Wednesday, February 04, 2009

DnA Secrets Revealed

For some reason, my blogging muscles aren’t yet up to strength after the Christmas lull, so I apologise about that. I’ve been meaning to post rather more frequently, but... meh.

Any road up, this is just an interim “I must post this info” post, a public information service if you will. This weekend it’s the New York Comic Convention, which I was due to attend with my comic (cosmic?) writing partner Mr Lanning. Long story short, we’re not going to make it after all. We’re deep into War Of Kings at the moment, and we can’t really leave the white heat of the writing lab, not even for a larky jaunt to NY. A long weekend of conventioneering would put too big a hole in our delivery schedule. Sorry about that, just wanted to let you know in case you were thinking of looking for us there. Maybe next time (Andy and I are both pretty peeved we’re going to miss the fun).

Highway asked how Andy and I write together. Well, Highway, the famed DnA writing team finds it best to write alternate words using different coloured crayons. Seriously, the truth is, we sit facing one another and type on back-to-back typewriters, and then riffle-shuffle the pages together to make a script. No, no, we strike each other repeatedly with dictionaries like two manic contestants from It’s A Knockout until random words are shaken loose, then we sweep them up, feed them through a meat grinder, and expertly form the resulting mince into script sausages which–

All right, all right. We get together once or twice a week and brainstorm. These brainstorms, which involve sometimes literally throwing ideas at each other in a locked room, result in beat sheets and outlines which, once they’re approved editorially, I take away and turn into full scripts, while Andy returns to his ‘other’ job as a world-renowned comic book inker.

We’ve been doing it for twenty years and we find it works because, well, it’s fun. How many things can you say that about?

I’d like to thank Satan for the musical tips (not THE Satan, obviously), and advise his wife that the third (and final) Inquisitor trilogy will begin as soon as I can get to it. I‘m as anxious to see how it all ends as you are (clue: it’s not going to be pretty).

Roderick - a rhyming sword, historically, is one of a matching pair of ceremonial or ornamental weapons that had (because they were a set) the halves of a rhyming couplet etched onto each blade. In Ravenor, the idea is a little more mystical and esoteric. So esoteric, in fact, I can’t remember it exactly right now. But that’s the REAL definition.

Information will follow shortly about the rumoured Scottish tour, as well as other events that I or one of my clones are going to be popping up at. I’d like to take this opportunity to become wildly enthusiastic about my recent trip to Paris, which was fantastic. Thanks to every one who came to the three events, to the shop crews, and, of course, to fine people of the Bibliotheque Interdite, especially Mathieu and Dju. It was great to see everyone. Behold, below, some lovely snaps of the weekend, many of which reveal the fun times had by all.



GW Bastille

Commissar, anyone?

Research, research, research.

That last pic is the double-barreled holster pistol I’ve now seen in an antique shop window two years running. It’s huge, and will be appearing in as many 40K stories as I can subtly manage to sneak it into from now on (rest assured, I’ll only do it if it’s subtle. Ideas include “Giant Double-Barreled Holster Pistol versus the Blood God”, “ Giant Double-Barreled Holster Pistol Rides Again” and “What Giant Double-Barreled Holster Pistol Did Next”). Paris is a very 40K city: just wandering around the streets, museums, galleries and churches, I was overloaded with ideas, most of which filled the pages of my ubiquitous notebook.

Anyway, must close. A final word regarding Mr Dave Taylor, whose blog I hereby propel you headlong towards. Dave is a veteran GWer, and was (I’m sure) the first person I ever came across who’d built a Ghost army. Now he’s onto a Blood Pact army, which I’m sure will interest many of you. Take a look at It also helps that Dave is a very fine fellow indeed.

More news, and Hussar-esque activities soon. Enjoy the snow.


Anonymous said...

Well then ,well then, well then..
that Pistol....hand cannon has to make an apperance especially in Harlons arsenel. Gonna have a look at Daves Blood Pact,which reminds me i've read the realease date for the book has been put back......just gutted!

