Sunday, May 27, 2007

Listen up...


first of all... Ohmigod, I'm not Dan!

Some of you may remember that I (that is Nik, or as many know me, "Mrs Dan") managed to talk Dan into a blogathon. We had rules and everything...

Now, some of you seemed to get on board with the idea... one or two of you even seemed quite interested, so we set the blog date for Sunday, twenty-something May, anyway... tomorrow!

I did try to whip up some semblance of a frenzy about the whole deal... I for one was looking foreward to Dan sweating for twelve hours at a stretch, and turning in 6,000 words in one day (not that he hasn't done that once or twice before, with the help of the odd clone of course). But as of right now... that is 00-50 GST, Sunday the whatever of May, we have postponed.

The man plans to give up AN ENTIRE SUNDAY for feth's sake, so, of course, he needs an incentive.

I'm still up for it, and so is Dan, so if we can get enough people involved in batting stuff back to him over the Blogathon, then he will, sooner or later, commit to it.

All those in favour say "Aye"

See you back on the other side.


Anonymous said...

matt - I would refer you back to the blog "exclusive get it here" for all things Quatermouse related.

For the rest of you:

Quatermouse and the (Ex)it

...pursued by bear.

I don't expect for a moment that that's the last we'll hear of him.

Anonymous said...


Rob Rath said...

I am solidly pro-blogathon.


You know when I saw "A Winter's Tale" in Central Park, the funniest part was the woman sitting in front of me who kept laughing with the crowd, then leaning into her husband to ask, "What am I laughing at?"

Quartermouse is Legit

"Finally, my doctorate has been accepted," said Quartermouse as he opened the envelope.

"But you're a professor already," noted Hardy.

"Ah, yes..." said Quartermouse. "But THIS one is from a university. The one I already have came mail-order from the Church of the Effluvian Dawn."

"Wait... hang on... You tested all those things on me WITHOUT having a science degree?"

"Yes. But I CAN conduct marriage ceremonies."

Jesse said...


Or, as of yesterday:


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Quartermouse and his Wit


"Yes, Hardy?"

"You told me this was'nt a jacuzzi, right?"

"That is true"

"Then how kind you have bubble's and I don't?"

"Shut up, and keep peddling"

Anonymous said...

Is that one okay?

Anonymous said...

My mind works in very strange ways...and providing that it's a Sunday...I'll do my upmost to field as many wierd and wonderful questions as I possibly can.

From stuff about work, BL and all that sort of thing to odd questions such as what colour is your wallpaper to discuss the socio-economic changes in outer mongolia over the last 4000 years.

Stuff like that....even if I have to keep this going myself.

So that's a big AYE! from me.

Anonymous said...

Wheeee! Blogathon!

So, Aye from me ditto.

Anonymous said...

Ok...I've cheated and posted a call for help out on the BL site too.

Hopefully that might draw the rampaging hordes out to orbital bombard Dan with questions. Just a shame I never go on Warseer anymore. Might have increased it even more.

Oh well!

Every little helps :D

Len said...

That'll be an aye here as well...

The BBC said...

Most assuredly Aye

Anonymous said...

Aye carumba!

Mob said...

Sounds like a great idea! Love to see it happen, cheers.

Anonymous said...

Aye, let's have it!

Anonymous said...

yeah, and let's get a Quatermouse webcomic started while we're at it

Anonymous said...

I'd have to say, so far so good!

I'll wait for Dan to confirm, but as of right now (after a lunch punctuated with too much wine) I'd say YES on the BLOGATHON front. Date to be confirmed. it will, almost certainly be a Sunday.

Anonymous said...

... oh and, Xhalax: Go girl!

Col.Gravis said...

Aye, all ahead full and damn the cafine intake!

Anonymous said...

Dan, it is Matthew from Baltimore

Come on and get on it, we want to see you write..



BTW - DOctore Who 2nd season with cyberman head! Me want so bad!

Anonymous said...

First time over here, I reckon a few Qs answered would be a nice way to start. Aye from me too.

Just hpoing it isn't this Sunday and I've missed it...

Toymachine said...

Thats a aye from me. WooHoo! People are speaking pirate again, I knew it was due for a comeback.


And, by the way, Where IS dan?

*groaning in the backround*


Soapy said...

So long as it's not next Sunday(Damn wedding anniversary) Then I'll be up for plenty of Dan baiting.

And just so I don't feeel left out.


Stay lucky,

Anonymous said...

Dan will no doubt need a run up for the Blogathon, and to clear his schedule a little; we'll keep you informed, but it won't be for a couple of weeks yet, so no one has to miss out. We want you there, so we'll give you plenty of warning.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah, Nik!

Anonymous said...


Daemonslave said...

A big 'Aye' from me.

Anonymous said...


Next Sunday also being Conflict South I expect he might be a little busy.

And a solid Aye from me as well.

Anonymous said...


Soapy said...


Yeah, should have remembered that really seeing as the wife has expressed the firm opinion that going up there to grab 'Prospero' and get BotS signed is really no way to spend our anniversary. I'm not entirely convinced as to the validity of the argument but I'm told a marriage is built on give and take. Apparently.

Stay lucky,

lordy said...


'Prospero'? Do you mean 'Fulgrim'?

Soapy said...

See, the idea was quashed so long ago that I can't even remember what I wanted!

Give and take, my eye.