Saturday, August 08, 2009

Pay Attention at the Back!

Two quick things I wanted to cover, this evening, whilst I was close to a laptop:

First of all, due to circumstances beyond my control (actually, I decided to update my software and didn't realise it would wipe out all sorts of settings on my imac) I haven't been picking up my e-mail feed from this blog and my website for an embarrassingly long time. This has now been rectified, thanks to the stirling work of Matt Snyman, so it should be business as usual again soon. In the meantime, let me apologise to anyone who sent me an e-mail with the reasonable expectation of an answer. I will work my way back through the e-mails and respond to as many as I possibly can. If after a couple of weeks you still feel left out or overlooked, please re-send an e-mail. I'll try to get to everybody.

The second thing is, just to quickly mention, how much I'm looking forward to attending GamesDay Germany next weekend. I was scheduled to appear there last year, but had to cancel at the last minute due to the fact that I had come down with some truly horrible lurgy. To everybody who missed me last year, I look forward to seeing you next weekend. In particular, I'm hoping to meet several long-time posters or corresponders, face to face, so let me know who you are. And somebody had better tell me how to write 'let the galaxy burn!' in German, incase anybody wants something not scribbled in English.

See you in Cologne next Sunday!


Dukeleto said...

Had to happen one day, but people aren't usually so slow around here.

Computers are a laugh, aren't they. Mine works fine as long as I keep up to date with the litanies, but miss so much as one anointing of the drive bays and it plays up for weeks!

Pack_master said...

You won't miss me in the crowd. I won√Ąt miss you ;). I'll be wearing a black t-shirt with my nickname on it, and, well, i kinda look like my avatar here, only less weight.

So, looking forward to next sunday. And to your question, Dan...

"Lasst die Galaxis brennen!"

Will Foxton said...

Mildly amusing, I was out in Hoxton this evening and saw someone wearing a T-Shirt bearing the legend "LIJAH CUU WAS FRAMED":)

Anonymous said...

Mister Abnett could you post me an answer for my question on my email - (and iam not russian, iam from Ukraine)

And question: Do you have Chaos Space Marine, loxatl or stalk tanks in Blood Pact, or its only the blood pacters team? Dont you think that Blood Pact is not the challenge anymore for the ghosts?

Anonymous said...

Willard - Genius! I don't suppose you got a photo? And, if you're the guy with the shirt, in Hoxton, make yourself known to us.


Big said...

Anonymous-We talking about the same Blood Pact that cut out Gaunts eyes...or the same Chaos Space Marines that the Ghosts took apart on Gereon ,or indeed the Beserkers that attacked that artillery convoy?... surely we cant actually be talking about The Sons Of Sek who are based on the Blood Pact ideal..who in point of fact have on occasion, had their arse's handed to them.
Let us please get this in to perspective shall we...
The Blood Pact are fighting the entire Imperial Crusade from the front and bring a reasonable amount of order and discipline to the chaos forces, which i feel is the sole reason why they have so hamperd the Crusade thus far!
Also they are more intelligent than your average Khornate worshipers...not wasting valuble resources cutting off their own heads when there is no one else to fight!
I like to think the Ghost's would be a thorn in any ones side,so
Dan please bring on the Death Brigade and certain elite tank commander's to clean house. Mind you their would'nt be any Ghost's left you did that!
Though i to would love to read about some more CSM involvment i am in general, glad you have stayed away from Armoured Codpiece's!
More power to the Blood Pact.

Xhalax said...

I concur Big.

Added to the fact that I'm sure that Mr. Abnett said that the Choas force that are going to be cause all the trouble in Blood Pact will be something along the lines of a small, elite force, which will be complete with a witch...... so in my mind Armoured Codpieces would give the game would weird crabby tanks and the stench of bad milk. Especially on an Imperial held world that is a good few light years behind the Imperial front line.

Hell I'm sure just the fact that one single Choas affiliated being managed to get onto Balhaut would have the whole planet going nuts to try and find them....let alone a crack team hell bent on murdering Gaunt as a disinct morale crusher (though it makes me wonder what Chaos truly knows about morale).