Anonymous said...


I should have some news for you in the next month or so about the opening of my shop in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Once I get that bottomed out I'll give you a call/email and try and factor it in alongside the other plans you have.



Jack Badelaire said...

My curiosity is definitely piqued by that revolver. At first I thought it was some sort of modified LeMat, but after taking another look at a LeMat it seemed considerably different.

However, on further investigation, it turns out that it is indeed a LeMat, but a model built to handle cartridges, not percussion caps.

Definitely a signature weapon if I ever saw one.

Anonymous said...

Now that was a bad ass link!
It takes a shotgun shell in the centre barrell .....just what a bounty hunter needs,or an Orc killa
stub gun with a sinlge shot bolt round,or indeed any round for the situation whata gun!

Mia said...

Huge handcannon is huge. Well, then again, at 1m60, most things are large to me :D

And the commissar chap would, sad to say, have fit right in in this picture: what with that colour on his shirt.

Pack_master said...

Giant double-barreled... yeah, heh, funny. Oh, there was another in the story?


Hrothgar said...

Just out of curiosity, where we get one of those HUGE Legion banners? Are you selling them personally? Giving them away to those smart enough to comment on them? What's the deal?

Anonymous said...

Even the name sounds cool
The Le mat....thats some cool French shit right there fellas..haha

HiWayRobry said...

thanks for the answer to my question. I really was interested in the dynamic you use. Sounds like it works for you and that's all that really matters.
I know I'm way behind everyone (cuz I insist on holding out for the paperback) but I'm about a third of the way through 'Only in Death'. Freakin' AWESOME is the only thing I can say that even remotely encapsulates the thrill I feel each time I pick it up and read a new chapter.
You are, quite literally, the best writer there is today. And I mean that.
Keep up the great work.
And that double-barreled pistol would be an awesome signature weapon for Rawne.

Johnny Dingo said...

Why do you not own that gun by now? You have hella willpower, Mr. Abnett.

I had a chance to see some of Dave's armies back when he had them on display at GWHQ in Glen Burnie, MD when I was living there. Glad to see he hasn't lost his touch.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Danny Boyyyyyy, this is now twice you have thwarted my attempts to meet you in person in New York. Quite bummed. An autographed copy of The Iron Star with a small "I'm Sorry" should suffice and make me forget.

Anonymous said...

It reminds me of the scene from pulp fiction
"What do they call a Big Mac"
"Le Big Mac"

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

Why is it called Le Mat? Because when you get shot with it your brains are going to fly in a 50 Yard radius all over 'Le Mat'

That’s one full picture of awesome, matches a very frontier style world bar fight, or possibly a Ghost trophy weapon… can just imagine two dueller’s waste both clips, the evil (stereotypical I know) one stands over the fallen hero gloating, ‘’Shame all your bullets are out, shoulda bought more gun ghost/inquisitor/adept etc’

The ghost/inquisitor/adept smiles, ‘’I did’’, Click click boom! (splat on Le Mat)

Found a very interesting article about spy guns the other day, whenever some digi-weapon is produced I’d produce this!

Rory said...

Mr David Wright. A Warhammerish shop in Kirkcaldy - best day ever.

I live in the near by Glenrothes and have to travel to edinburgh or Dundee for my True fix, i mean the hope chest isnt too bad but id LOVE to be able to shoot through to Kirkcaldy to pick up books!

Hm, i really sort of liked the idea of two people hitting each other with dictionarys to get ideas. hehe.

Dukeleto said...

That's a crazy gun.

Anonymous said...

Daves Blood Pact are excellent
their really worth seeing folks hes obviously a pro,and guys hes is making a proper Stalk Tank.....and he leaves instructions on how to do it yourself ! aint that some shit!
Well done Dave.or Also forge world has realeased the a Brass Scorpion
so they could add some real punch to ur Blood Pact force.

Rob Rath said...

