Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What was that book you were telling us about?

Today's book had better be Magic For Beginners by Kelly Link, seeing as I was singing her praises just the other post. It's short stories, as was her previous book, Stranger Things Happen, and it's great. So great, it's won just about every award going. To call it fantasy is misleading, as it's so many things. It's funny, strange, surprising, observant, sexy, unlike anything else you've ever read and, most importantly, quite brilliantly written. You can tell I like it, can't you? Kelly doesn't need promotion from the likes of me - she's already the toast of the critics. But get it and read it and cheer yourself up. And check out her lovely website at

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Anonymous said...


I'm Laurel Maury. Actually, I wrote the Briefly Noted for Link's book that appeared in The New Yorker.

Have I got your attention now?

Ok--I'm also a reporter for Publisher's Weekly. I write for their weekly comics supplement. I'm doing a piece on Osprey's historical comics, and would like to interview you. My email is Please send me a note so we can set up a time.

Laurel Maury
443-994-5028 (New York City time)