Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Eve of "Triumff"!

Tomorrow, "Triumff" will officially be on the bookshelves. Waterstones will have it, WHS will have it, heck, everyone will have it, and if they don't, jolly well ask for it!

To mark the occasion, it is my very great pleasure to introduce my latest guest blogger. (See, still not actually doing a whole lot of work over here, except for the several thousand words of "Prospero Burns" that I uploaded into my computer, today. So, thank you to everyone who is guesting and keeping you lot busy, here, so that I can get busy over yonder with more writing. That week off was very welcome, but now it's time to catch up.)

I digress. Let's have the guest blog. He is known far and wide for his wit and wisdom, and his all-around lovely-blokeness. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Big... no really. Take it away, Big.

Cockspankingly brilliant!


Xhalax said...



I suspect that such a review is what every single author in the world should aspire to.

Unknown said...

i needed that,

I literally laughed aloud, Thank you Big :D

Pack_master said...


Dan, did you get my email on Prospero Burns? Might be of relevance.

cor said...

love to see that sort of review in the guardian :D

John said...

Amazing, that's exactly what I thought of it!

sredni vashtar said...

that right there must be the review that Ernest Hemingway spent his whole career wishing for.

Big said...

Hurrah Hurrah....i made to the Big time!
And in my best Elvis impression
"Why thank ya very murch"...LOL

Marco @ Angry Robot said...

That's it, I surrender.

I'm getting a sticker done and attaching it to every front cover. Right now.

Big said...

I also thought the Editing was Exceptional!.....round of applause please, for Nik ladies and Gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

Big - I'd love to take the credit for the edit, but I wasn't the only one who worked on it, so give it up for Mr Robert Clark! I'll be asking for him for everything from now on!

Thanks Robert! Our job is to make a book look as good as it possibly can on the page, and you did that for "Triumff", with knobs on!


Marco @ Angry Robot said...

And Big-up Gentleman Larry Rostant for the crucial cover art.

And those fine people over at Argh! Nottingham for cover layout and typesetting beyond the call of duty. Humorous footnotes aplenty!

Marco @ Angry Robot

HiWayRobry said...

Awesome, Big.
I bow to your superior review ability!

HiWayRobry said...

Awesome, Big.
I bow to your superior review ability!

UriGagarin said...

Bought it on spec and really enjoyed it. Bravo!
Hope I'll be reading many more adventures.