Friday, October 24, 2008

Forthcoming attractions

I’ll be back to my old blogging self once I’m past the current uber-deadlines, but I did want to make sure I reminded anybody who needed reminding of the following two events that are coming up soon.

On Saturday the 1st of November I will be at Games Workshop, Colchester, between 1 and 3pm for some signing and general badinage. Look forward to seeing you.

On Friday the 14th of November I’ll be making the first of two appearances at the Abertoir Horror Festival at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre. I’ll be doing a signing on the Friday at 5-30, and another one the following lunchtime at 12-30. There may even be time on either occasion for a bit of chat and a Q&A. I speed you in the direction of the Abertoir website for full details of timings and locations.

In the meantime, I’m going to party like it’s my daughter’s eighteenth birthday. Which it is. Happy birthday, Jess!


aaronspuler said...

Dan, I did a halloween pumpkin last week, and I call it 'The Ravenor' since I took inspiration from the cover of Ravenor Returned.

Sorry about the quality of the picture... it was hard to get it without using a flash. Looks much better in person.

Nik said...

aaronspuler - How cool is that?!

aaronspuler said...


the-seventh-son said...

no Zing, were disappointed

and Happy Birthday to Jess, wow were really getting to know the whole family on here

i started reading Eisenhorn again, i had forgot how brilliant it is...

i really should go to bed i have to go to get up at 6.30

the-seventh-son said...

oh and to any who may be interested, theres a new Horus Heresy Book up on Black Library

and theres a free extract from Mechanicum

HiWayRobry said...

Happy Birthday Jess.

And I just discovered Only In Death in paperback. I'll get to it as soon as I finish Brothers of the Snake.

Rob said...

Nicely done Aaronspuler!

I was trying to figure out what to do with my pumpkin this year- thinking of redoing last year's Elder Sign pumpkin- but maybe a Tanith three-dagger cap badge would be a better idea... thanks for the inspiration!

Dukeleto said...

w00t Halloween and the majority of an offspring in the same week, that what I call an excuse for an awesome party!

Happy Birthday to Jess, buy the girl a drink from me!

I still haven't read Titanicus, looks like I will have to wait till Xmas due to budgetary constraints, sadly. I AM enjoying The vermin Stars still, anyone up to date on what Mark Harrison is doing nowadays?

btw Is anyone else irritated by Bloggers log-on/edit comment/email follow up comments clusterf**k of functionality, or am I just missing something?? I don't blog myself, so maybe it IS possible to stay logged on? I'd appreciate any advice from the more technically minded.

S. Bogdan said...

Mr. Abnett;

Can I call you Dan?

Not sure where to put this so I put it here on your blog ... sorry if it is out of place.

I have just finished reading your latest in the Ghost series "Only in Death". I can honestly say I am deeply touched by this book.

I consider myself quite well read and my reading interests are very eclectic. Everything from Fiction to History - from Classics to Pulp - from essays to Comics.
I am sure I would not be as affected by "Only in Death" had I not developed a taste for your novels through a chance purchase at a used bookstore in Calgary, Canada many years ago.
Since that time I have read and re-read these novels multiple times. I find them all fun to read and the majority is some of the most enjoyable reading I do in a year.

Your latest works are .... shall we say amazing. The vested interest you have allowed me to develop in your characters is ... breath-taking.

This latest book was, I consider, your best. Of course, I might still be on the "end-of-a-good-book" emotional high I get sometimes.

The ending so neatly put things together (as you alway do) and hit me with such force ... well, it was well done. Thank you

I wish - I wish I could come up with words to describe how much I enjoy your writing. (Well, there are a couple of books I would like to smack you for but we'll leave that for another day.)

I am hunting for a phrase to describe how much I enjoyed this last book - I am truly at a loss for word.

.... I will just say .... thank you .... well done .... and .... First! - First-and-Only!

S. Bogdan

S. Bogdan said...

Now what am I going to read till the next one. :-(

Anonymous said...

Someone said there are new heresy novels on cd or something That true?

aaronspuler said...


I'd be really interested to see how that Thanith badge turns out! Please post pictures if you can after it's done!!!

Turns out that I did my pumpkin too early -- it completely molded on me. So I got another one, and will be carving it on Wednesday night. The logo was too small on my last one, so I enlarged it to 125% and will re-try it on the new pumpkin. I think it will come out a lot better this second time around. Can post images if people are curious.... just let me know.

Xhalax said...

I've just finished Warpsword....and I have to admit, I find myself pretty troubled by it.

I think I may have lost my mind to the Dark Elves.

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

S Bogdan hear hear! Its always nice to see new posters that accept that till Blood Pact is out we'll just have to gnaw our fingers to the bone.

Big HB to mini-abnett, Dan have you ever referenced one of the kids in your work? As like a b-day present *hint hint*?

