing that’s happening right now is that I intend to start work on my next novel tonight. I’ve got that pre-project, anticipatory buzz on. Unfortunately, due to a pesky confidentiality agreement, I can’t tell you anything about it. So that’s the blogging well and truly stuffed.

Oh, well. At least I’m trying. Think, think, what else? I just reread The Inferno by Fred and Geoffrey Hoyle (excellent, and accidentally apropos, given the news reports about that supernova) and The Outward Urge by John Wyndham and Lucas Parkes (also excellent). I started watching the second season of Battlestar (a whole different level of excellent - and no bloody spoilers, please!). I noted the demise of Airfix (not at all excellent) and discovered that as my next Dr Who audio for Big Finish is likely to be recorded in Manchester, I’m unlikely to be able to attend the sessions (disappointing).

Still, the meatballs were good.

P.S. Quote of the month - my daughter, of superheroes and their superpowers: “I always thought I ought to be able to fly... or at least bounce.


Anonymous said...

Who would Bounce-Girl's arch nemesis be? on the same vein, whats the oppsite of bounceing o_O

love your work btw dan, if i was female id beg to have your babies. oh well, man-babies it is!

Anonymous said...

Hey now dont be eatin a lot meat balls unless u got enought for all of us lol
Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

That's what blogging is all about though.....filling cyberspace with as much mindless, insane, off the wall, possibly idiotic waffly nonsense as you can possibly fit on there.

Or document your life like that guy on YouTube.

Or at least that's my take on this whole blog thing. I suffer for a mind-numbing boring life which consists of: Get up, go to work, come home, procrastinate, go to bed sometime around 3am.......wash, rinse and repeat til you puke.

Or failing that I just type whatever comes into that blackhole of a brain of mine which is....if anyone has ever ganced at my blog would see if so completely random that 'tis almost unreal.

I do so love to waffle and hear the sound of my own voic....well typing.

And plus COPIER!!!!
*point her accusing finger*
I do a similar thing at the end of my posts. Sometimes phrases but more often or not words.
I am not amused and demand royalties!

Anonymous said...

I can understand the going shopping for underwear...for her of course...who wants to see a slightly puggy guy trying on...well you get the picture...

Thanks for the hints and the dropped titles...I can't wait to read them all, you really are one of my favoriate authors...
I can't wait till I get my copy of the RR...I would volunteer to eval...but I think enough people do that already.

Squiggle said...

What an awesome quote. =)

Anyway, confidentiality agreements suck ... Surely there's nothing stopping you Blogging about what you're not writing about?

I for example am not writing about tomatoes, or how big/juicy they are ... oh wait ... I just have ... Nevermind!