Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Get It While It's Hot

Thanks for all the kind messages of encouragement and goodwill, even the mad ones (you know who you are). I will prepare that extract of Prospero Burns forthwith and let you know when it's going up.

In the meantime, a couple of items for today. First off, I want to point you in the direction of this piece of nonsense on the Black Library blog where ADB and I "interview" each other. The second half of it is now up, though this takes you to the first bit so you read it in the right order (the second half is easily found from the first).

Item two - The whole creative team on Guardians of the Galaxy got an email from Nathan Fairbairn, our brilliantly talented colourist, who writes "Hey, guys! Just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know that I won a Shuster award for outstanding colourist on the weekend for my work in 2009, and the jury specifically pointed to my colours on Guardians as what put me over the top and won me the award. So I just want to say thanks, truly, to all of you for letting me work on such a fun book and making me look good!" To which we all say a very hearty and well-deserved congratulations to Nathan. Hip hip!

Item three - our Marvel editor Bill Rosemann forwarded a little round up of the press The Thanos Imperative has been getting:

“Great! Starts things off with a bang…this issue delivers both in terms of developments and setup for the cosmic event. For my money, this issue sets the bar for how event lead-ins should operate…Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are more than prepared to give readers some big moments and cataclysmic happenings…it's not a challenge to pick Ignition right up and follow along easily. I felt as though I completely understood every development…First class stuff from an already strong section of comics.” –IGN.com

“5 Stars. I haven’t been this stoked about a cosmic event since Annihilation premiered. It turns out that naming this comic Ignition was apt in many ways – most importantly perhaps in its potential to re-ignite popular interest in Marvel Cosmic. Ignition hits the ground running…Various surprises ensue with DnA delivering perhaps one of the most shocking endings in recent comics history. DnA’s writing mojo is at a peak with Ignition. They deliver a tightly paced, action packed story that shows promise in actually surpassing the modern benchmark and trend setter with which all Marvel Cosmic comics much compete – Annihilation...Walker’s art is magnificent as usual – as is Quintana’s coloring…In short, DnA and Walker deliver a tour-de-force.” –CosmicBookNews.com

“Boom! Thanos, Nova, Magus, a mystery surprise person, it's all crazy and it's all good. If you haven't been reading Guardians of the Galaxy or the War Of Kings books, you can still pick this up and follow along. This is what "event" books should be like.” –ComicVine.com

“Fantastic character work and superb action…Once again, the team of DnA does not disappoint.” –WeeklyCrisis.com

Thanos Imperative: Ignition lives up to its subtitle. The fuse is lit, Houston has been contacted and this event is blasting off. I'm not sure how these cosmic events manage it, but every one has had one of these prelude one-shots to kick the event off and every single one has been absolutely amazing. Thanos Imperative continues the trend…If they were looking to build hype and add a level of "OH $%!&!!!" to this event, mission accomplished.” –WeeklyCrisis.com

The Thanos Imperative: Ignition is a comic that is scarcely contained by the edges of its pages. It’s a comic about big explosions explosively told…Abnett and Lanning the mad bombers behind it all…haven’t so much used Ignition to light the fuse on their explosive event as they’ve set the timer on a thermonuclear device. Blending Lovecraftiana, alternate universe tropes and the most cunningly and subtly cast ensemble of cosmic players the Marvel U has to offer, The Thanos Imperative has every chance of eclipsing War of Kings, and the Annihilation sagas…. Thanos Imperative: Ignition is a an exploding supernova of a book, a piñata made of nitroglycerin. Wack it with a stick and you get a face-first blast of cosmic coolness.” – Newsarama.com’s “Best Shots”

“It's hard to not cheer on all the various characters as their paths intersect in this opening salvo of all-out war with another universe.” –ComicBookResources.com

“You need to be reading this mini-series. It's accessible and epic, pitting an epic threat against the whole of Marvel's alien civilizations... and it seems their only hope is Thanos.” –IGN.com

“Like much of their work for the cosmic line, the duo delivers here with a surprising, action-packed issue that sets the stakes high…This issue continues to push the idea that anything can and will happen in the Marvel cosmic books…The writing of Abnett and Lanning is bold and confident.” –ComicBookResources.com

