Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Better late than never.

Zing! It’s Tuesday! Sorry about that, but I was distracted on Friday.

I’ve been reviewing my top ten list, and “Raquel Welch in a suede bikini” seems like the most convincing argument for any of the films.

Big - If you’re going to steal first post, kindly zing! That’s what everyone does, even me (see above).

Belfast Rory - It would indeed be awesome to turn the Gaunt’s Ghost series into a graphic novel. I’m not the man to ask. I suggest you pester Black Library.

Hrothgar - The Han/Leia exchange at the climax of “Empire” is, of course, the crowning moment of that film. When I saw it, first, as a teenager in Leicester Square, a kid in the row behind me cried out, “I love you too!” when Carrie Fisher announced her line. It spoilt the whole film for me. “Anchors Aweigh” is an undoubtedly fabulous film, but turn your attention to “Singin’ in the Rain” and you’ll see Gene Kelly at his best, and out-danced by Donald O’Connor, and out-sung by Debbie Reynolds. As Nik reminded me, Ginger Rogers once said, and I paraphrase, “I don’t know what the fuss is about Fred Astaire. I did everything he did, but backwards and in heels!”

Theydrilledholesinmyteeth - I also don’t share the view that a film can be raised to the ranks of the truly great, merely based on their soundtracks. “The Magnificent Seven” is the one exception, in so far as it is a great film, anyway. “Apocalypse Now” is a thumping good movie, but I prefer “Hamburger Hill” or “A Midnight Clear” when it comes to great war films. I take your point on “Batman Begins”... As the name suggests, it is fantastic at the beginning. My main complaint relates to the end of the movie, when the plot gets all fatooshed. It’s the greatest super-hero movie of all time, except for the last third. But the first two-thirds are really good. “The Duellists” is, of course, an absolutely brilliant movie, and “Ghost Dog” is a very fine film indeed.

Rob - “Barry Lyndon” is a pretty good movie, too. I haven’t yet seen “There Will be Blood”, but I intend to. You reference the John Woo, Hong Kong movies, but I don’t think that anything can better “Hard Boiled”.

Everyone - So, they fudged the regeneration and Tenant didn’t leave. I’m actually quite happy about that, because Tenant is my favourite Doctor in ages, but I’m pretty f**ked off about the cheating cliffhanger. There are all sorts of things about the final episode of season IV that were fantastic, but there were also all sorts of niggling and hanging sillynesses that made me shake my fist at the screen. If you enjoyed it, as I must admit, I did, then Hurrah! If you press me over the next few weeks, I might deconstruct the cliffhanger and show you what p**sed me off about it. Whatever, Russell T Davies has done an amazing job in resurrecting Doctor Who and I applaud him for it.

Cor - You may care to enjoy the David Tennant and Catherine Tate audio that I have just written for BBC audio.

Rory - I really like Donna. I really like the fact that Catherine Tate has acted her boots off, and been a proper character, a proper companion. I won’t hear a word said against her.

Xhalax - I applaud your list and it’s very age-appropriate. I would question “The Lion King” in favour of “The Jungle Book”, and I would question “Hot Fuzz” in favour of the entire “Spaced” series, but that’s just me.

Nik - Bernard Cribbins is simply wonderful. I may be wrong, but didn’t he help thwart the Daleks in the ‘60s? With paint on their eyestalks? And Roy Castle was pretty dashing as well, especially with the McWhirter brothers on the Guiness Book of Records show.

Chilon - Welcome. The Monty Python films lurk in my top 30, especially “Holy Grail” and “Now for Something More Interesting”. I also have a very soft spot for “The Meaning of Life”, and, for Ingmar Bergman. I think that a list of the top 10 worst movies of all time would be quite compelling, but it depends upon the criteria. Just totally crap films? Or, films that are quite compelling, yet sh*t? There isn’t going to be a Harlon Nayl trilogy. The third, and final, Inquisitor trilogy is going to be the Bequin trilogy.

Mob - Thank you for saying that I have a great radio voice. It goes with the face. Black Library podcasts would be a great idea.

Big - Thunderchild! Best moment, ever!

Leo - “Onwards, my hawk men!” You just have to shout it.

Tom - Nice top ten, close but no banana.

Big and Who - You know it makes sense.

