Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Past, Present, Future

No idea who I should credit this piece of art to, but it's great: Eisenhorn and his merry band, past and present. Aaron D-B found it for me, so a big round of applause for him.

Speaking of AD-B, if you're done with this view of past and present, and you're interested in finding out how the future is shaping up, you may want to zip over to his blog and check out his horoscopes.


Zekk Sirius said...

Hi Dan,

Its by a rather wonderful artist going by the name, "Aerion the Faithful". He's done quite a few pieces in the grim dark setting of warhammer 40,000, including Primarchs.

He's also drawn Inquisitor Ravenor (and associates).

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

Excellent excellent stuff, thats going as my desktop wallpaper.

May have geekasmed at the rest of his gallery too...damnit where's a purity seal when you need one!

Dan Abnett said...

Thanks, Zekk! Good to know!

And thanks to Aerion too, of course. Fine work, sir.

Joe said...

Aerion's stuff is very good (and much better than anything I can do) but he forgot to make the mirror image parity reversed (Look at Eisenhorn's chest plate and strap). Now that I've noticed that it's going to bug me every time I see it.

BigWill said...

Wow really good stuff there.
I hope you write a few Eisen/Ravenor stories tonight.
I hope the short story book comes out sooner than later.

Big said...

That is cool!

Cor said...

Awesome pic that's getting saved on my comp and may well replace the embedded cover art as my wallpaperwe shall see

N.R.G! said...

Hi there, Dan! I was just sent over here by a friend of mine who follows dilligently your blog (something I should do as well *grumble*) and saw you'd posted this illustration of mine up.
I'm really glad you liked it and humbled that you gave it a nod in your space of the Internet. It's really your wonderful tale that made it happen and I may revisit the characters many more times. I have an Omnibus sitting beside my bed every night ;-)

As pointed out by Zekk, I've also done a Ravenor illustration recently and I have another 'Mini' image of Eisehorn, both of which are posted over at my dA Gallery:


Thank you VERY much again and hope to have some more for you to see in the not-too-distant future.


Pete said...

Wonderful artwork, Aerion.

This just reminded me, I can't wait for the Bequin trilogy, Eisenhorn vs Ravenor!

My moneys on Gregor, the old frak.

Shadowheim said...

Actually Dan, whilst on the subject of illustrations, maybe you could answer a question that's been bugging me for centuries - do artist consult you and ask for descriptions of characters etc. so they can get it right? Or is it something that's done sneakily in the background, only to be revealed once the writing is complete?

I'd guess the latter, considering all official depictions of Mr. Gaunt portrays him as dark haired, whereas you novels say he's a dirty blonde! :-S

And great find by Mr. D-B; this image is awesome, as is the rest of his gallery. Oh, how I miss Eisenhorn!

cor said...

Just checked out more of his picks and there awesome top notch especially his ferrus manus, horus, fulgrim and khan stunning

Badelaire said...

Great piece of art. After re-reading the two trilogies again recently, this piece just drives home the, I have to call it tragic, story of Eisenhorn; his rise from young Inquisitor with a handful of companions, to a powerful leader of a subsector-spanning network, to a lonely, battered near-cripple who's only companion is a demon he once made his life's work to defeat.

Cheers once again, as I toast you with my morning cup of coffee.

Xhalax said...

I miss Eisenhorn.


frieslander said...

That is a good piece of art work. Very would drawn and works with the story. :)

Rob said...

The more I look at this illustration, the more it reminds me of one of my Dad's favorite paintings, "Reflections," which shows a vet mourning at the Vietnam War Memorial as his lost friends look at him, reflected in the wall. In short: great job.

Dan Abnett said...

Hi Nic

thanks for getting in touch. Great job - and on the lovely Ravenor one too!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you liked Aerion's and my work... well mainly Aerion hard work really XD he did all the drawing, not to mention put up with my manic attetion to detail and endless tweeking with the characters =)
I just told him what to do, nagged and nitpicked.

I am looking forward to the third installment in your inquisitor series, so we can make some art of that too =D

Emperor protects.