Also, as for the Ghosts having it easy against the Blood Pact....I was under the impression of 40% casualties (or was it death, I can't remember and don't have a copy til later this month) at the hands of the Blood Pact in Only In Death was something other than a walk in the park.

Matthew Churchill said...

I suppose I'll have to rely on Triumff to satisfy my craving for armoured codpieces, then.


Xhalax said...

Yes Matthew, unless you go and buy one.

Anonymous said...

Big - thank you for your opinion, but its W40K universe - and the battle between soviet army (guard) and nazi (blood pact) i could read in WW2 books. So i god damn want something about unreal pieces - yeah CSM, loxatl, stalk tanks.

And mister Abnett what about Double eagle 2? And why do you write Sons of Sek forces, if we saw them only in 1 book!

Big said...

Anonymous- Dans got some great 30k stuff full of Primarchs ,Marines, Aliens,30k technology
Also he has his own Space Marine Chapter
"The Iron Snakes" which have their own book ,in which they fight The Dark Eldar.
His 30k stuff though is truly exceptional and "The Fall of Prospero" is on its way !
There is gonna be some MAD action goin on there mate, i mean CRAZY
topsy turvy action ,Bad guys acting like Good guys and Good guys
acting like Bad guys
....CRAZY.................................Phew its more han enough for anyone!

Xhalax said...

Big - That just makes me sad that I have to wait til next year to see my two favourite legion kick the crap out of each other.....or it's only August.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Apart from following the Ghosts, you've also written books about titans and fighter squadrons in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Would you ever entertain the idea of writing about other groups who are directly involved in the crusade as well such as an imperial navy battlegroup and they're engagements; a space marine chapter serving in the crusade such as the Iron Snakes or Silver Guard; or an inquisitor and their warband? I'm getting the feeling that the final victory in the Sabbat Worlds is at hand, so they're wont be that long to see some new faces before its over.

Also, I really enjoyed the short stories you wrote in Inferno! of a Magos Biologis who did a bit of detective work. Any chance of a novel? It was an interesting and different perspective of 40k.



Unknown said...

I think i just got the first view of your new interview.

Really insightful, deffo gonna read some of those books and get into those offers.

Please Dan, read us a bedtime story?! that would be awesome!!!

Liam said...

Hi Dan, having watched your blogs on youtube, i have a question: are you at liberty to divulge which character was originally going to be killed off in Armour of Contempt?

Will Foxton said...


no photo. Hopefully he will show up at the venue again, so I can have a chat to him.

Or at least find out where he got the T-Shirt:)

Anonymous said...

Willard - so far as I know, he must have made the t-shirt himself.

BTW check out upcoming interviews of Dan on YouTube, and I'm pretty sure you asked questions.


the-seventh-son said...

willard, he probably got a company to make it for him

i went to download and sonisphere recently and there was a whole load of t-shirt companies making t-shirts for people, so he may have got it made for him

its not too expensive either

good idea though

Rob Rath said...


You answered every question that was asked? Seriously? Nine pages worth?

Well, what can I say but thanks? I'd expected you to pick and choose. Nine pages worth of questions takes a lot of time, I'm sure, so thanks for fitting it into your busy schedule.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan - I put up a Dark Heresy system for for Elquon Manhounds on the FFG forums. It's only a fan thing, but have a look if you get a chance. :-)


Kromvolt said...

Dear Dan,

Will Dalin Criid ever be a general?

Meh, i felt like he will be anyway.

I wish i could go to Germany...

Where can i get the Lijah Cuu t-shirt, that would be gakking awesome.

You know what is even better then the t-shirt?

Getting sniped online during any type of shooter, by a guy named Mad Larkin. It makes me want to take some straight silver and get up close and personal(online of course).

No but honestly i was killed online by guy called tanithscout, i mean cool. There are fans everywhere.

Oh sorry for rambling on; give us Bloodpact please Sir Abnett!