Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ultramarines movie news

Hot off the press release, the following info...

Special free fan screenings in US theaters
Starring the voices of Terence Stamp, John Hurt, and Sean Pertwee

London, UK, February 4, 2011. ULTRAMARINES: A WARHAMMER 40,000 MOVIE, produced by Codex Pictures, will be screened in select theaters in the U.S. on Saturday and Sunday, February 26th and 27th 2011 especially for the huge following of dedicated Warhammer 40,000 fans. The limited series of free screenings of ULTRAMARINES will take place in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Baltimore, Dallas and Chicago, with a special press event hosted by Tribeca Flashpoint Academy in Chicago.
ULTRAMARINES will show in the following theatres:
Chicago - 11 AM, Saturday February 26 at the Classic Cinemas Charlestowne 18 - 3740 East Main Street, St Charles, Illinois 60174 (followed by a Q&A with producer Bob Thompson)

Dallas, TX - 11 AM, Saturday February 26 at the Lewisville Cinemark Movies 8 - 1600 S Stemmons Freeway @ Corp Drive, Lewisville, Texas 75067
Seattle, WA - 11 AM, Saturday February 26 at the Metro Cinemas - 4500 9th Avenue, N.E., Seattle, Washington 98105
New York, NY - 11 AM, Sunday February 27 at the Village East Cinema - 181-189 Second Avenue, New York 10012 (followed by a Q&A with producer Bob Thompson)
Los Angeles, CA - 11 AM, Sunday February 27 at the Mann 10 Glendale Exchange - 128 North Maryland Avenue, Glendale, California 91206
Baltimore, MD – 11AM, Sunday February 27 at the Landmark's Harbor East Cinema - 645 S President St, Baltimore, Maryland 21202
Go to for more details and to reserve the free passes.
Saturn Award winning producer, Bob Thompson will attend a series of Chicago area events, including a special presentation and press event at the Tribeca Flashpoint Academy on February 25th, as well as Q&A session after the Saturday, February 26th screening at the Classic Cinemas Charlestowne 18 in St. Charles, IL and after the New York City screening at the Village East Cinema.


Anonymous said...

Ever going to screen in Canada? Specifically Ottawa?

Timmy Svensson said...

Dan, i am a big fan of your books and the Warhammer 40k Universe.

I personaly did not like this movie. But it was a first step.

My question to you is did you like the end-product?

And did Codex Production take something out that was vital to the plot?

// Devoted Reader.

Big said...

Ever going to a screen in London?
Need 40k Big screen in madness London!
Just in case ...LONDON for all those that cant hear in the back...for all my yelling there has/is one going to be shown in London right?
It says London and say nothing, but London is this side of the pond where 40k comes from of course, so Lndon or indeed the UK needs screenings of Ultramarines!

Big said...

BTW....was it good
Big Roars with delight, rips at his clothes and runs off into the night, howling his delight at the Moon!

Timmy Svensson said...

Denial is a beautiful place ain't it Big? *Poke*

Duke_Leto said...

I STILL have not received mine yet despite it being despatched (supposedly) on 10 Dec.

Obviously nothing to do with you Dan but if Codex want to pursue a different business model of direct to DVD direct to customer then they need to get their distribution partner working properly as it is damaging their reputation.

The customer service at the distribution house is awful!

Looking forward to seeing it eventually though!!!!!

Big said...

Is it me or can you tell that i had been having a drink when i posted the above?!?

Anonymous said...

Mister Abnett big thanks for the script - it was really good! Another thanks for the beautiful new interview!

And another for the huge Gaunt work that you have done over the years!
I began reading the Ghosts cycle 10 long years ago on my 18 birthday! Now i celebrate my 28 anniversary and as a gift to myself i reread all 12 books of Gaunt Ghosts. And you know, it was fantastic! After so long i saw the new dimension in them, and its hard not to be impressed by your writing style, clever dialogues and indigenous deaths!

Now sitting at the work and waiting for Salvations Reach - the clock is ticking so slow - its 9 months for the release! Arrrrrr! Maybe some spoiler free extras in the meantime!
Hoping for the huge Space War!

barlu said...

this movie has me in a rage at my friends...
some dislike it because of the talking (witch i found was dun well due the the way astaties talk etc)

some feel there should have need more money spent on the movie as a hole witch i kinda have to agree on as....well...yea

this leads to the third point of the cgi witch probably hindered some nuances of the what i felt was a well voice acted movie

thanks dan for a well placed foot in the door for (fingers crossed) more in the future

Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Mr. Abnett, will you be at any of the screenings like an older rumor said you were?

Keamy said...

I am to far away to go to any of these. Guess I will just keep saving up and buy it at some point. :-) But I hope they come out with a cheeper version I really don't need the collectors edition all I want to see is the movie!

Fulminata said...

As with Duke_Leto, I have not received the movie I paid for three months ago, and have stopped receiving replies to my emails asking about the status.

I realize that you're not associated with the distribution of the product, but since I no longer have a way of communicating with those that do I'm left with no choice but to contact those associated with the production to let them know of the situation, and to warn those who might be thinking of purchasing this product that they do so at their own risk.

Anonymous said...

I ordered my movie the 21st of Jan 2011 and it is the end of April, I would like to say what i thought of it but I cant since i havent received it or any return emails to my inquiries about its whereabouts. very unhappy with this company.

Ultramarines said...

I love Ultramarines!