“It should come as no surprise by now that the first issue is an action-packed, frequently humorous blast. DnA rock the Marvel space ways, and they’ve grown extremely confident in their ability to handle sprawling casts in epic situations. We’re talking the collapse of existence here, and two of the big heroes are a heat-packing raccoon and a telepathic cosmonaut dog. Who else does that? The writers manage to make just about everything work, and that’s saying something, considering there are literally dozens of threads at play here… DnA, however, have done a banner job since taking on Annihilation Conquest and their successive pods. I don’t have any inkling now that this will be any different. The Thanos Imperative looks to be one of the most enjoyable reading experiences of the year; it’s a summer blockbuster backed by humor and characters I actually care about.” –Newsarama.com’s “Best Shots”

"Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have managed to perfect the art of juggling their ensemble cast...They skillfully jump back and forth between these characters, always giving us just enough pages and information to make each moment matter without dragging down the story or creating jarring shifts in narrative. Every page feels important on some level and like the content we are getting matters and that's something many events struggle with delivering. Every event can manage a big splash page or shock death or stunning reveal. Few can keep the story between these moments just as engaging...The only imperative you need concern yourself with is finding a copy of this issue. An event comic done right and one you won't want to miss out on. Verdict: Must Read" -WeeklyCrisis.com

"The writing team of Abnett and Lanning are knocking this one out of the park...Abnett and Lanning fully embrace the fact that these characters have been around the block a few times, and the goal is to continue their adventures rather than erase them...Brad Walker juggles a multitude of characters and epic space vistas with ease...And did I mention that he draws a mean anthropomorphic raccoon? A great-looking, great-reading comic...in the best classic Marvel manner." -Aint It Cool News

Phew. Despite the meds, I must be doing something right, right?


Xhalax said...

I wish it didn't take me 80 million tees to read graphic novels.


Need to parttake on more train journeys as I have no problem reading them while on the train.

kumarganesh12 said...

It makes sense to me to let users know, and I was conflicted about it until now. Google collects information, and the users should know about it if they visit your site. Thank you for your opinion which to me is more fact than anything.


Unknown said...

Yes, right. You are definitely doing things...correctly.
Cannot wait for the excerpt of Prospero Burns, but please, PLEASE don't put up anything too teasing! It's so far away till release, it's actually starting to feel like it will actually be the 41st millenium before I get my grubby mitts on it.
...I'll bet my left testicle and a few fingers that it'll be totally worth it though.

cor said...

despite been ridiculously strapped for cash ive finally decided to give your comics a try and have ordered annihilation trade paperback and the nova volume 1 hardback (again despite my cashless situation im a sucker for a hardback) im assuming i will be able to follow what the hell is going on considering ive never read anything to do with marvel cosmic before? but I thought what the hell and couldnt resist anymore hopefully theyll arrive before the weekend.

Xhalax said...

Cor - Most probably. I picked up Guardians having never read Marvel and I followed it easily.....talking Racoon
and all.

Big said...

Errr......sorry ,i just get very passionate in your defence.

Matthew Churchill said...

Who you callin' mad?!

Believe the hype, Dan and Andy's Marvel comics are superb. Great fun, big battles, strong characters and witty dialogue. They put much of Marvel's current output to shame.

Like most of the blogging brigade I'm primarily into Dan's 40k stuff but I'd urge you to read The Thanos Imperative. One of the beauties of missing out on the comics first-time round is that the entire back catalogue that leads up to The Thanos Imperative is now available in trade paperback collections (save for a couple which are due out soon). On the other hand, if you want to leap in now, many of the reviews I've seen have remarked how easy it is for a new reader to follow The Thanos Imperative. But Marvel are also publishing this soon:


A guide to the main players in the cosmic series.

And where else can you find a talking dog who will teach you how to blaspheme in Russian?*

Nuff said.

*Incidentally, I always assumed 'Bozhe Moi' meant 'Bugger me'

Matthew Churchill said...

P.S. I'm itching for another list. All this Marvel-ous fun has changed my mind:

1. Gamora
2. Silver Surfer
3. Nova
4. Medusa
5. The Thing

1. Magneto (and that ain't never gonna change)
2. Thanos
3. Black Queen Jean Grey (HOT)
4. Super-Skrull
5. Black Knight (come on, he had a winged horse called Aragorn!)