Rob said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday Jess. Certainly buy her a drink for me as well (even at this late hour).

It took me a moment to remember that the drinking age is 18 in the UK. How long has it been that way? Has your country started the inevitable slide into anarchy and decay that we are warned will happen in the US if the drinking age is lowered from 21? Has the moon turned the color of blood yet, or is that still to come?

Pack_master said...

lookie-lookie, fellows:

(just try to mark the complete line, it works)

Nice one. That you even mentioned our iraq-G.I. with his GG-faible in the trench... ;)

Dju said...

My, I think I just read an awesome figure on the Black Library site news. According to them, you sold a stunning all-round amount of 1,150,000 novels ? And that's without even counting the French and other international editions.
So, congratulations to you Mr Abnett. And happy birthday again to Jess.

Rob said...

Aaronspuler (and anyone interested):

There are pics of my Tanith-symbol pumpkin on my blog here:

There's all sorts of other Halloween-themed things there too, feel free to browse.

Hiwayrobry: I know you're a Preston/Child fan- one of those other posts is a choleric review of the film version of Relic.

Dju said...

@Rob : It's brilliant. Your pumpkin is smashin' (ha ha). Seriously, nice job on this one.

Dukeleto said...

That's awesome Rob! My favourite pumpkins have been an Egyptian wedjet eye, and a couple of years ago, a samurai mask! I'll see if I can find photos...

aaronspuler said...

Excellent work Rob!!!

I re-carved my pumpkin last night (since the old one got moldy and had to be thrown out). Enlarged the image quite a bit this time.

It could probably still use some additional sculpting to remove material (to make the image brighter) but I was done last night.

What sort of light did you use, Rob?

Will post a picture of my 2.0 attempt at 'The Ravenor' pumpkin later today.

Rob said...

It was one of those light-up makeup mirrors with the mirror removed. I don't really like it because it has to be plugged in, so I'm going to look around at Spirit for another one at the same time as I shop for a costume.

Turns out I'm working the reception desk on Halloween, so the costume ideas I had wouldn't be advisible. (Law firm clients tend not to like being greeted by a Soviet officer.)

Aaron Spuler said...

Pictures of my re-done Ravenor pumpkin...

With flash:

Without flash:

HiWayRobry said...

Well done on the pumpkin. And I made a couple of comments on your blog if you're interested.

Rob said...


Fantastic work!

I've never been able to shave down the skin like that without breaking through... by the way, if any of you have model sculpting tools lying around, I've found out quite by accident that they're perfect for pumpkins.


Yes, that long shot of Kothoga running the SWAT guy down was what put the movie over the "C" threshold for me. I also really liked the set they created for the Superstition exhibition. I have a religion degree, and got really excited when I saw some artifacts I recognized in the background: "Hey, Aboriginal Bone Pointers, awesome!"

I'm such a nerd.

Rory said...

I Wish i was 18! :P 3 months til i was 17..

And im dying to get paid to get titanicus. i mean, i got a job just to fund my Book addiction. Im so Excited!

and you play alittle guitar dan?

Thats ace! :D

Rory :)

HiWayRobry said...

I've always thought the Museum setting in the books had a satisfactorily creepy feel to them and I thought it translated fairly well into the film.
And, yes, you are a nerd. And so am I and damn proud of it!! :)

I started Eldar Prophecy and so far am slightly disappointed on how the craftworld is being depicted. I would think that as long-lived as the Eldar are their society would be a little more "modern". But maybe that's just me.

Xhalax said...



big said...

ur lovin Malus

an u know this....LOL

Xhalax said...

Big - What? That makes no sense.

Yes, I know I love Malus, I would have his fictional babies and I finished Lord of Ruin, hence the shout.

CommissarHarkClone said...

I had the honour of meeting Mr Abnett for the first time on the Saturday whilst he was signing at Colchester.
Unsure as to what I may face, I placed about my person: body armour, hand cuffs, baton, cash card, shiney shoes. With some people you just never know!
It was great to talk with you Dan! Having bought my book and as I was actually meant to be at work it was a shame I couldn't talk longer!
All the best and see you soon!

Odsox said...

DUDE, I had no idea you were on Blogger! That's so cool. =D

Er, anyway, saw you at GW in Colchester on Saturday, I was the big dude with a beard, headphones and a shiny new signed (thank you!) copy of Ravenor.

I forgot to tell you how awesome the Malus Darkblade books are!


All done,



Xhalax said...

Despite the fact I'm not a member, facebook keeps sending me some pretty strange messages and telling me I've been added to loads of people's friend's lists.

The funnest one so far was entitled 'Dan Abnett added you as a friend on facebook.'

I fear my resolve may be a bit wibbly wobbly.