I’m off to regenerate, but I’ll still be David Tenant.

Vworp! Vworp!


T. Ryan Arnold said...


Anonymous said...

I admire anyone who can actually compile a top five, ten, anything list of films. I find that even making the attempt results in instant decision-paralysis. Although I rather like Ebert's criterion for a great film as one you can't bear the idea of never seeing again - that narrows the field down nicely. Maybe I should give it another try.

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

Bequin Trilogy, Love It!

Yes capital letters, I think that announcement deserves it :)

Shame about Harlon though, he is simply my favourite Eisenhorn character ever, and verging on best 40k character ever. I'll hedge a bet he'll be in there somewhere though...

mellowshade said...

Zing! Not for first reply but for first post here. Dr Who was a mixed bag. Donna was handled well, Davros was brilliant, Billie's big teeth scary and the German Daleks entertaining. It just felt, even with two episodes and one over an hour long that there was too much and too many people crammed into the story. Oh well, fresh start next year.

Batman Begins best superhero film eh? Will you be willing to revisit that choise after the remainder of the summer's blockbusters have been shown? Ironman, Dark Knight and Hellboy 2. Hulk was ok, love the new integrated Marvel film-verse but there is only so much yu can do with an angry green giant.

Dju said...

No zing yet, but it will come (damn you, zing lurkers).

"You reference the John Woo, Hong Kong movies, but I don’t think that anything can better “Hard Boiled”."

Depends on what you are looking for. "The Killer" has a pretty moving story. "Tiger on the Beat" has Chow-Yun Fat handling a shotgun with a strap to shoot around corners, and a chainsaw fight in a sailboards factory. Priceless.

the-seventh-son said...

i was so close to getting my first zing, grrrr

thank Nik by the way,

Nayl is an awesome character, but there are many others who also are awesome... Saul, Frauka, Larkin, MkVenner - he should get a series, or be in a seperate series about Gereon after the events of T.G.

and what about Cast Away, that was a great film

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen Jarhead imo an underrated film not much action as many were expecting but it made you feel for the characters I especially think the scenes where Jake Gyllenhaal's character hallucinates are fantastic.

And Ironman was a great movie among the best superhero films of all time. And I will check out your new Doctor Who audio Dan.

Anonymous said...

Raquel Welch in a suede bikini is a good enough reason for any film to be in a 'Top 10...' (apparently it got smaller and tighter the longer the shoot went on due to exposure to the various elements, I'll leave that image hanging...)

Jarhead is good, but not as good as the book.

German Daleks rule, Sehr Gut!

Best 40k Character? Hmmm...
I'd have to go with Bree Jagdea, Genady Novobazky, Lucien Wilder, Oskar Viltry or Rhen Merrt with 034TH in his hands.

Anonymous said...

Watching the first few minutes of Doctor Who, I frequently found myself using the phrase "cop out." Regeneration is pretty much a sacred cow in Who these days (it wasn't always, mind. It took until Robert Holmes saying a Time Lord had 13 lives in "The Deadly Assassin", over a decade into the series, for the idea of regeneration to become codified. Before that, they hadn't really established any ground rules, and some argue that Troughton wasn't the Second Doctor, but the First renewed.) and using it that flippantly irked me.

It also irked me because as soon as the Doctor did what it did with the energy-I'm trying to keep this fairly spoiler free-I knew that the second stupidest rumor I'd heard about the series was going to come true. The stupidest being "Harriet Jones is the Red Dalek" in case you're wondering.

And given how much I loved Donna, what happened to her really, really irked me. I enjoyed it, but man, those two things...

Late to the party about the 40K radio interview, but your future plans, especially concerning Eisenhorn and Ravenor, sound awesome. And Titanicus needs to come out like yesterday!

Anonymous said...

E vs R. Gregor is a whiley one and i think in the world of an inquisitor,Knowledge is the most powerfull weapon and Eisenhorn has been around a long time (more than i had rememberd actually).I think his love for Bequin is his way back to salvation,though even when crossing the line he was always a hero!
Saying that The Chair in a staightner with Thorn ,Ravenor would win he is to powerfull a psyker and he has all that gouche kit on the Chair,that and the fact he is a f**king genius!
Muscle i dont think is going to come into it ,as much as i love the guys we know theirs always someone better than you out there,or coming along.
Devoition to the cause and their Master will be the determining factor there i think.
Remember "When ur in the right u can fight all night,When ur in the wrong u dont feel strong"
Having Bequin back is gonna be really cool ,let the good times roll i say!

