Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Ten Thousand Immortals

Monday the 20th October is publication day for The Ten Thousand Immortals, the new Tomb Raider novel from me and Nik.

Let's all go ooooh and ahhhh at the gorgeous cover, shall we?

This brand new, white-knuckle adventure for Ms Croft is set after the fab new, "young Lara" reboot game successfully launched last year, and fits between it and the Rise Of The Tomb Raider sequel game due in 2015.

Nik and I had a great time devising and writing this adventure, and serious kudos is owed to Nik for her painstaking research and real-world detail. Put it this way, if you ever try parkouring in Paris, all those ladders, gutters and ledges actually exist...

Nik and I have co-authored several novels now - I would also point you in the direction of Fiefdom, the Kingdom novel we brought out earlier this year, based on my post-apocalyptic 20000AD strip. Our collaborations are proving to be immense fun, and I hope our enthusiasm and creative energy comes through. Breakfast table brainstorming is now a thing.

We're really proud of this - a globe-trotting contemporary thriller with a sinister mystical edge. Go out and raid yourself a copy.

To make said raiding easier, check out this handy link:


Andrew Timson said...

I'm looking forward to it. :)

Does the novel take place before, after, or in a completely separate continuity from Gail Simone's comics?

Dan Abnett said...

It takes place before, but both Gail's comic and our novel are officially part of the game continuity.

Greg said...

A kind person bought me Fiefdom the other day so it's next on my list of things to be read. I literally can't keep up with all the Abnett-flavoured goodness at the moment. I'm also in love with your rendition of the Guardians of the Galaxy (the Starlord years and the new 3000 version) so basically between all your new stuff and re-reading old classics, you are pretty much the only author on my reading list at the moment...

Anonymous said...

My fav is still Hammers of Ulric,
which needs signing btw ;)


Anonymous said...

What age group would you say this is for? I ask this because I would like to know how much language, violence, etc. there is (without spoilers, or course).

Dan Abnett said...

I'd say it was pretty much "universal"... sort of "YA onwards". Nothing in terms of language or extreme violence that would be TOO damaging...

Anonymous said...

Any chance of another Triumff, Dan? I so desperately wish for a second helping of blackadder scented swashbuckle.

Which, weirdly - sounds like a bristolian aftershave.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Abnett! Love your stuff, my friend group and I are on pins and needles waiting for the next Beta book. Until then, I'll totally check this out! Thanks for being one of my favorite authors

_Laura D.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

Thanks for coming to the BL Weekender, it was great listening to you. You have a great enthusiasm for talking about writing.

I was unable to fully articulate it at the time, but I just wanted to explain why I really enjoy the secondary and tertiary characters in your books.

I like reading short stories and the best short stories create characters that come fully formed, using the fewest words. Somehow it creates an intimate experience as you're only with them for a short time. You explained it particularly well when you mentioned about trusting the reader. You can create these characters by only using a few sentences. Its hard to explain. In Salvation's Reach you created a whole scene with tertiary characters that was great. Unfortunately you killed them all!

Please keep it up (the secondary and tertiary character bit that is!).

I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciate the female characters you create. Particularly, I wanted to say that I think Beta Bequin is BL's first feminist icon, but I was too embarrassed to do so. It took me a while to realise that. After all, she did spend most of the novel running away from men who were trying to tell her what to do.

I wanted to have a conversation about this with Nik (I'm a fan of her blogs), but after she referred to herself as 'Ma'am', she quite took the wind out of my sails. Please encourage her to write more Sabbat Crusade insurgency stories. She wrote a real gritty, enjoyable story in the Sabbat Worlds book.

Whilst at the BL Weekender, have you ever thought of adopting the couples name Vibnett or Abcint?

Anyway, I hope you read this as I hope you continue creating such vibrant secondary and tertiary characters and get Nik to write more books like Kingdom (I really need to get Nik's signature in a book).

Nahum Ludd's No. 1 Fan


P.S. Long live Sergeant Bray, leader of one of the Tanith First's elite. Tightly drilled and tightly disciplined.

Anonymous said...

P.P.S. I also wanted to ask you what the difference is between Dorn and Guilliman. I know there is a difference, but I want to hear what your take on it is. And are you 'Dorn's Author'? I hope you are, Dorn is awesome thanks to The Lightning Tower.