Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nurgle's Rot

So it would appear that I've been horribly ill. These things happen. According to my doctor, I had a virus that was "severe" and "unusual". Go me. I'll spare you the gory details, but apart from the delirium and the fever and the general aches and pains, the worst part was the simulated severe arthritis it brought on in most of my joints, especially my right shoulder. I have never been so sick, nor have I ever experienced such chronic pain. I'm pretty much all better now, except for my right shoulder, which is making typing difficult. My osteopath is on danger money.

Anyway, what did I miss? My daughter's birthday, my birthday, and, most importantly, the breaking of the 100 post barrier on the last blog entry. Well done to all those concerned for a whole hearted effort. I'm just going to go through it now and answer any dangling questions or pick up on any particular comments. Oh and welcome to all the newbies who joined in the marathon posting session.

Billy Aguiar: Titanicus will be a 40K novel. I think it's Games Workshop's call if any other authors write within the Sabbat Worlds Crusade setting. As for things I've created, I'd have to say that my proudest moment is probably the vox-caster.

Sotirios: I don't think we've yet decided whose geneseed is in the bodies of the Iron Snakes. I'm open to sensible suggestions.

Anon: I would say your label of "Crusade" for the 500,000 strong regiment is a good one. We have to remember the sheer scale of the Imperial Guard in 40K. Manpower alone dictates that regiments would be much bigger, generally speaking, than real world equivalents. I do intend for the Titans in Titanicus to follow the recognised scale.

Allandaros: I hope to be writing a War Hammer novel before too long, and as Marco was kind enough to point out, my creative handiwork can be found in the 40K RPG.

Anon: I'm afraid to say that my new Torchwood story is indeed going to be exclusive to audio. Bern Gorman (Owen) is going to read it.

Xhalax/NL/Jam Bunny: I especially put a whole Ban Daur bit in OiD to give him a moment of glory, and still you want more?

Grant: *Waves back* Hello!

Everyone listen to Jesse. His advice re tank fighting is bound to come in useful.

BP Steve: Your story about your dad taking you to interview was fantastic.
I'd certainly like to write some more Riders of the Dead and Fell Cargo stories, but a rather different War Hammer book is in the offing first.

Lordy: I think the Chronicles of Malus Darkblade Vol I is going to be the first three books. However, Darkblade book 2 may well become a reality.

Fitz: Welcome. When I first started writing the Ghosts' stories there was a throw away idea that they were the Sharpe in Space novels. That notion has long since got lost under the layers of continuity.

Dan is worn out and needs to retire gracefully, feeling very unfunny. He does however believe that Alpharius could do worse than sing "My Way."

Suggestions please, for answers to the question, "How many Space Marines does it take to change a light bulb?"


Anonymous said...

Well, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Happy belated birthday as well.

Rory said...

Happy Birthday Dan!

Get well soon mate,

And as for how many space marines does it take to change a lightbulb?

3, and a tech priest in my opinion. one to try and remove it, but breaks the light fitting. another to say "oh crap, you broke the lightfitting," anda 3rd, to call a tech priest to do it for them.

Pack_master said...

Yeah, best wishes as well, and greetings to your daughter (and yourself ;) ), from all the group, I think I dare to say.

Well, my money's on three marines, too.
One to shoot it down, a second to remove it's blasphemous body from a blessed casing of the ommnisiah, and a third, a techmarine of course, for the right rites and intonations while fitting the new one.

Jesse said...

Dan! You're back! We've missed you in the land of the living! Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery.

Thank you for the kind words regarding antitank warfare. It would appear that I may get the opportunity again soon. So far my commander has shot down my requests for Airborne school, Ranger School, unit reassignment and plasma weaponry (in that order.) She has, however, recommended that I be sent with all expediency to my next unit. This should see me safely back in Iraq by the new year. In typical, sneaky, me fashion, I am attempting to back-channel my way into my desired schools through contacts I have built over the years.

Also, a very interesting question. My vote is: Seven entire chapters.

One Marine to change the bulb and the other seven thousand to fight off the hordes of Adeptus mechanicus tech-guard sent to destroy the offending Astartes for the crime of techno-heresy.

The very act of a non-Mechanicus attempting to repair technology is, I'm certain, grounds for the razing of whole worlds.