P.S. Did u know Bequin was based on Nik,more than enough character
there me thinks for a fantastic story!

"over to Homing beacon"

Rob Rath said...

As for Eisenhorn v. Ravenor, I've got two theories:

1) Mutually Assured Destruction
2) Eisenhorn wins, but Ravenor beats up on him so badly he's confined to a hoverchair.

And as for Hard Boiled, it's tough to beat for quality, but I grew up with Jackie Chan movies and they still rank near the top for me. The only thing that's come close is Ong-Bak the Thai Warrior.

I'll have to Netflix "Tiger on the Beat," thanks for the recommendation Dju.

Rob Rath said...
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Anonymous said...

Ross - the way I heard it, Raquel, realising that she was onto a good thing, and should make the most of her assets, plumped for hacking bits of the bikini off during the shoot. Wise woman methinks... of it's true.

Anonymous said...

IF it's true.

mellowshade said...

"Nayl is an awesome character, but there are many others who also are awesome... Saul, Frauka, Larkin, MkVenner - he should get a series, or be in a seperate series about Gereon after the events of T.G."

A book of short stories akin to Ghostmaker would be welcome. Then everyone's faves could get an airing.

Those of you listening to your radios should tune to Radio 4 on Wednesday's 6:30 for repeats of Count Arthur Strong's Radio Show. Tis hilarious.

Jeff said...

There's a LOT of films I thought were good solid films...but never want to see again: Big Fish, Whatever Dreams May Come, Awakenings, etc.

Bad, there are so many!
I don't mean bad because I was disappointed (it's so easy to have specific expectations for a film and when they aren't met, the film suffers in your eyes. I try and avoid that sort of thing whenever possible, just go in to the film with no expectations, or fewer at least) bad films as in just BAD.

I think some of the worst films are simply unimaginative. Formulaic crapola. Gratuitous sex/ violence/ etc to raise pulses.

That being said, a few of my favorite movies are hardly considered "Great Cinema" by any stretch. I frequently watch certain movies while working on projects: Slither, DOOM, Galaxy Quest, Transformers, 13th Warrior.

Sometimes "bad films" are a guilty pleasure.

Favorite 40k characters?
Commissar Hark, John Grammaticus, Priad, Major Rawne.

The Tanith Ghosts series most definitely has a somewhat "Band Of Brothers" feel to it. Especially now in the later stages of the series I can't help but have a pit in my stomach, worried over "who is going to survive this one?" and of course hoping all the ones left will finally make it.

Of course, this is the grim future and realistically, none of them may make it in the end.

Xhalax said...

In truth, any list I make is only a current one and will probably be null and void for the most part after a couple of weeks.

That was that week's list and I was really quite pissed off when I did it, so it doesn't reflect a great deal other than the moment I write it....and even then it's probably invalid the moment I press 'publish'.

I prefer The Little Mermaid anyway.

Mr. Abnett, does that mean I have the likings of an average nearly 24 year old then?

Doctor Who ending.....deeply disappointing.

Wanted Davros to go with and become the next companion.

Will miss Donna, was very sad by her ending.

Really don't like Rose.

Glad Mickey is back (Torchwood ho!)

Too many 'Time Lords' running about

Really want to smother David Tennant in my cleavage.

Now back to Crisis Core

Anonymous said...

Does anybody have a link to Dans radio interview?. I went back through the posts and found a link to the show's website but I couldn't find that exact interview.



Anonymous said...

Zing! Witchy for a Look, wide awake and listening from cryo-sleep. See, Dan's comment that a third Inquistion trilogy is really intended is what did it, so you can blame him.

That Bequin scene in Ravenor had to have a purpose. Was that planned, so far ahead or just a feeling I wonder? Intuition or genius plot-miester?

Ghost Dog is one of my top 10 films (though that could be because i recently re-watched it, and a lot of these top-ten, top-one-hundred, worst-five lists of whatever are usually manifestations of things still new, or at least still in the publics' recent past and sometimes lack a sense of accounting for the individual's entire life-experience and constantly shifting attitudes).

