Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good letters what I have received – no #123 in an occasional series

Sometimes, a letter arrives via the website that properly amuses me. Here's the latest one - thanks, Adam :)

Dear mister Abnett,

I just wanted to let you know that I am sitting here at the pub with a pint of ale in one hand and "Brothers of the Snake" in the other. (1)

I am not quite certain, but I think it is the third or maybe the fourth time I read it. It is without the shadow of a blasphemous doubt my favourite book in the category "Shit Blowing Up", followed closely by "Titanicus".

I have lent both to my friends, and I will until the day I die remember one of them whooping and cheering as he read the sequence in which Sicarian Faero goes mano-a-mano with Nekromant Invidiosa in the Birdmarket. Just a few days ago, I let a librarian (2) friend read how brother-sergeant Priad engages the Dark Eldar in the treasury on Baal Solock. Afterwards, he just put the book down, nodded and said: "Slow motion writing. Respect."

I wanted to thank you for giving me hours of explosive entertainment. Whenever I feel the need for some dakka, I head over to the 'A' section of my bookshelf (3) and indulge myself. I expect to keep doing that for a long, long time to come.

So... thank you. Thank you very much. Keep it up, please.

All the best regards, from Malmo in Sweden,

Adam Thorp

"Spehss Mahreens - for the Emprah!"

(1) Actually, I had to put both down since writing on my phone is a two-handed job but I am sure you get my meaning.
(2) He is a librarian, not a librarian. The difference is small but important.
(3) Yes, you have your own section in my bookshelf.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. You have your personal bookshelf at my home too! I have all novels written by you for WFB and W40K. The jewel for me are always Gaunt Ghosts. Awaiting for the book #14 very much. And still waiting for you to write a sequence where Chaos Space Marines crush some Gaunt Ghosts platoon as a remake and payback for 'Traitor General' =) Also Double eagle 2 will take #1 place at your section on my bookshelf. When you write it at last =)

Will Wright said...

Same thoughts different books.
Though I think Bros of the Sssssss does rock,it has one of my favorite concepts.
Where one Marine is more than enough for most human problems.
Too many books deal with Comapnies when just a squad would take out the UK in less than a week.

Anonymous said...

It was as if Mr Thorp was my biographer!

Tom in Narwich

Drew said...

It was let known on Twitter that the next "G's G" Book (14) is called "THE WARMASTER" and is slated for the autumn.

Great news and hope I didn't get anyone in trouble with a marketing department for my question.

Mike Raven said...

I picked up Ravenor and Ravenor Returns from Oxfam yesterday - so pleased to have some more writing of yours to enjoy! Definitely my top three Warhammer 40k moments are all in your books! (the Spatian Gate attack in the Eisenstein trilogy, the entire book "Know No Fear", and Ludd punching a tank captain in the nose when challenged to a duel in "His Last Command".