Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dead Classy

Mr I. N. J. Culbard and myself, along with colourist Patricia Mulvihill and letterer Travis Lanham, wish to thank everybody very much for the enthusiastic and positive reception that has been afforded to the first issue of our new publication - The New Deadwardians. The first issue was published this week, and it’s already prompted a very creditable reaction*

We’re simply delighted with the response, as is our editor Will Dennis and everyone at Vertigo, and we hope you’ll stay along for the ride as the series continues, and maybe even spread the good word too. If the series is a success, we’ve got other Deadwardians tales we’d very much like the opportunity to tell.

You can read about The New Deadwardians here and here and here, and also download it from Vertigo here.

To celebrate this occasion, it’s time for another blog competition, and a dead posh one it is too. Mr Culbard and I have signed, with our own fair marker pens, two copies of the first issue - the standard version and the variant cover. I will happily send them to the winner.

What do you have to do? Just post a link here to the blog (or email the site) with the most amusing or exotic place you’ve been able to place the phrase ‘The New Deadwardians’. A camera phone snap or a screengrab will do. Have you put it in your Facebook status? Have you spelled it out in magnetic letters on the side of your fridge? Have you written it on a sheet of paper and held it up in front of you on the beach in the Maldives? Have you painted it on the side of Big Ben (okay, don’t actually do that last one)? Entries will be judged on originality and amusement, and our decision will be entirely mercurial and whimsical. Good luck. Entries in by the last week in April, please (in time for the second issue!).

Now I’m off to take Mr Culbard to get the cure, as he’s been showing distinct tendencies of late and the next issue mustn’t fall behind.

Good day to you!

* I can usually tell because of the overnight bump in Twitter followers ;)


Blitzspear said...

Zing... Congrats on the bump in Twitter followers oh and the new Edwardians.

Blitzspear said...

I have a random question prompted by your post so you have to reply its like an unwritten blog rule :)
In the merky world of comic books do you as luminary of the industry have to pitch an idea to a publisher or as happens in the movie industry do they come to you saying we need to fill an undead retro feel slot for April so what ya got Dan. So which is it you chase them or they chase you. And no denying your a luminary to throw us off k.

Will Wright said...

I never heard of this before and I have not clicked here,here,here and downloaded that yet.
But they always say judge a book by it's cover and late 1800's Zombie plague is just cool as hell.
Now I am off to click here,here and there and download that and pray pray I can see Curly Mustashe Cirus guy smashing skull with his big round kettle balls :)

Will Wright said...

I just clicked oh WOW way better than Circus Guy.
I tip my beanie to you.

Dan Abnett said...

Thanks both of you. Blitz - the answer is "both". It can be "both", right?

Blitzspear said...

But when the receptionist announces Mr Abnett and his entourage are here to see u it's a dead cert somethings gonna get commissioned even if you have to think it up on the spot ;) Thanks for the reply Dan.

Al Howie said...

i wish i had the drawing capability to sketch jedward dressed in edwardian attire having there brains eaten.....alas.

colonel-commissar ibram gaunt said...

Gah, was on a zombie film all weekend>< Missed opportunity...ah well on a more exciting and fantastic note, my favourite SF writer is delving into the rotting world of zombie post-apocalyptic edwardian times!:D Just ordered the first issue and I am buzzing with excitement!

boocat said...

I love The New Deadwardians. I hope there is eventually a sequel wherein George Suttle discovers the origin of "The Cure". It would be nice if he could save the world - somehow reverse all the unnatural "life" going on. Thank you for making this series.

Dan Abnett said...

Ian and I would love to do more Deadwardians, and have great ideas about "book two". I imagine any comments of support or enthusiasm for the series sent to DC attention by twitter, email etc, or generally posted, might prompt Vertigo's decision-making process. With smaller, quieter series like New Deads, it's often vocal reader support that makes the difference. Thanks for the kind words.