Rob Rath said...

Glad you're better Dan, being severely ill is no fun. Happy birthday to you and kin.

As for the light bulb:

For a simple cost of 30 points, you could have bought a light bulb with Power of the Machine Spirit, obviating the necessity to change it.

As a result, you would save nearly 30 credits a year on electricity from that bulb alone, and save 2000 times its weight in greenhouse gases.

There's no reason Exterminatus can't be eco-friendly.

Rory said...

Hmmm, intresting idea. Those crazy Adeptus Mechanicus. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, Dju speaking.

*can't seem to remember his blogger password and booes himself*

Glad to hear you're feeling better, and may this still-sore right shoulder not impede you in writing a new kick-ass book.

I'd like to suggest a reason for you so strangely falling sick : the Horus Heresy curse. I lost my granddad when I was translating Horus Rising, then lost my uncle when translating the second book, and fell "strangely ill" while doing the third. Not kidding you. I was even beginning to consider that the series was jinxed somehow. I guess the Ruinous Powers are not happy about their plans being exposed for our future, but Tzeentch actually sucked in preventing the books from being released by threatening the writers and relatives, so Nurgle's at it now. Be strong.

As for the Space Marine question : just one, glaring angrily at the first Munitorum clerk in the way. Estimated time of bulb changing : three hours for filling the requisition forms, four days for the requisition forms to reach top of the pile, two weeks for them to receive the proper stamps by the relevant sector authorities, two days to tranfer the bulb for the sub-sector stocks, two minutes to realise that it was NOT a bayonet socket, and one final day to repeat the process all over again with an Inquisitorial authority.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

Happy Birthday, and I hope you get well soon.

In regards to the Iron Snakes geneseed a combination of Imperial Fists and Raven Guard would work - Fists because of their noble heritage and dedication to the Imperial See, and Raven Guard because the chapter allows independant squads to opperate away from the main body of the chapter, often behind enemy lines. Considering the Spartan overtones the Imperial Fist element would allow some interest background history.

In regards to how many Space Marines does it take to change a lightbulb I would say one - only one you say? Yes, but with a techpriest and 20 servitors chanting canticles and prayers to the machine spirit behind him.

Hope you have good week,


Anonymous said...

Jesse - "SHE"? Hell on wheels the US Army can do something right. Put a woman in charge! Do it!

Good luck with the sidestep and I wish you a happy sashay around "SHE".

Q: How many Space Marines does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: I am Alpharius.

Will Wright said...

Hey Dan,I got hit with a killer flu a few years back on Christmas that left me weak for 3 months,nasty stuff.
So take it easy and get better.
It takes 0 marines to change a lightbulb they do not need to,they have enhanced vision and can see in the dark.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Abnett.....I'm a woman, I always want MORE!

Especially when it comes to hot guys like's all your fault, you're the one who made him hot.

And to answer the question: How many Space Marines does it take to change a light buld?

My answer is : None....that's what Chapter Serfs are for!

Jackwraith said...

Dan- Best wishes on the Rot and happy birthday, of course. Jesse is absolutely correct on the tank warfare stuff. In fact, it was the transition of tank ideas between the two World Wars that created the idea of infantry support for armored vehicles, as there were many proponents of the idea that tank units could operate on their own. Infantry with tankbusters kind of spoiled that idea, so general staffs started creating *ta da!* combined arms units, with infantry to keep anti-tank units away from the Iron Hogs so the latter could lead spearheads through defended lines.

On the SM question:

Space Marines don't change light bulbs. They shoot them and the Chaos-infested sockets that harbor them.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for a fast recovery Dan!

In regards to the Iron Snakes Geneseed, the obvious choice of Guilliman is in my humble opinionnot a very intresting one.If you take into consideration that the letter Alpha is a greek letter,that the Iron Snakes seem to be unorthodox in their warfare and very independent-minded and in addition appreciate initiative then an interesting choise would be Alpharius(and also hydra is an ancient greek mythical monster)... It could also be connected with an event of those described in "Legion"... I hope you like the idea....

Happy Birthday to your daughter too...

Anonymous said...