What a f**king amorphous and pretentious rant.

Switch that freezer back on.


(*whispers* is zinging 'out' also allowed?)

Anonymous said...

The worst 10 list should be for films that are quite compelling, yet sh*t.
So no Harlon Nayl trilogy then. It doesn't matter as long as there will be the E vs R trilogy. At least I hope that there will be once every two years (at least) "Inquisition short stories" books with all the other "personel" (including Nayl..hehe!); if any of them survives ofcourse after the last trilogy.
But anyway Dan, I'm sure that you'll end up with something very interesting eitherway.

Pack_master said...

No Nayl Trilogy... well, a Bequin one. I take that, no problem.
Oh, by the way, what happend to 'Nathun Inshabel on Vogel Passionata' (or so, can't remember the correct one... but something like that)? You mentioned it a long time ago, even made a vow to Xhalax ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey guys watched a film last night called The Fearless Vampire Killers,its old but funny ,if u see it on its worth a watch great cheesy vampire fun,but still atmospheric!

Dukeleto said...

I think there's room for both "The Lion King" & "The Jungle Book" and "Hot Fuzz" and "Spaced" The later films wouldn't have happened without the ones before in any case!

Any thoughts on which is the best version of Blade Runner? I got the silly great boxed set of however many versions it is, and I'm losing track of which version is which!

@ Mellowshade - I think batman Begins is still a BIT better than Ironman, altho it's a near thing. Ironman has better FX and so I would probably reward repeat watching for me. Can't wait to see if Dark Knight or The Golden Army can top it tho... re. Doctor Who, thanx for reminding me about the german speaking Daleks, cos that was actually great, and it raises my opinion of the episode a bit.

E. vs R... I think they would both bring an untouchable to the party, so R's unquestionably superior psychic power isn't a factor. In Inquisitor rules, Ravenor would win, because his chair mounts twin linked psycannon, and those things mince anyone with the slightest psychic ability! (as long as he didn't fail his action roll and sit there drooling)
I don't think Dark Heresy represents characters as powerful as them yet, and I haven't played enough to be sure

mellowshade said...

@ Duke Leto

I think Iron Man benefits because it is the first part of something great, the unified Marvel cinematic Universe.

As a stand alone film, Batman Begins is superior. It's just hard not to get excited about getting a cinematic superhero universe that is going to thread together so seamlessly.

Anonymous said...

Mellow-your 100 percent right cant wait for the Avengers movie!

Duke - im now beggining to think Ravenors chair is not gonna hold many secrets for Eisenhorn ,thinking about it further i dont think its goona be about the best kit or even the muscle i have a funny feeling it would be about Knowledge (Dark or otherwise) and who is prepared to go the furthest!

Eisenhorn wins the game...
Ravenor would win in a "Fair fight"
got to be honest though there my to fav characters i dont want to c anyone lose and end as a character.I was gutted when i thought i wouldnt read about Gregor again u know!

Rob Rath said...

On E vs. R-

I've yet to see a writer use the dirtiest trick I've ever used while playing Inquisitor. My character was barely dodging the power fist of a raging Tech Magos and my friend chuckling that he was finally going to get the best of my Inquisitor.

I won in a single action.

My inquisitor had "Machine Empathy."

His character had a bionic heart/lung combination.

"GM, what do you think the damage would be for a sudden cessation of cardiopulminary function?"

Anyway, both Gregor and Gideon rely heavily on machines for basic motor function and life support... a haywire grenade or well-placed psychic power could badly cripple either of them. (Ravenor probably has countermeasures- but don't tell me if he does, I've only read about a third of Returned.)

mellowshade said...

Big, we are spoilt for super hero related entertainment these days If you like animated fare the Ultimate Avengers is entertaining. Just saw Gotham Knight, a kind of 'animatrix' for the Batman Begins continuity which links the two films. I highly recommend.

Rob, you make good points. Whether Gideon has actually fallen or not could play a part in any confrontation. I don't really want to discuss it too much if you haven't finished Returned, let alone Rogue as events would affect it and we couldn't go into too much detail without giving stuff away.

Anonymous said...

E vs R thats something to ask Dan on gamesday!
Any Thuderchild moments in Titanicus Dan?
Sabbat Worlds Titan Style Hell Yeh!

