Friday, December 10, 2010

From the Sublime to the...Differently Sublime

Friday afternoon, Marvel announced The Annihilators, which is a project Andy and I have had to force ourselves to remain schtum about for, like, ages. Four issues of mega-level Cosmic goodness, which is also being printed double-header with the to-die-for Rocket and Groot mini.

Who says we don't treat you right?

Read this link right here to get the full lowdown in the form of mighty blurbation from's friendly neighbourhood Ben Morse, but suffice to say this is... well, some might call it the Cosmic Avengers. If Guardians of the Galaxy was a team of misfits and mavericks desperately trying to save space and time from dangers that always fundamentally outclassed them, this is the other end of the scale: the most powerful Cosmic heroes in the Marvel cannon in one premier division team standing ready to protect and serve... the Universe. Safe to say this is probably the single most powerful team ever assembled. Okay, various Avengers or JLA line-ups might give them a tough time, but, seriously dudes, can you think of a superteam that could take them, no question about it?

So just imagine the threats Andy and I are dreaming up to make this star cast worthwhile.

Quite fun to be going from the sublime of The Annihilators to the... other end of the scale with Rocket and Groot. Very, very awesome compared to very, very silly. Also, for us, imagine the creative luxury and delight of being able to move from the super-cosmic, star-snuffing huge-osity (actual word) of Surfer and the Annihilators to the nitty, gritty, human vigilante street action of Heroes for Hire. Contrast: it exercises all sides of the imagination without ruining your appetite.

Speaking of the sublime to the something else, I want to thank Nik for her blog last time. I'm delighted that so many people loved her inside view of my passive aggressive, diva-like antics and--- kidding, I have no idea how it made you revise your estimations of me, but it was a great piece of writing and I'm glad you all dug it. If you haven't dug it yet, go dig it.

The deadline? Oh, that was for Embedded, which I am seriously pleased with. I am now eyeballs deep in Salvation's Reach, the next Gaunt, which should delight some of you (though I have a rather tasty Horus Heresy short story to finish first).

Speaking of the Heresy, a few dates have been announced for Prospero Burns signings in January. See the BL site here. PB is now shipping (as is Ultramarines, hooray!), so I look forward to defacing your copy in a store near you in the New Year.

Enough of my yakkin'. I know why you're really here. You can't hide it. I can see it in your eyes. God, you're so transparent! It's the weekend. It's "take a peak in the notebook" time.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #27
A wise and rather beautiful young carpenter's son from Galilee lathers up in front of the bathroom mirror.
Caption: Jesus shaves.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #631
A TV cooking show co-hosted by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. In the lavish kitchen, they are just adding chipolata funnels to a ship-shaped cut of beef that's sitting in a casserole full of stock.
Caption: Braise the Titanic.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #88
Young padawan Obi Wan and his Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn glare dismissively in the direction of the eternally irritating Gungan Binks, who is staggering around, knocking things over, and generally talking shit.
Caption: "There's whiskey in the Jar Jar."

Idea for a one panel cartoon #191
Several Chaos Anarchs, whose voices drown out all others, are partying down so much the club can't even handle them right now.
Caption: The Joy of Seks.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #42
A giant Cthulhoid lolcat with tentacled mouth studies his cook book.
Caption: The Necronomnomnomicon.


Jonathan Green said...

Salvation's Reach already? Seriously? You don't even give yourself a day off or anything?


Xhalax said...

Salvation's Reach makes me happy.

Matt Honeycutt said...


Nik said...

J - Days off are for whimps.

Xhalax said...

Nik - I'm a wimp and proud of it!

Will Wright said...

When does Embedded come out?
That sounds like a terriffic idea for a story or dare I say movie :)

On an unrealated note I am in the process of recreating" G for Gretta"in a wicked cool WWII aluminum style.
I'll show some pics when it is more presentable.

brendenc said...

Hey Dan. What are some of your favorite comic series? Have you read or enjoy Preacher, The Boys, Fables, Sandman, or The Walking Dead?

Also, what are some guilty pleasures of yours?

Blitzspear said...

Is the HH short story Alpha Legion by any chance. Would love some more Alpha Legion storys even short ones as you do them so well.
And related to the unrelated above from Bigwill, i'm loving your idea for G for Gretta, that metal finish will be worth all the effort in the end.

Will Wright said...

Yes,but OMG the prep work is sooo hard it is not funny.
Definitely the most challenging and most fun model I have done.
What I need to know from Dan is what color should I make the Pin-Ups hair :)

frieslander said...