I'm currently writing a novel about Texas during the Reconstruction, and in it the villain carries a LeMat as his signature weapon... so imagine my surprise when I opened up this blog post! My boy carries the original cap-and-ball version though (the pretty one), rather than this pug-ugly bastard. Shame though, that revolver has a great, uh, personality.

It's a very, very popular weapon in historical fiction about the American Civil War- for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

I Think its "Pug Ugliness" is one of its most endearing

Rob Rath said...

Oh totally. Its sheer nastiness is easily it's best feature. I mean can you imagine what it would feel like to have one of those pointed in your face? That's why I said it had personality. It's a weapon with character-much more than the slicker 1860s model. It's a cool pistol, no mistake.

You don't see the LeMat used much on the American frontier after the war though, which I would assume would be because of the limited numbers of them produced and its relatively short effective range. Great cavalry pistol, but as a personal defense weapon... not so much.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Dan Abnett,

This weekend was the comic convention in New York as you know. You were scheduled to attend and when my boyfriend saw your name he went insane and had to go because he desperately wanted his book signed. We unfortunately didn't get the message that you weren't coming and foolishly wandered all over the convention looking for you to sign his book. So I was wondering, since his birthday was on the way if you could help me with something. I wanted to surprise him with a signed copy of one of your books. I realize that you must have a huge fan base and a number of fans asking you this same favor so if this is not possible i'll understand. But if this is at all possible to achieve please email me at MZPIQQLET@AOL.COM

Thank you very much for your time,

Pack_master said...

Wow. Your boyfriend will love you more than you can imagine for that gift. Honestly. That would be a surprise beyond imagination. Dan, please do it, I'd never thought to see such a request. Nice. Really.

Anonymous said...

Witchy for a Look said....

Zzzinggg (in Rent-a-ghost stylie)

Great news that the Inquisitor trilogy is still in the pipeline. With a schedule like Dan's there must be a lot of balls to juggle, hence the clone army.

I think one ball has been dropped and rolled under the sofa though. Last i heard, it had the words 'Interceptor' and 'City' sewn into the material.

Anonymous said...

tch. am I the only one who noticed that Giant Double-Barrelled Holster Pistol has already made its fictional debut, in Titanicus?

...try to keep up here, people.

Anonymous said...

...well, lookee here. I didn't know until now that I (sredni vashtar) could use my LiveUrinal identity on here. now you can all go watch stupid videos of my ferrets!!

Dukeleto said...

I noticed Sredni, I just assumed I wasn't the first and that I was missing something. Seemed a bit of an obvious one :p

Anonymous said...

Yeh who uses it,i have moved and there are still boxes everywhere!

Anonymous said...

is it the weapon with special rounds in it?

Anonymous said...


big: if I remember correctly, one of Varco's men took it from the halt when they went up against the shield pylon.

HiWayRobry said...

Just finished "Only In Death" and I've got to say, that was the most heart-wrenching GG story yet!
You never cease to entertain and amaze me Dan. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Eye eye Gaunt hahahahaha.
Man the blood pact rules

HiWayRobry said...

Funny, big, funny.
You are an evil man :)

Anonymous said...

Talking of weird guns ,has anyone seen the kruch gun in From Dusk Till Dawn,not very practical but funny none the

Xhalax said...


That's my reading list gone out the window AGAIN!

Just borrowed The Lost from a friend and started Traitor General. I'd forgotten how good it is.


Hurrah for the Hussar said...

big-it is fun, i love the giant motorised stabbing stake!

Is anyone else doing anything for lent? I'm going for a dual header, im going to give up meat and lend my friend my entire heresy collection, he lives quite a way away from me and he'll probably be reading them way past the 40 days so ill be really testing myself!

Xhalax said...

I have a Traitor General any who haven't read it, best look away now.

My question is this: Is Sek some sort of given rank?

Why I ask: We have Anakwanar Sek but we also have Isidor Sek Incarnate, who appears to be a completely different person.