Pack_master said...

On the Movie top lists from last blog:
Just watched Hot Fuzz. Nearly pissed my pants laughing. Really worth the time watching!

@ Big: E vs R thats something to ask Dan on gamesday!
Well, that's in 2 weeks for me now :D Last sunday in July. Dan, shall I bring my entire collection to GD Germany, or are the masterpieces (Eisenhorn, Sabbat World Crusade) enough to sign? Methinks there could be a riot when I start unpacking my entire bookshelf... ;)

Anonymous said...


I already did that once at an Abnett signing. I don't think the queue was impressed.

Incidently, am I the only one who'd like to hear (read rather) Dan's explanation for how Davies cheated?

Anonymous said...

On superhero-movie-related-goodness...

'Watchmen' anyone? That should be interesting when it come out...

Jambo said...

Looking forward to seeing what they'll do with Watchmen, but I'm not sure if Hollywood's habit of stripping the depth out of Alan Moore's stuff is going to reflect well on Watchmen of all things.

Hoorah for a Bequin trilogy!

Could someone help me out and post a link to the radio interview? I'm having trouble finding it.


(That's my noise for signing off ok?)

Anonymous said...

yeh just go on google and type in 40k Radio and it will come up

Rory said...

so uh dan. When are you coming to Scotland?! :D

Anonymous said...

Rory - We are seriously working on plans for Scotland, probably centred around Edinburgh and Glasgow. Can't wait for some decent haggis with nips and tatties, and... oh for a white puddin' and chips! When we have definite plans, we'll let you know.

Brandon Black said...


When I saw that you're not coming to Games Day Chicago this year it was rather upsetting. Meeting with you last year was certainly my high point. Any ideas on when you'll be coming back?

Andy said...

so happy I found this! Excuse the gushing but Dan you're my favourite author, keep up the supply of new books you word-robot you! Have liked every book so far (especially Only in Death - I was scared! By a book!?), clamouring for a sequel to Double Eagle (hopefully with more Robart LeGuin!) and can't wait for Titanicus and Blood Pact (we better find out what happens/happened to MkVenner this time mind! Eszrah saw him - don't leave us hangin!). Loving the idea for a Nayl/Bequin trilogy - more Ravenor and Eisenhorn, make em fight Dan!

On a less hero worshipping note - showing your age with your top ten aren't you Dan? No room for modern classics like 'Fight Club' in there?

Andy said...

Just read some more of the past blogs, felt I had to comment again! If you can nail Conjunctivitis and Kawasaki in a Geordie accent you've nailed a geordie accent? I'm a Geordie and I can see how that works! Love it, first time I've ever heard that....

And did you buy the BIG CHRYSLER to offset Graham McNeil's muscles? A sub-concious gesture to compensate for your mates buffness? Just curious, I like a bit of psychology me. If so I'm afraid you spoiled it when you named it, sources inform me that only girls name their cars.

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

Andy, are you quite sure only girls name their cars?

Batmobile? Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?The General Lee? to name a few...

Dont think that Barbie drives the Batmobile :)

Just chomping my way through Darkblade, strictly speaking its not really a pure Abnett book, but you can pick out the more 'Abnetty' parts (egads!he creates a new adjective for his nefarious description)

For example Hauclir has got to be an evil I right?

Oh and thought I'd share this with the collective hordes, I was verbally abusing my boss at work and my coworker came out with 'the work he does, what kind of limping scrod is that?'

Immortalised forever :) use it in conversations or blogs-if you can.

Anonymous said...

Best not tell that to a friend of mine who's a Royal Marine. If he's a girl then I'm the Queen of Sheba.

D'you know, I had an idea the other day (scary I know). What with the increase right now in first hand, written accounts of conflict (try 'House to House' by David Bellavia). I wondered what it would be like to write a similar account transposed into the 40k Universe? I am currently embarking ont trying to bring an 'embedded' journalists viewpoint out as he goes through a tour of duty with some Imperial Guardsmen, its both interesting and challenging - and will hopefully prove good reading.

