Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Third Vid-Blog!

 I must perform appropriate public service duties and post up this link to the third of my new vid-blogs. It's been on my Facebook page for a few days now - I apologise for the tardiness in putting it up here.

I had immense fun at the 2000AD Birthday Signing at Forbidden Planet London this past weekend, and I imagine that everyone (everyone who lives and breathes Warhammer and 40K, anyway) is now girding their loins for Games Day UK. Pariah will be out... the first few copies are already floating around.

Excited yet?

One questions... how are loins girded exactly?

Oh, and this is simply great. If it doesn't make you smile, then... well, it doesn't...


Xhalax said...

With some sort of armoured codpiece?

Anonymous said...

Using girders? Tiny...tiny girders.

[sad sigh]


Anonymous said...


After hearing about all of your projects on the video blogs and only ever having read your BL work, I've decided to sample your huge range of work Mr Abnett. Its a bit like Mr Abnett 'Tropicana' out there with so much variety (i.e. Dan Abnett Smooth, With Bits In and Mixed Fruit). I have ordered the Thanos Imperative Anthology, all the New Deadwardian comics, Sinister Dexter and the books containing the short stories you mentioned, and pre-ordered Magic, Monstercide and the Hypernaturals Anthology. I have possibly gone a bit mad.

Is there anything else that anyone recommends? Or is that pretty comprehensive of the Abnett back catalogue?



Will Wright said...

Dammit Dan now when I model Ravenor,I am going to have to model the Magic Tree now.

Someone reading your book in Magu Pichu is cool as hell,I would kill to go there someday.
If I had a million or so that is what I would do,go to all the oldest man made structures on Earth.
Can't get enough of that stuff.

Will Wright said...

You think when Wystan turns on his Limiter,the team sometimes writes grapitti on Ravs Chair in chaulk or something.
Dunno I just see "Nail wuz Here" on the bottom in my minds eye.

Johan said...

Hi Dan!

I just bought Embedded, and i just wonder if there is any more books about Lex Falk? Just to make sure that i would read them in the right order if there are more of them!

Unknown said...

Vlogs are great :) Will have to look for New Deadwardians.

McKennsy said...

Johan, there are no other books about Lex Falk so can read start reading anytime you want.

Thomas said...

First of all : sorry for my poor english Sir (I'm french )

I don't if it's here where I can ask you a question , but I try...

I'd like to know how far you (and the other author of BL ) take the decision to change the old fluff in the Horus Heresy ?
For example I'm a huge Salamanders fan , and I am a bit disapointed that we don't learn much more about there actions during the heresy ( except Prom
ethean Sun and the Age of darkness - but not a full book of them ). In the old background it was the same , but I thought it is the perfect "open window" for the author to make them doing something completely new in the heresy , without changing the main story . Especially for Vulkan action after the drop site massacre (and perhaps its 9 artifacts ... ) .

Thanks for all your books Sir ;)