Both have Sek in there name, so it makes me wonder if there's any relevance to 'Sek' with 'Etogaur' and 'Pheguth'

Ideas, opinions, answers anyone?

Dukeleto said...

Isodor is the Plenipotentiary of Gereon, Anakwanar Seks' representative, the local personification of his rule, I imagine the addition of Sek's name to his own is to remind their followers that he speaks with the authority of the Anarch.

Anonymous said...

Bet u 2 are speaking his name without covering your mouths

Xhalax said...

So that would be a 'yes' to my question then?

And big...I didn't speak his name, I typed it.

And since I'm no Chaos-loving traitor, I will not cover my mouth when I say his name, but I will spit upon the ground with disgust and shout all the louder so his words won't drown out mine because I'm sure I can shout louder than he can.

Dukeleto said...

no Xhalax, it's not a yes.
His name is PART of the honorific, in much the same way as Her Majesty's High Representative contains the Queen's title, it doesn't mean high representatives are always called Elizabeth!

Big - just cos the Ethnologue learns how the Aquilla is made, doesn't mean she starts to make it, eh? :p

Xhalax said...

I'm suspecting 'Incarnate' as a part to play in all of this....with it meaning 'proxy'

HiWayRobry said...

It may not mean much to you, my friends across the pond, but I plan on giving up watching the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament for Lent.
It doesn't sound like much but, believe me, it's a huge sacrifice for me.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Any day that celebrates a massacre is ok in my book :)

Rob Rath said...

I always thought of Sek as a cultural title that shows respect, modified into a structural hierarchy like the word Sahib was in the British Empire. Something like the Japanese san on steroids.

Dan and Nik-

I got a hilarious email from Barnes and Noble a few days ago, reading:

"Since you previously used your membership to purchase a book by Dan Abnett (Ravenor Rogue) we thought you would be interested in his new release, The Best of Wallace and Gromit."

Brings home your very wide range, Abnett Sek. I just can't wait until a few months from now when some kid gets the email: "Since you previously used your membership to purchase The Best of Wallace and Gromit, we thought you would be interested in his new release, Blood Pact.


You know, I never liked Valentine's Day until I realized that it was the only holiday you can legitimately hate without anyone looking at you askance.

I'm giving up all fast food for Lent. I gave up caffeine one year... headaches like you wouldn't believe.

Roderick H said...

Hello Dan,
many thanks for the explanation. I actually use a 2-sentence description of the events involving the Brass Thief and that master of uberfu Toros Revoke as my main pitch when explaining to friends why your writing is full of win and always worth their time.
So many other authors are reluctant to use words and phrases that are punchy and sexy on their own, feeling they have to write *about* things that are crazy-sexy-cool instead. That extra dimension isn't found in any other military SF I've come across, puts me in mind of the 2000AD brit-punk style, and feels like you're playing the reader like a large gothic organ. (read whatever innuendo you like into that)

Speaking of 2000AD, is there any chance of another trade paperback of Sinister Dexter coming out? I'd sacrifice several spotty virgins...

Also in the world of comic books, Atomic Robo has the same sense of humour as Varl, which to me implies you might find it funny. Any comic which plants the words 'Stephen Hawking Is A Bastard' on the surface of Mars has to be worth a look.

I'm currently re-reading Only in Death, as I always tend to be so eager to get through the plot when one of your books first arrives that I miss the filigree. This is coinciding perfectly with the last few gut-wrenching episodes of Battlestar Galactica, and I'm seeing a lot of parallels. A fresh new style of storytelling, a people without a home, a hodgepodge of different cultures united only by their need to survive, and of course bowel-quivering action sequences. Even Doc Cottle would make a great Dorden (although he'd have to give up smoking).

Of course, if you've never seen BSG this is just confusing and alienating for you. And that's a shame, because it is also full of win.

Anyway, the most important parallel is that it seems like things are nearing an end. How can they go on? Everyone is so completely broken - psychologically, emotionally, and physically - that surely the end comes soon, one way or another. The suffering is just too much.