Thinking about it, if you do get to read Bellavia's book it will shock you. Bellavia was a Staff Sergeant in the US Army and took part in the subjugation of Fallujah, Iraq in 2004. There are many moments that stand out, I won't spoil the book for you but the moment that really sticks in my mind is the one in which he describes how one of his team leaders decided to clean every single round of ammunition his squad would be carrying into Fallujah. By hand.
The four men of his team cleaned upwards of twenty-thousand rounds of 5.56 and 7.62 by hand, with toothbrushes (clean rounds jam less frequently), just to give them that tiniest of edges when it came to the fight. It really drives it home what fighting men have to go through when you read something like that.

Dukeleto said...

@Ross - I think the sections of Horus Rising focussing on the Remeberancers are pretty close to what you describe (oh.. that's 31st Millenium tho!)

I think perhaps the Tau Empire might
be the best setting for it, how about embedded water caste journalists? How about it Dan?

Andy said...

Hurrah for the Hussar - I'll give you Batmobile and the General Lee, Batman is certainly not a girl - especially when he's Christian Bale. However I can't let you get away with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang as an example of manly car naming?!
I'll put this to you too: -
Batmobile - Manly
General Lee - Manly
Dan's called his Big Black Chrysler 'Ramona' - Manly?
Dan you could have named it something like Executioner or Glory of Cadia! The 300C is pretty much a tank and you're great at naming tanks!

Ross - I'll also cede that a Royal Marine can buy a pink car and call it Shirley and he'll still be an exception to the 'naming cars is girly' theory!
N.B if your Royal Marine mate is naming tanks (or calling them steeds) then that is definately manly

Anonymous said...

Many men call there prefered form of transport a womans name ,Ramona is a very "Gunshark" style name. We also refer to our Vehicles as "she" for some reason .

As for remembrancers they should be armed and made to fight .Then when they have earned the right to to stand alongside fighting men ,then perhaps they can write a story about it......perhaps,Maybe if they fought hard enough and were respected enough !?!

Love the way Journalists write themselves up as heroes ,rather than "in the way" when they buy it in a trouble zone!
I am very Russ orientated on this suibject.

Anonymous said...

I figured it might just be interesting to throw a non-combatant into the mix. The problem that a lot of 40k fiction has is it is very 'combat-centric' (hey, its a dark universe!) - relying solely on the fighting to get the story along.

I think, principally, that this character is not an official rememberancer, nor his he some Imperial-journo writing propaganda. He comes from the same world as the soldiers he is writing about and, as far as the Imperium will let him, his work is going to be a grunts eye view of war in the 41st Millenium. The one thing you pick up on when you read about soldiers or interact with them is that the things that stick in your mind are not the combat stories but the pre-combat/post-combat/peacetime anecdotes that aqcuire some meaning in regards to the situation. I want to get some of that across, I guess this is about soldiers at ease - more 'In Remembrance' (short story in Inferno/First Ghost omnibus) than Saving Private Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Big - Ramona is, indeed, very gunshark. She, the car that is, was named after Ramone Dexter, of "Sinister Dexter" fame, because she's big and black and scary.

Hastatus said...

The idea of a novel from the perspective of a journalist is really cool! I may have to experiment with that idea at some point.

The Eisenhorn v. Ravenor idea sounds really good, as does the Bequin trilogy, although I haven't read the Ravenor trilogy yet...

Dan - Is it true you've confirmed that Loken survived Galaxy in Flames? You said you weren't going to say in a White Dwarf interview a while back, but I heard somewhere you said he will return. So will he?

Anonymous said...

What would be cool is if B.L. could make some special ed. minatures of the Chair and Eisenhorn with some rules in White Dwarf to acompany the release of the new trilogy!
After all other minis have been made on characters that have had less written about them.
If not im gonna make the chair from scratch.

Anonymous said...

What would be cool is if B.L. could make some special ed. minatures of the Chair and Eisenhorn with some rules in White Dwarf to acompany the release of the new trilogy!
After all other minis have been made on characters that have had less written about them.
If not im gonna make the chair from scratch.

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

Big the Grav-chair should be an interesting project, if GW don't release the miniatures then please do post the pics...

Truthfully though I think the chair may be a bit of an easy project for GW so they may not do it. However I picture it with the smooth tough lines of a Wraithlord (psycannons+carapace would probably be cadgeable from the Wraithlord kit).

