Monday, August 13, 2012

Look! It's him! We thought he was never coming back!

"Where have you been?" they all asked.

"Why haven't you blogged for SO long, even by your immensely lackadaisical not-to-mention actually crappy standards of keeping a blog going?" they asked, in addition. "Have you been sick? Missing in action? Lovelorn? Off on a path of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment? Lost down the back of the sofa?"

Yes, all of those things, probably. I've been working. Working very hard. It's no excuse, but I have. It's well established that I keep myself inhumanly busy (or am, alternatively, just one of an army of clones)  so for me to admit that I've been working very hard... that's something. That probably means it's a big deal.

Not only have I been too busy to blog properly, I also haven't been able to talk about some of the exciting things that have been keeping me so busy. Three or four (or five) of them, actually. That will change soon. Announcements of unrivalled sexy-ness are coming. Until then, you must walk the line and stay patient, just a little while longer.

But never let it be said I don't give you stuff. The first of the new season's big excitements is here... in advanced form, at least. I invite you to...  look at this

Nice, huh? I'll blog about it soon to whet your appetite. May I also take this moment to direct you to The Hypernaturals (from Boom!) and The New Deadwardians (from Vertigo) which are both getting rave reviews from all quarters.

And it may be as busy as Piccadilly Circus during the Olympics Opening Ceremony on the work front, but here at least are a few places you're going to be able to find me over the next few months. If you want to, that is.

2000AD - 35 years of Thrillpower

The Black Library Expo, Chestermere, Canada

The Black Library Weekender

The 2000AD signing is going to be a blast, and we hope to see you at one of the nationwide signings... and the BL events are going to be HUGE, so try not to miss both of them.

Right. Back to work. I won't go missing in action for quite so long this time, I promise.


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Yay! Busy is understandable. Glad all is well (albeit hectic).

Also just finished Know No Fear. Crushed it in four days. AMAZING book! One of THE BEST in the Horus Heresy series!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely thrilled to see Pariah. I just linked the pic to all my friends. Agree on the comment about Know No Fear, stunning work.

Will Wright said...

I might need to examine that book for saftey reasons before general release.
You do not want a lawsuit do you?

I will make sure it does not cause Heresy and if it does to me,well I would never sue ya.
Cause I am already a heretic ;)

Jason of Baal said...

Just a quick congratulations to whichever Clone has emerged victorious from the latest power struggle. Clearly the latest conflict was a long, hard-fought, and bitter, one. Hopefully the ascendency of the new Leader will result in a long period of productive peace.

Mark Grudgings said...

Good to have you back!

That is all.

Colin said...

Lovely to have you back, glad you've been keeping busy and all.

I don't post here often and I do hate it when people come onto blogs just to say

"When will insert favourite strip here be back?"

So I'll not ask when we might hope to see some Sinister Dexter back as that'd just make me such a hypocrite... shame as I'd really love to know if there was any on the horizon... but I'll not... I'll be good...

Xhalax said...

I dunno....I can think of some pretty sexy things.

Anonymous said...

if anyone is wondering, Chestermere is a little ways east of Calgary. "Canada" is a bit vague.

Unknown said...

Chris I totally agree an amazing piece of writing...may even have eclipsed 'Legion' as my HH favourite, four days is understandable...I could not put it down!
Dan-This is the reason why claw at your door like the Walking Dead...we want to devour the exquisite content of your imagination!

Jonathan Green said...

" busy as Piccadilly Circus during the Olympics Opening Ceremony..."

So not very busy after all then. ;-)

Jonathan Green said...

I'm guessing (hoping) one of those awesome things involves some recent news from Marvel Studios...