Prosporo Burns? Ultramarines? Embedded? Short HH? Salvation Reach? God we're spoiled :)
Nik, Xhalax, I a whimp today and tomorrow :)

Dan Abnett said...

Big Will - red. ;)

TheSGC said...

The BL website is down right now. Any word on why?

brendenc said...

Hey Dan, could you do a short story on any one of the thousands of hilarious mix-ups from this website?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping to take a trough in the notebook, myself.

TheSGC said...

You're my last hope, Mr. Abnett.

I've emailed Codex five times in the past week, since I haven't gotten a confirmation email that my order has been sent. But no reply has come. Do you know Codex's phone number, if they have one? I want to chew their asses out and try to get an answer from them.

Anonymous said...

Salvation Reach - hurray!
If it contains space battles - when yeah i am really happy!

Unknown said...

Idea for a one panel cartoon #192
A Chaos Anarch is splashing through shallow waves in boardshorts and sunglasses, waving his Corona with lime in the air with a wistful fun of a child at play.
Caption: Sek's On The Beach

HiWayRobry said...

SGC, I just got comfirmation that my Ultramarines movie shipped a couple days ago. I haven't received it yet, but it's presumably on the way! Can't wait!
Dan, things just keep getting better and better. First you're doing Heroes for Hire (which, unfortunately since I'm a trade-waiter I haven't read yet) and now you're throwing out The Annihalators? With the aforementioned Ultramarines movie, the anticipation of Embedded and the announcement of a new GG novel, I feel like it's Christmas a couple weeks early!! I can't wait to see what the line-up of The Annihalators is going to be. The mind boggles with the possiblities!

Anonymous said...

Mister Abnett thank you for Prospero Burns. It was as usually with you simply fantastic!

But i want to comment about the Heresy. After 13 Horus Heresy books you with the other authors build unchangeable picture -
The Emperor is really a bitch and fething ignoring bastard.

After his behavior with Lorgar, Magnus, Horus, Angron and 8 others primarchs its not s big surprise that they unite with Horus against him!

Especially its seen after The First Heretic by Bowden!

@You are all facets of the Emperor. You are aspects pulled from a genetic primer. The Lion is your fathers rationality – his analytical skill – unburdened by conscience. Magnus is his psychic potential and eager mind, unrestrained by patience. Russ is his ferocity, untempered by reason. Even Horus – the emperors ambition, unshaped by humility@.

So the Emperor is an empty heretic shell devoid of all emotions? Is that it?

Jose said...

I am not really sure if yuo really read this, but I am grateful to read your histories (and Mr Lannig too) I will waiting for read the Annihilators. But I must wait too much time. Here (in Spain) we are waiting for The Thanos Imperative.
But this saga its very exciting and scary.

It´s great to read your comicbooks. Very amazing and impressive. I wish that both, Andy and you, will write in a future a Avengers collection, or you will rescue the original New Warriors. Thanks for this tribute in the pages of Nova.

And I am so tediuos(soory)but I need to ask about Century again!

Thanks to be the light in this strange thing that Bendis are making in Marvel. I am waiting this guy leave the Avengers. I need the real Avengers back. And read your comick bring me back the magic of Marvel. Thanks.

cor said...

just checcked the dates and seen theres one in leeds, it will take some sort of zombie apocalypse to stop me attending :)

Anonymous said...

Can we hope for the extract from Salvation Reach as the New Year present from you - our best Santa Abnett?

Anonymous said...

Definitely going to read Embedded. Sounds like fun. Salvation's Reach makes me happy, too. Can't wait for it. Thunder & Steel on pre-order. Why must I wait?? Just got my Ultramarines DVD yesterday, but haven't had a free minute to watch, yet.

Next on my list: Sabbat Worlds.

Anonymous said...

Who i must kill to get my hands on Salvation Reach right now!
I want a New fething Year present!

johnpoyser said...

The chaos gods are always talking about burning galaxys and worlds. Do you think this means they have a fetish for REALLY big marshmallows?

Anonymous said...

To another anonymous - i too want Salvations Reach, but i can wait to next september - because its Abnett - and its fantastic!

034TH said...

I'm kinda hoping that you finally decided how to deal with MkVenner in salvations reach mainly because i'm very excited to see how you write him back and i think it would be an absolute shame for the "cwl whl" (not how you spell it but shhh) to die with him on gereon and at the moment i have the pleasure of going on a months holiday to the states with the whole gaunts ghosts collection and im a bit ashamed to say ive not left yet and im already on "Guns of tanith"

hope your well