I would be scanning woite dorf for the henchmen though, they would be some very interesting models, Bex, Bequin, Nayl and Zeph to name preferable types :)

I would hope that if that rumour was true about Loken then Dan/nik would like to confirm here 1st...?Shameless fish yes I know :)

Anonymous said...

The only way Loken is coming back is if there is a nice prequel in the works - Orbital bombardments tend to be fairly terminal for the subject of their attentions.

Oh, answer me this please... Is Mako IV a stupid name for a world? I asked my mate to read a little bit of the story I was nattering about above and he said it was great apart from the name of the world, and I quote, "It isn't very Guardy..."
Can someone tell me why this is such a detriment? Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind creative criticism but sometimes I wonder...

Dukeleto said...

@Anon - re. Mako IV it's obviously a very aquatic sounding word, perhaps troops from such a world would call themselves Marines, hold sacred some mega-fish, perhaps hunting it as a right of passage as the Ithikans do their Wyrms.

It has a good big round sound for the name of a world. What do the people call themselves? Maken, Makaan?

Dukeleto said...

whoops forgot we're talking about the Imperium here. I shouldn't think anyone who's not 8 feet tall and encased in ceramite power armour gets to call themselves marines!

Anonymous said...

Been thinking about the Chair,
i always thought it was about 5 ft long matt black quite low to the ground (floating obviously) like a cross between a coffin and a bumper car with stealth like edges
(like the body work on a Commanche or stealth jet) and curving up to the end as he is in a seated poisition (hence the bumper car) but then i got thinking thats to low to long ,how would he get through doors and up stairs.
so it has got to be more like a Dalek, possibly a bit longer at the base and a bit shorter in height, but something thats more practical for every day use.
Any hints Dan?

Yes i have to much time on my hands!

Anonymous said...

Still like my chair better than the Dalek type.

Anonymous said...

Hi Big - There has been much talk about the chair. It's weird to me, because I have a very definite image of it, and it's unlike anybody else's. I don't see it as terribly sophisticated, but more like a cross between a black box and a wheel chair. I think I must have got the wrong end of the stick :-) It's the whole gothic antiquities thing, I think.

Perhaps Dan will enlighten us.

Pack_master said...

Nik - funny thing, that's exactly the image I got. A wheelchair, encased in matt black metal. maybe a bit longer because of mentioned psy-cannons, but just in height etc like a wheelchair, maybe a bit bigger of course to house all the medical and grav-stuff.

Anonymous said...

A black box and a wheelchair sounds like an enclosed bumper car .
As a fan of Ravenors though i do like the thought of the Chair being
....well cool actually!
Hope when deisigned it had in mind things like manouverability,combat,armour,stealh,psy protection as well as functionality and life support.
I feel as though it should be menacing to look at something u cant reason with u know,but also if u know it it would be like talking to a brother.Which i think means a focul point somwhere! most of all though its gottta be cool.After all he was rather dashing as an Interrogator!

Rob Rath said...

I always saw it as being longer and sleeker than a standard wheelchair, because though Ravvie "sits" in it, I see it more as the position one is in when sitting in a dentist's chair.

Dukeleto said...

re: The Chair - didn't we discuss this before? The chair is definitely the high end of Imperial tech, plus with R's background with the Eldar there was the suggestion that it might be just a touch Xenos.

My image of it is therefore very similar to Big's, but perhaps a bit more curvilinear, reflecting Eldar influence (tho not looking as though it was built by them) It should have a fairly featureless surface, no more than a few panel lines and raised blisters housing equipment (such as the psycannon)

Anonymous said...

Oh i forgot i got carried away

Hi Nik ;)

Anonymous said...

Nik - that's agreed then: somewhere between an e-type and a messerschmidt. :-)

narrativium said...

My image of the Chair was... well, look at Professor X in the early 90's X-Men cartoon, nick his chair, nail a plasteel plate across the top and paint it gunmetal.

Anonymous said...

Nik- c,mon now i have seen those cars u know the 3 wheelers with 1 seat, 1 headlight at the front with crazy old men driving them,sitting in a Messhershmit type cockpit .......Man it cant be

Anonymous said...

Big - lol. It has to be so.

dvdhwk said...

First time posting, long time lurker.

So I'm doing a Sons of Sek army, found here:

I don't know if this is appropriate to ask here, but is it possible to help me out with the ranks for the SoS?