Dan welcome back to the world!
An happy birthday to u an yours my friend.
What a mega last post M.O.A.B (mother of all blogs)
Dan there were some really cool references in O.I.D. i got them all( wink wink nod nod) .
Hamster- long live the Enfield Rifles!
New Warhammer book cant wait! (more clues are needed)

As for the s.m. question
A Wolfpriest of course
Their just so tough, all theyll have to do is glare at it.... and it will bloody well change itself!

Col.Gravis said...

Q: How many marines does it take to screw in a light bulb?

A: None, only Imperial Guardsmen deal with flashlights.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I just had one too!
For your question:
"How many Space Marines does it take to change a light bulb?"
The answer is: NONE, The emperor’s light is all they need.

Anonymous said...

Space marines can see in near darkness anyway so they wouldn't need to change the light bulb if it popped.

Plus do they even have lightbulbs in 41st Millennium? They have candles and glow globes....but do the glow globes have light bulbs inside of them?

Allandaros said...

Happy birthdays, Dan and DanDaughter!

Very glad you're feeling better. Good luck with the pain!

I think Col. Gravis has posted the definitive answer to the Lightbulb Issue.

I can see the Snakes being an offshoot of the Raven Guard or the Ultramarines. Ultramarines, with the Roman imagery, would probably be a good segue into the Greek traditions of the Snakes.

Apoc said...

"How many Space Marines does it take to change a light bulb?"
erm none, they can see in the dark :o)

Get well soon Mr.Abnett

Anonymous said...

Iron snakes geneseed probably comes from the Ultras an Robby gee.
They have no real flaws to speak of so that rules out D.A.,B.A.,S.W.They do have a leaning towards wanton self sacrifice which also makes me think of the Fists who also have an streak in them like that, and their very stubborn even by space marine standards.
Dan -Guys im sure i read about the snakes a long time ago in inferno magazine years ago i right wrong?
I must say that the begining of the book was in short story form, which i thought was really cool. Bite size Dan Abbnet,
Space marine goodness each day was a really a treat, not to heavy, a story an evening!I would like to read more Dan short storys like that about all our fav characters.

Anonymous said...

Indeed your mystery illnness sounds like it doth sucketh much. Good to know your getting better and haven't died or anything. Delerium is not nice unless you have a pen and paper ready to record the freaky hullucinations.

One question: I just finished Ravenor Rogue (a bit late to the party) and I was wondering where the inspiration for including the Baba Yaga tale came from. I know it's a folk tale, but it's also a prominant part of the Hellboy comics. Have you read them?

(And Happy Birthday!)

Rory said...

Pfft, show off space marines with there Night vision and there Armour.

Sgt Mkoll Vs a standard Space Marine in a Forest. Who would win?

Kampfhamster said...

Happy Birthday Dan, I know, I'm late, as always, but I stuck in Scottland... Actually it was just a Whisky destillery... Heh, just joking.

Mkoll would win. Sure as sure. He killed much nastier things bevore. But of course, he would never kill a Standard Space Marine, because they are Astartes and elite fighters of the Imperium. Soooo, it should be a Standard CHAOS Space Marine.

Pack_master said...

Whehre you hid my Single Malt, sucker? ;)

Kampfhamster said...

In my liver, where else?

Allandaros said...

Sgt Mkoll Vs a standard Space Marine in a Forest. Who would win?

"You killed a dreadnought, Mkoll! A fething dreadnought!"

Allandaros said...

"They [Iron Snakes] have no real flaws to speak of so that rules out D.A.,B.A.,S.W."

Those aren't flaws - they're PERKS!

Rory said...

Hehe i rest my case. the Ghosts, given the right opertunity could easily destroy a squad or two of space marines. or indeed, Chaos marines. theve done it before, To be honest. ive never really liked Space marines. yea, there cool, but nobody gives the Imperial Guard enough Credit.

Unknown said...

"They [Iron Snakes] have no real flaws to speak of so that rules out D.A.,B.A.,S.W."

Those aren't flaws - they're PERKS!

Gifted and Bloody Mess perks, please!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Dan. Hope you're soon back in tip-top shape, and sorry to hear about the illness.

I got vague Ultramarines vibes from the Iron Snakes, though the Imperial Fists and Iron Hands could also make sense (and be more interesting!).

Though admittedly it might be a laugh if they suddenly started exhibiting some of the 'perks' mentioned above (overwhelming thirst for blood, partiality to full moons and ale, bouts of severe depression, inexplicable hostility to Imperial Guardsman..).

