Friday, September 21, 2007

Event Horizon/In the Defence of Jam

First of all, as we all know, it's Games Day UK this weekend. Nik and I had this idea. Nik's gonna bring her spiffy digital camera to record the event, so that we can post photos on the blog, like you do. If you're a regular poster to this blog, and you're gonna be in Brum on Sunday, make yourselves known to us (sorry, but you're more likely to recognise us, than us you) on the signing line, and we'll take a snap, and create a Dan's blog rogues gallery of familiar (or not so familiar) faces. And Xhalax we all ready know what you look like, so don't try to hide. Is that an idea or not? You can always wear a mask or pull your T shirt over your head.

Any other business?

Saberrox - Though I'd never cast Damien Lewis as Gaunt, he certainly has the leanness of face and the right physique. More importantly, his portrayal of Winters is exactly how I see Gaunt behaving. It was a little odd, several books down the line, to see Gaunt personified in a war drama. Gaunt, however, is not a ginga. If Mr Lewis could be persuaded to bleach his hair blond, he'd make a great Gaunt and would probably oust my first choice, Denzel Washington, out of the pole position.

Yeah, don't get me started on the Denzel Washington thing. Can o' worms. It's all about the voice and the presence.

While we're on the subject of casting, can I just say Denis Leary as Sinister, and Wil Johnson from 'Waking the Dead' as Dexter. (We're talking the 2000AD strip 'Sinister Dexter' now, of course, for all you 40Kers). In 40K terms, who do you fancy best for Larkin? Rhys Ifans or Gary Oldman? And for Hark, Oliver Platt? Actually, in that last choice, there is no alternative.

We'll come back to this casting issue later in the blog.

Saberrox - Just to come back to what you were saying, thanks for trying to convert your family to the works of Abnett, and of course I didn't read anything into your comments about Prozac. What a man does in the comfort of his own drop-pod...

rfox - I don't know when the Games Day special that Graham and I did will be available. Stay tuned.

Jesse - I'm so glad you have a soft spot for Feygor. I do too. And I hope that 'G' comes home safe. As Marco posted, if you have photos of 'G' reading the Gaunt books in combat, please send them. Legion is dedicated to you, and I'd be very interested to know why you don't talk to the airfoce, although I can probably guess. I'm very flattered that the people you talk to believe that I am a veteran. Sadly, with my fallen arches and bad eyesight, I'm 4F. Tell the SEAL that, of course, I'm ex-SAS. And I am a lunatic. This will undoubtedly add to my karma. I can pretend. That's what I do for a living.

I can' believe that I know someone who is going to be a Ranger. I say 'know', but we talk regularly, and I always look foreward to your posts. Special Ops, Airborne, Ranger and Special Forces. It sounds like the sort of character progression I would give to one of my Ghosts. Funnily enough, I call my privates Nuggets too. There's a switch. I love the fact that they have imbibed the Fell Cargo lingo.

Shredni Vashtar. No, I'M Alpharius, and I have the pictures to prove it. (In a refined English/West Indian accent).

Matthew Churchill - Hi Matt. Now I can't stop singing the 'Who ate all the Jam' song.

Matt and others - Love all the Churchill stories.

To everybody in general - Do we all know what 'tmesis' means? Fan-fucking-tastic (Xhalax-that's a shilling in the swearbox).

To some guy called Dan Abnett - Look, when I talked about the Dire Straits song 'Brothers in Arms', it sounded like it was some obscure track that nobody had ever heard. Of course, it is a world famous song that everybody knows. That's the point I was failing to make. You hear it and you say 'Oh, that's Dire Straits'. I was merely trying to point out that a mournful, world famous anthem ideally suits Gaunt and his men. The words become invisible to casual listeners because the song is heard so often, but if you listen, if you really listen, they take on a power of their own. I think Big Steve properly appreciated this fact. It might be a popular track, but I'd love to have it as the end credit music for a Gaunt movie.

Robert - Save Our Shoggy is properly funny and poignant.

