Friday, February 19, 2010!

SciFiNow, that splendid journal of SF, fantasy, horror and cult TV, interviewed me this week for their next issue, but before I could even blink, the interview was already up on their website. I tell you, it's like living in the future. I say it here, it comes out there.

Also, this just in: IGN's 8.5 review of Guardians of the Galaxy. Take heed! Spoiler warnings!


Paul said...

That was a nice interview to read over my cornflakes. But mostly, for the first time ....zing

Big said...

Dan how much of the input for the Wolves did you put into the T.Sons, and how much of the T.Sons did you come up with! when you say collaberation do you both reach into one anothers story and say what you think the charaters were like or do you give one another a set of rules and characteristics?
will we see Grahams hand in P.Burns, are we seeing yours in T.Sons .Which ever way maximum respect to the Mighty Mcneill im am absoloutly loving the T.Sons at the moment! Its a full on Horus Heresy book , no sidetracking at all .Primarchs,History ,conspiracy and revalations thats a propa H.H. book !
And i am definately 100 perent Wolf baby.Their Character is spot on and i have been reading this stuff longer than most of the readers have been alive.B.L. have taken the next step ......and its one giant leap for all.