Liso said...

The answer to the question is 100 Space Marines. One to change the light bulb and the other 99 to praise the Emperor ;)

Bodjo said...

Mkoll would win. Sure as sure. He killed much nastier things bevore. But of course, he would never kill a Standard Space Marine, because they are Astartes and elite fighters of the Imperium. Soooo, it should be a Standard CHAOS Space Marine.

A list of beings that are better killers than Mkoll in the WH40K universe:


(That's it)

Rory said...

Good Call, i just said Mkoll because he killed that Dreadnought. =D

Allandaros said...

Gifted and Bloody Mess perks, please!

And the tagline is perfect, too...

"War. War never changes."

Anonymous said...

NHZ- u may have a point!
Mcvenner was one of my fav characters of all time.

Dan-Anybody we were always told in the Army that one of the reasons u couldent have a beard was because the seal on ur gas mask wouldnt work properly.
Then how the hell do Space Wolves get their helmets on! .Indeed any Space Marine with a beard,i think u should explain in one of ur books.If Graham Mc. can make Noise Marines plausible then surely bewtween us we can can come up with a plausible explanation.Remember if it comes from u its gospel!
Just the pain of getting it stuck could bring tears to a grown mans eyes.I know, my daughter grabbed mine this morning and then decided to jump of the couch.I must say she showed perfect form like a little Ninja, its just a shame she will never go to Brize Norton.

hamster said...

Hello BP Steve
Of course the Enfield Rifles rock! It's been about 8 years though since we all dressed up for Games Day like that - but we did manage to get in the last addition of the Imperial Guard Codex, so someone unfortunately remembered us.

You can have a beard and a gas mask, it just increases the chances of a bad face fit and therefore a poor seal allowing in what your wearing the gas mask to protect yourself from.

Remembering the old schematics of how space marine armour works; it's as a pressurised system, so more like breathing apparatus than a gas mask. Any issues with a poor seal would just mean a quicker loss of air - but how do the Space Wolves get their big hair inside a normal marine helmet?

hamster said...

BP Steve
Finally got hold of a copy of Descent of Angels. Your right, the writing doesn't fit in easily with the tempo of the existing Horus Heresy books.
Then again I found it to be a really good book, setting the scene for the Dark Angels pre-crusade and pre-heresy. With the nice setting of probably being told by a Fallen Angel to a bunch of Dark Angels later.

I hope the other legions get the same treatment, with background books on their primarchs, homeworlds and creation. Though it is more important from the Dark Angel point of view as it sets up the betayal later by Luther.

Matt said...

how many space marines does it take to change a light bulb: none, the emperor's divine light shall be there guide.

Anonymous said...

By the way folks, Hamster and his Dark Angels are the sole reason why the Blood Pact didnt win last years sabbat world crusade,and again in the Enfield 40k tournament they put me to 2nd place.But like us he is into the "fluff" that makes warhammer work.
c u on the field Hamster
sure as sure

Anonymous said...

yeh i agree its a good book and its certanly great to know all the back ground ,but should it have have come out now .Hopefully in time that question will be answerd i just hope they dont leave out all of the lions crusade acomplishments and go straight to the betrayal.

Anonymous said...

get well soon eh.

as for the lightbulbs.

i'm pretty sure they'd have to phone up the admech and get them to send a sanctioned techpriest around to avoid any *machine rebellions*
those lightbulbs get feisty if left on for too long.

lordy said...

Though it is more important from the Dark Angel point of view as it sets up the betayal later by Luther.

You mean by Johnson of course. An easy mistake to make.

Anonymous said...

Oh much I agree with you statement about the traitorous Johnson.... (Long live Astelan...)

Anonymous said...

i had the exact same virus Dan, including the arthritis, limited to my legs though.. not fun, the first night i felt like someone stabbed me into the stomach. Glad to see you got better, now get back to work ;)

Anonymous said...

Why would you send a marine to change a lightbulb? Unless of course it was a chapter artifact

Aemos said...

Hello Dan,
Just a quick question, i have read the eisonhorn trilogy about 40 times but i'm fairly sure Aemos' Glossia name is never mentioned, what would that be? FOR I MUST KNOW :D