Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Post Concussion

What a lovely place Glasgow is, and what a lovely bunch of fans had gathered there for last weekend's Concussion. A splendid and inspirational time was had by me and my Confederates, Marc Gascoigne and George Mann, the men from BL and the recently announced Solaris. My, how we laughed! My, how we evolved jokes and euphemisms that are sadly not in any way fit or legal for public consumption. Awesome line up of people to meet and listen to, but highlights would include the whole Con sitting down to (enthusiastically)watch the new Who live on a big screen, Kelly Link winning a BSFA award (pay attention to this blog for any length of time and you'll discover I love Ms Link's work. In fact, I might put up a link to Link), and discovering what a good sort Stephen Baxter is.

Smofs (that's Secret Masters Of Fandom to the rest of us), I salute you!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, I just finished Eisenhorn and I must say you wrote one hell of a story there buddy! Question is why hasn't there been a movie deal for that masterpiece? Also I am a big fan of the Gaunt character and very excited about to see what you have in store for Horus Rising. Keep up the good work trooper!!! Oh and try to make a visit to New York, ok thanks!