Roderick H said...

Hey Dan,
I've got to say, the whole conversation between you and Aaron malarkey is one of my favourite globbets of internet-joy in quite some time. I love the dynamic and humour between you two, perhaps yu mighht find it enjoyable to continue showing us the unclassified banter between you two on this very blog?

Once again good luck with the Rejuvenat treatments.

Also, generic fan bloggy question, as you've become more familiar with M41, have you ever reevaluated events that you wrote about in your earlier days?
I'm thinking in this case specifically about the Fall of Tanith. Was it destroyed physically, as if by the Planet Killer, sucked into the warp, conquered, exterminatus-ed, or other? Or should I not be asking this? :)


Math L. said...

You should go to see an alternative healing practitioner for your epilepsy. Acupuncture, Reiki,Reconnection, etc. I'm sure it will do wonders on you ! (Yes it's the same comment as the one in the previews post. I wasn't sure if you read new comments in old post...)

Rob Rath said...


We all wish you a speedy recovery. I'm sure you know how to handle yourself, and it seems like you have a good, pragmatic attitude about it. Nik, best wishes for you too, I'm sure you're taking good care of Dr. Danhattan. (I'm tellin' ya, that nickname, it's gonna be a thing!)

As for Kumarganesh 12... that's a new and interesting breed of spammer. A screen name fused from two Hindu gods that posts links in Hebrew script (that translates to "maid," nonetheless?).


Sigillite said...

Hi Dan, seriously looking forward to the Prospero extract here.
Your "interview" with ADB was quite entertaining- which leads me to my question(s).
When you launched the HH series with Horus Rising were you aware that you would be writing Legion or did you have ideas that would form the basis of that novel? Do you have any future plans for an AL novel or short set after Legion?
I've wanted to ask you these questions for a long time but forgot-until you guys started talking about the AL in your interview. Thanks for the reminder!
Any way the reason I ask is because there's a scene in HR when the LW are at Murder and a fleet of AL ( Trajus Boniface is in command I think)rendevous with Horus to petition him for some war against some xenos race. This of course, happens after the events in Legion. Very sneaky of the AL. Is this something you'll be exploring in the future?

Thanks Dan keep up the excellent work.

Cecilie said...

”…it was my fairly detailed pitch for Titanicus that helped catch and prevent the major fluff crime I had been about to commit.”

See, now you’re making me curious! Which major fluff crime would this be – and, being you committing it, wouldn’t the previous fluff just have reshaped itself to fit this new bit into the canon? If you write well enough, you can get away with anything – even murder, as you have often proven. I understand that poor guy asking about Bragg, though you’ve committed far worse since. It’s the betrayal of it, y’know; we trust you to take good care of our favourite characters and instead you seem to take a fiendish delight in killing them off in gruesome ways, often just when we thought they were safely through another book – but no! But I guess that’s what keeps me on the edge of my seat every time I read one of your books – it’s deliciously thrilling, even when I’m cursing you for killing off another favourite. Do keep doing that (oh but even now I wish that you wouldn’t! Poor, poor Ghosts...)

On another note, I purchased your ‘Triumff: Her Majesty’s Hero’ on a whim and am halfway through the book now, and I’m really liking it. It’s a very different style from what I’m used to reading from you (though I spot the occasional familiar turn of phrase, to my delight), and I’m amazed at the level of historical details – did you do a lot of research before writing this book? I love the mix of steam-punk and magic and alternate reality with a good dash of humour too – and Australia! In some ways I’m reminded of Terry Pratchett when reading this (a great compliment in my opinion), but in so many other ways it’s a totally unique story. I hope it won’t be the only book about Sir Rupert Triumff! Do keep up the good work. :)


Christopher Meyer said...

Ah, well done ol' chap! Smashing news!

And hope that the meds are working. I expect many more tales and stories from you in the future, ol' boy!

Xhalax said...

Oh oh oh....Mr. Abnett....can the extract piece for Prospero Burns be about why there are no wolves on Fenris?

jax said...

hey dan glad your doing well and kist wanted to say thanks for the signed copy of leigon, the boys at GW york got you to do it for me when work commitements meant i couldn't get there to meet you. thanks a bunch it meant a great deal to me and looking foward to propero burns

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