Friday, October 17, 2008

Fantasy Book Critic

Just a quickie to draw your attention to the very excellent Fantasy Book Critic website ( which is well worth a visit at the best of times, but is presently offering the lucky few a chance to win a signed copy of my Titanicus or Graham's The Killing Ground. Thought you'd all like to know. Let's give a big 'hoorah! Well done!' to Robert Thompson of Fantasy Book Critic.


Lordy said...

*steal first post*

...I don't really have anything else to add though.

big said...

apart from zing

The Blue Raven said...


I consider that my good deed for the day :D

Xhalax said...


All these competitions going on right now and I can't enter them for one reason or another.

Never mind...I've already won a couple of books over the last week or so (graphic novels from Mr. McNeill) so I really really REALLY shouldn't complain....but I do because I enjoy it.

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

Damn, I've got hardback copies of both books, it just wouldn't be right to deny other readers so I won't enter.

Aren't I angelic :)

Xhalax said...

hurrah - Yeah, I have Titanicus but I don't want The Killing Ground in hardback because it won't match my other books.

However....I could enter and if I win, I could give them to my brother, but read The Killing Ground first so that I've at least read it and then the wait for paperback won't be as hard.


HiWayRobry said...

I'm all over it!
Thanks for the heads-up.

Dukeleto said...


lol, Dan, "Turing Shroud" that's pure genius! Lesser authors (cough*NealStephenson*cough) would base a whole book around that idea, you throw it away in one panel of a graphic novel. You deserve a Booker prize, man.

zAngle said...

Maybe, just maybe! I'll be lucky enough to win a copy, I do love adding new books to my Black Library collection :)

Rob said...


Would you mind giving us a Hussar update for Halloween?

Maybe we could even start a "share your ghost stories" comment thread.

the-seventh-son said...

I just finished Titanicus, and once again Dan i am not happy with your actions grumble grumble grumble

i thought it was fucking brilliant though