Friday, February 11, 2011

If it's Saturday, it must be the Oxford Street Plaza...

Together again, for one night only, because you demanded it, those towering giants of 40K... Magnus and Russ.

Okay, not actually, but Graham and I will be at the GW Oxford Street Plaza tomorrow (February 12), between 11 and 2, to jointly damage your copies of Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns (amongst others, I'm sure). A unique opportunity to get the head-to-head books in a head-to-head signing. If you don't believe me, check out this link.

It's probably also a good time to remind you about two good friends of this page. First, Nic Giacondino, who has supplied us with many great images of Eisenhorn and his merry band. Let me just point you again in the direction of his Free Mars webcomic.

Second, Richard Dugher, or "Custom Fish", as we shall now call him. It is one of my great regrets that I simply don’t have enough time to build and paint (I’d never get any novels written). When I get hold of a figure or a vehicle, I turn to Richard, and commission him to do the honours for me. The quality of his work speaks for itself. Rich did a particularly fine job on my Reaver, which is spectacular in every way, but the smaller, character pieces like Eisenhorn are also superb. I recommend him without reservation. Find him here or over in the links list.

I've been asked by a number of people if I have a snail mail address that they can send things to. The answer is yes: Dan Abnett, PO Box 1293, Maidstone, Kent ME14 9PN

Finally, here's Aaron, blogging on the lure of 40K.


Big said...

Zingggggg - hey hey its been a while!
See you there

GDMNW said...

Thank you for the excellent links. Is there no end to the online hobby goodness?

Will Wright said...

Is that Eisenhorn the big one or 40k sized?
If inquisitor sized,you want a 40k one?

I made one a while back and he has been sitting in the toolbox ever since.
That guy Rich is pretty good,I like his style.
Also,one of these days I'd like to send you Three Different Sons of Horus pics,To see which one was closest Green to your minds eye when writing them.

BTW I just recieved Grettas nose art,Redhead ;) TYVM.
I will probally start putting her together this week.

Keamy said...

That's awesome! The authors of both sides of the story there to sign the books. Guess I need to read Prospero Burns...even though I like the Thousand Sons a lot better:D

Troels said...

Hello Dan!

I guess you hear what I'm about to comment a lot, but I have to join the choir of praise-sayers.

I've just finished reading "Prospero Burns" and what an "account" that was. Being a long time fan of the Horus Heresy-series, I'm pleasantly surprised each time I get my hands on a new installment. That being said, I have to say that Prospero Burns, in my opinion, is one of the best novels so far. As always, thrilling plots, great characters, and something I'm particularly fond of, the level of details.

The actual historical references to Kasper Hawser are fantastic, but the real "devil in the detail", was who the Bear-character turned out to be (I hope I didn't spoil to much for future readers of "Prospero Burns" by writing that). My eyes almost went a bit misty reading that final chapter.

Another thing is, that you really brought that Norse-feeling into the Vlka Fenryka, and since I'm hailing from Scandinavia (Denmark) it was good fun reading words like "skjald" "mjod" and "jarl", as they have the exact same meaning in danish, as they do in your usage of them in "Prospero Burns" (I guess that they originally are Norse words?).

Anyway, a million times thank you for a intense and exciting experience with Wolves of Fenris!

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your time on Saturday, Dan - great to meet you & many thanks for signing my books and offering advice on writing. Already marching through The Founding and will certainly aim to get to the next booksigning whenever that is!
Best wishes & cheers

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

Really was fun to meet you Dan and Graham for the 1st time, thanks for chatting and signing, if people weren’t sure whether or not to go I was the one who walked away with a Hardback edition of Horus Rising (am now looking for a suitably epic stand)

Inspired by this my friend and I spent too large a portion of our work day playing ‘overly-40k-adjective-and-adverbs-heavy-msn-insult-tennis’

Here's a sample, post yours!

B - Just came back 15 mins ago and its all rushing towards me like an Astartes strike cruiser that has been hit by a warp storm after its Navigator has been killed in mysterious circumstances
M - You mastered that like a junior inquisitor wrestling with an augmetically enhanced cultist, whilst attempting to resist the temptations of a Nurgle plague altar
B - You understood that better than a Chaos Marine of the Thousand Sons Chapter that has been deeply immersed in the overseeing of the schemes and plots laid down by Tzeentch himself
M - I’ll respond to that faster than a engraved psycannon bolt lancing through the enlarged braincase of a rampant genestealer hybrid
B - I am as resistant to your quickly worded reply as a psychic blunt is to an attack from an Alpha Level Psyker
M - He corrects as deftly as an Eldar archivist filing the battle engagement report of the 1st new aspect warriors to leave the craftworld in 4 millennia
B - I couldn’t possibly care less than a man who prunes his bonsai tree as he is being eaten by a Fenrisian Wolf
B - Your slow reply reminds one of the hesitance and indecision of a lowly Administratum scribe when faced with blatant daylight data theft while his superiors are watching and assessing what he would do in such a situation
M - The lies spawning from your corrupt throat are blemishes on the unfettered glory of the emperor, damning you to eternal suffering on the daemon worlds of the eye
B - Your accusations are more misguided than those of a Belladon scout whose been hit on the noggin with a sock full of rocks by a jealous Meryn after drinking the (until now) hidden stash of Braggs own Sacra and loudly fantasising about Banda
M - My truth is founded on the same strength of truth as that of a Crimson Fist fortress on the gravity rich moons of Iageus, and is anchored with the same unbreakable belief as if it were a rogue traders space dock berthing chain
B - More likely your truth is based upon the many lies spewing forth from the foul lips of a minor daemon as he attempts to futilely stop an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus from smashing its little brains out
M - That convoluted organic cogitator you dare call a brain is so warped that you couldn’t understand a simple logic command were it coded in base binary, encoded onto a deuterium tipped .50 solid propellant bolt round and blasted into your rear data port!
B - Your retort is about as interesting as an Ork that has nothing to fight
M - Your retort is shorter than the most simple digestion track living organism from a Hive ships lower lower lower lower lower tertiary small supplementary intestine
B - While my retort is short, your counter-retort makes as much sense as a 350 year old Xenos breed being inducted into the Ultramarines
M - And yet said ultramarines have allowed the regimental-rejoining of a certain hulking sergeant with the eternal regenerative powers of the ageless c'tan infused in his replacement augmetic arm, your argument is rebutted..sir
M - I find your lack of response as indicative of internal struggle as that of a slum hive ganger undergoing an overdose of frenzon in the understinks of a landtrain wharf
M - I find your increased delay familiar to the traditional week long beauracratic halt before an enslaved hussars murder trial on the planetary core station of Poal’

He’d signed off…