I don't want you to give anything away - as if you would anyway - and I trust you to do it right, but I just feel for them all so much; surely they'll be out of their misery soon? Larkin and Dorden especially. Old and lonely, tired and mad, with more friends beyond the veil than before it. Excuse me while I speculate wildly:

I foresee a forest world, and an irate Saint for political backup to get the Ghosts there; and the forest-sprit MkVenner miraculously appearing from amongst the trees. (If Gaunt's dirty dozen managed to get off Gereon under the Archenemy's nose, who's to say Mkvenner and the Partisans can't do the same to the Imperium?) Some trademark mystical save before total annihilation, then Ghosts finally being laid to rest, and an old promise honoured, through Van Voytz' guilt. Where will they get enough ladies to give 'em hope though?

anyway, thanks Dan. I know it's going to be great. I just wish Blood Pact were here sooner, but there's no rest for the wicked I'm sure. Especially when 'wicked' is interpreted in the 90's style.

And for the benefit of all, since a good chunk of us are statistically guaranteed to be fans, I bring you:

The Sharpe Drinking Game
(to be played while watching an episode from the Peninsular War)
*full of sweary words, my apologies*

1. Every use of an expletive beginning with B, take a drink. ("Bloody Buggering Bastard" is a favorite)
2. Every racial or class-based slur, take a drink. ("Frog Bastard" or "Paddy Bastard" are 2 drinks each, "Not a proper officer" is alas only one)
3. Any time twenty blokes from Swindon pretending to be a whole regiment give out a cheer, join in.
4. Call toasts to cinematically appropriate moments! Re-use of stock footage of cannon-fire during a seige, an especially attractive bodice, or Harper staring consistently into Sharpe's ear during a long, mumbled conversation.

This game is best played in mixed company, so the girls can call toasts when Sharpe looks sexy.

whoo, time to go de-stress my fingers with some page-turning.

ta-ra chuck!

Anonymous said...

Xhalax-Bet u cant shout or scream louder than the Sek ,u seen his portrait?


Xhalax -yet again you a far to intelligent for this mere
After all im just a mortal;-)

Errr i like big

the-seventh-son said...

hey guys

long time no see, just quick one

i've decided to do my own blog, which will cover my warhammer, anyone who is interested then have a look

you should see some familiar faces there...

Xhalax said...

big - A Super-Heavy chocolate cake of around 14", double layered such keep him sedate enough so that mmy voice really does drown out him.

And also, to quote GI Joe 'And knowing is half the battle!'


Anonymous said...

Dan ..guys i finally got to see Spinal Tap, which was on Dans list of films.It was the nuts!
Fav line "Lick my love pump"
Fav scene when the small one gets trapped in his pod on stage..,.that was funny!
very suttle but great,the miniture stonehenge thing

Xhalax said...

I was mooching around online, looking for exactly what the Nine Holy Wounds Saint Sabbat received upon her matyrdom, when I came across this on wiki (GG character list)....and it's something that intruges me.

'He is also acknowledged as the best city-fighter in the regiment, having first been a commander in the Vervunhive Primary.'

Now, as much as I love Ban Daur, and what happened in Only in Death way bitchin'.....when did this happen/someone say such things about him?

Did I blink and miss it?

Personally, I suspect that this is merely opinion without massive amounts of basis.

Now, we can all atest to the fact that he is/was a commander in the Vervun Primary....however, he'd only seen proper battle for the first time when Zocia started bombing the walls....and if memory serves, he got bombed in the opening minutes of the battle....which pretty much put him out of it for most of the book (except when needed, then the sling came off and he was packed a bolt pistol.....yeah, ok it was borrowed, but still....gotta love a guy with a bolt pistol!).

Then we move on to the disenchanted Daur who's seen as the 'people person' which he ends up getting pretty badly hurt, lies to an idiot, climbs a very steep hill and then gets shot.

He can spot a void shield generator from fifty paces.....and gets his head shaved.