I can find the following:
Chief Sirdar (Colonel?)
Vice Sirdar (Lt.?)
Sirdar (Sgt.?)

Thanks in advance, oh and Legion was amaaazing. It really gave Necropolis a run for its money as my favorite 40k novel.

Rob Rath said...

I think much of my vision of the chair came from a friend I had in college, who was a quadriplegic athlete and had a sleek, three-wheeled "racing chair" that he used for marathons.

Having said that, has anyone seen Murderball the documentary about quad rugby? I think that jumps to the top of the list for realistic depictions of the armored chair.

Anonymous said...

Nik - Tell Dan if i see one of those cars im gonna buy it and convert it up

Pimp My Ride -Ravenor style!

Anonymous said...

@Duke "whoops forgot we're talking about the Imperium here. I shouldn't think anyone who's not 8 feet tall and encased in ceramite power armour gets to call themselves marines!"

I doubt anyone actually calls Space Marines just 'marines' in the 41st millenium though. They'd be such a rare occurance that the mere sight of them would probably be met with awe, and warranting their full title. Marines seems like more of a slang term.

How about S.E.A.L.s? If they're from an aqua world and all :P

Anonymous said...

Big- Dan said he'd switch out the messerschmidt for a Heinkel, when it comes to the e-type messerscjmidt combo, but I'm not convinced. I think he's just impressed by the front opening door :-)

Anonymous said...

Got a chance to listen to 40k radio interview. Completely boss. the news about the Bequin triology is great, so great in fact it compelled me to read the Eisenhorn and Ravenor series over again.

I have been reading the blog for a while, but i didn't post, in your interview you sounded very inviting, so i thought i would ask a couple of questions.

Listening to you speak got me thinking. What accent do your characters have? Do they all sound like they are from the UK, or are there some other accents in there?

and my final question, Will Nathun Inshabel make an appearance in the upcoming short story book?

just wondering...

Xhalax said...

Well Nik the black sheep is almost finished. Just have the other 3/4 to sew and stuff and we're done!

Only problem is, I'm in one of those rare periods where I can actually draw (despite the prespective trouble I'm having) sewing isn't getting done.

Should be ready for September though....promise!

Anonymous said...

Thats it ,That is F***ing it
Im off to become a Nun......

Xhalax said...

Good luck with that Big.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the Dark Knight film yet?

Rob Rath said...

I have seen The Dark Knight, and it blew away even my high expectations.

I'm also happy that what I kept telling people turned out true: yes, Heath Ledger will be great as the Joker, but Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent is just as exciting a prospect. That said, Ledger was better than the hype, crossing the line from menacing to actually scary. (Do not take the kiddies!)

See it in IMAX if possible.

Anonymous said...

I actually can't wait too see the new Batman film. I got the 'Batman Begins' DVD for my birthday on Saturday and was very, very impressed.

As far as Ravenor's chair goes, I have always imagined it to be somthing of a cross between a B2 Stealth Bomber and an Astartes land speeder, with a bit of Imperial Navy style gothic funk thrown in.

Anonymous said...

Really Rob? I was actually kinda disappointed. I'm not sure how to describe it. The graphics were good, the action was good, the plot was good, the acting was better than good - but I still felt it was lacking something, and I came away feeling unfulfilled.

Maybe it was just hyped up so much. Hellboy 2 on the other hand - I had no good expectations, the last film wasn't great - but I enjoyed it a lot more, probably because it was better than I was expecting.

Rob Rath said...

Though I don't agree on this particular film Lordy, I know the feeling you describe... I was the same way with the Matrix. It was cool ideas, revolutionary special effects, decent writing and acting, but I didn't seem to be getting the same experience everyone else was raving about.

That just happens sometimes. No movie is for everyone.

Hellboy was indeed lots of fun. However no Sci-Fi film currently in theaters holds a candle to WALL-E for sheer joy.

Anonymous said...

Dan Nik- heard a rumour that their is gonna be a some sort of G.G. bridging story at G.Day hope so!

Didnt make it into the Sisterhood
something about my spelling not being up to scratch!

Anonymous said...

sister big - watch this space :-)

Jambo said...

Hey Dan,

Will we see any more of the Iron Snakes?

Loved 'em!

Anonymous said...

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