Saturday, February 16, 2013

Me, in the middle of No Man's Land

... No Man's Land being the independent gaming store in my home town of Maidstone, which is a very friendly and convivial place to hang out, play some games, and generally be. Here's a link to their website.

Anyway, next saturday, the 23rd of february, they are going to be opening in a new premises not far from their old site, and I'm going to be generally hanging around in a menacing way during the afternoon to help celebrate their new opening.

The new shop address is Unit 32, the Royal Star Arcade, High Street, Maidstone ME14 1JL. They're going to be open from nine thirty to six on the day. If you're in the area, or feel the inclination, please come by and support the event. It will, I'm quite sure, be possible to persuade me to sign stuff, or answer questions, or even – can you believe it? – play a game of something. I believe there's also going to be a raffle or a competition... it'll be fun, anway. And if you need further incentive, there's a psychic fair on in the arcade the same day,  so you'll also be able to find out how grim and dark your own far future is going to be! Ba-dum tish!

No, wait... wait.... I've got a better closing gag... ready? Ready? Ahem... "And if you need further incentive, there's a psychic fair on in the arcade the same day, which we all should have seen coming."

Nothing? No? Really?

I'll get me coat.


Greg said...

Alas, that day I shall be speeding around Silverstone in a single seater trying desperately not to crash. :(

Alec said...

I'd be jealous if there wasn't a good chance I'd be saying hello at BLL!

Anonymous said...

Great support of local buiness Dan, way to go mate


RCDragpn said...

Wish I could make it, but sounds like those that do will be in for an exciting day

Anonymous said...

Alas, Maidstone is a bit too far for me, but good one for supporting the friendly local FLGS (friendly local games store.)

Hey, Dan, speaking of games, I wrote up some of the exotic weapons from Pariah for the Dark Heresy 40k RPG; I know you like to get the weapons in your books right...I hope my interpretations aren't too far off!

Dan Abnett said...

Hi Liam

Probably from lunchtime till the store closes


Will Wright said...

Jeeze I think Graham is pissed you wrote more interesting Ultras.
The new Lord of Mars has hit your site with a full bore scrap-code attack in the form of penis pills salesmen :)