Is behind the lines and has his alien chicken alter-ego killed by Rawne's

Cries and gets shot.

Spoke the same time as Kolea in volunteering.

Wasn't shooting because it was pointless.

Can spot an Inquisitor from fifty paces.

Nearly facepalmed Rawne and KICK ASS!

Hmmmmmmmm....not seeing masses of city fighting there....though it makes me wonder....what did he get up to while Gaunt was vacationing on Gereon?

*strokes her beard in throught*

Also, what were the nine wounds that the Saint received...the internet is coming up dry and I can't dig out my copy of Honour if I did, I'd just read all the Ban bits anyway.


Pack_master said...

Xhalax: I can assure you, it is nowhere mentioned that Ban would be the best city fighter in the ghost. It is 100% personal opinion.

Neither are the Nine Holy Wounds described.

Roderick H said...

hi Xhalax,
first I love the dedication with which you've summarised the life and times of Ban Daur. I mean, Ben Affleck in the 40K universe would have to be described in those terms.

I have a theory as to why he's mentioned as 'the best city-fighter in the regiment' - it's all relative. As the senior member of the Vervunhive Primary to end up in the Ghosts, he naturally would have also had the best training in how to defend his city. Sure, he never got to use it (for the reasons you posted above) but he's clearly a bright lad. So simply the fact he's still alive means he's better at fighting in general than he used to be, and perhaps that early training gives him a slight edge over the other Ghosts, who never had any formal cityfight training?

Anyway, everyone needs a specialisation. It helps make them *awesome* :)

Anonymous said...

Koleas the best city fighter....period!
Also people like Tona

Xhalax said...

Roderick - At times I thought my summary of Ban's life was a little harsh (namely Sabbat Martyr) but all in all pretty fair.

As you pointed out, the Vurvenhivers would be more adept at city fighting than the Ghosts...but I guess the Ghost would have learned the best way to do it, much as one of them have learned how to scout.

And yeah big, Gol seems to the type to be a great city fighter....well when he was being reckless anyway.

Roderick H said...

Xhalax & Big: - I kinda see the sensible Kolea as a surrogate Corbec - man, I miss that guy - growing into the daddy-to-all role. The reckless stage was part of his rebellion against his natural daddy-ness, needing to happen in a cathartic way. I imagine him as a kind of huge Robert Downy Jr, and there's no way a guy like that can be anything but responsible.

Or, maybe I think too much about these characters.

HiWayRobry said...

I just noticed the Chaos symbol on the back of your computer on your home page. Are you a closet Heretic? :)
Just out of curiosity, have you ever played the tabletop miniatures 40K game? If so, what army are you drawn to?

The Emperor Protects.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that the Tanith badge?

HiWayRobry said...

Is it?
Man, I'm getting old. Maybe glasses are in order :P

Xhalax said...

HiWayRobry - If memory serves, one of Mr. Abnett's daughters was/is a very successful Warboss....I know it's not a great deal of help as to what Mr. Abnett may use if he plays....but on that basis, I'd take a stab and say that it isn't Orks.

HiWayRobry said...

I'd say that's a fair assumption.
Somehow I don't see him playing Imperial Guard either (don't ask me why), so I'd venture to guess he'd prefer Space Marines. Now, which chapter is an entirely different subject!

HiWayRobry said...

I'd say that's a fair assumption.
Somehow I don't see him playing Imperial Guard either (don't ask me why), so I'd venture to guess he'd prefer Space Marines. Now, which chapter is an entirely different subject!

Anonymous said...

Yeehhaa...looks like im going to the B.L. live event for my birthday
Gonna spend some moneyyyy
and do the daance
at warhammer woorld
na na na naa naa

hey hey were goin all the way!
warhammer world or

Thanks Xhalax

Xhalax said...

I try

HiWayRobry said...

Have no idea how I got triple posted. Weren't my fault folks, I swear!

Mark Grudgings said...

So glad the LeMat finally got a showing, not that I'd been looking out for it...