Colonel Tempest - the irony of you having a mate called Samuel Fisher is made doubly ironic because I've just finished writing the atmosphere chatter for the next Tom Clancy video game.

the ship is sinking - just wait. No really, just wait.

Pack master - I'll sign anything your friend brings along.

Anonymous - of course Tokar was deafened in Straight Silver. You never heard of augmetics? Some of them still rely on sign language, like Nessa, because they like the quiet in the depths of war. Others get their ears repaired.

Pack master (2) - I'm glad you appreciated the Children of the Khorne gag. I'm surprised Black Library let me get away with it.

Saberrox - Pumpernickel. Yes, I like typing it too. Although on this occasion, Nik is typing my ramblings for me.

BP Steve - Yaaay! How's it all going? Are you sure you want to bring your 8 months pregnant wife to the horror show that is Games Day? The upside is that the lady's loos are always free. Bring her over to the Black Library VIP area and Nik will look after her. And come and find me, (before you buy anything) because I have a gift for you. 8 months pregnant and prepared to come to Games Day. I'd hang on to her if I were you. Are your loins girded (and thanks to Nik for the explanation). I am, of course, as you point out, the master of the well girded loin, and my loins have now switched into overdrive.

Tempest - Sorry to hear about your foot. Suggest girding your loins.

the ship is sinking (2) - Of course there's going to be a collectors edition of OID. I don't know what to suggest. The Black Ships await.

John - Going back to what i was saying about 'Band of Brothers', the second and third episodes are truly wonderful. I think of them all the time when I'm trying to envisage infantry combat.

BP Claire - I love the fact that you sign on as BP Claire.

Xhalax - I'm writing a book of short stories about Eisenhorn and Ravenor and all their hangers-on. I think one of the stories is going to be called 'Nathun Inshabel on Elvara Cardinal'. In the meantime, defend the jam for all you are worth. There is, as Tempest suggests, an ancient jam factory buried under the Necropolis. It will awake. It will.

Robert - Perhaps you can bring one of your grandmother's martinis.

Okay, back to casting. Annette Benning as Ana Curth. Ian Hom as Dorden. Kevin Bacon (ten years ago) or Ray Winstone as Varl. Tori from Kymera sandwich house as Kara Swole (now that's the kinda waitress you want). Famke Janson as Patience Kyss. For those in an addled and receptive kind of mood, Lawrence Lewellyn Bowen as Carl Thonius. Ron Silver as Orfeo Culzean. Ben Affleck as Ban Daur. Brian Glover as Agun Soric. Gerard Depardieu as Gol Kolea. Chrissie Hyndes in 1975 as Tona Criid. Matt Damon as Caffran. Megan Mulally, or Pam St Clements as Cynia Preest. Nik Vincent-Abnett as Alizabeth Bequin (news to to me - Nik). Vin Diesel as Horus. Amaure Nolasco (Prison Break) as Alpharius (you'll see what I mean. And while we're at it, in Prison Break mode...) Wentworth Miller as Ludd, Robert Knepper as Cuu or an alternate Larkin,and Sarah Wayne Callies as an alternate Bequin or Curth.

And while we're on a roll, Anthony Hopkins as Pontius Glaw, Gene Hackman as Corbec. Billy Connelly as Corbec. Robbie Coltrane as Corbec. The young Alan Rickman as Rawne. Vigo Mortenstern as Rawne. Elijah Wood as Milo. Al Pacino or Dustin Hoffman as Sholto Unwerth (doing a southern accent). Warwick Davis as Unwerth. Haley Mills as Cynia Preest. Iggy Popp as Rawne. George Burns as Zweil, or John Geilgud. Dudley Moore as Ravenor, because he'd fit in the chair, but James Earl Jones as his psy voice. Stone cold Steve Austen as Nayl. Alan Bennet as Aemos. Haley Joel Osment as Zayl. Prince as Midas Betancore and Eva Mendes as Medea. Jerry from ER (Abraham Benrubi), or Brendan Fraser as Bragg.

Any suggestion for Dalin, gratefully received.

Answers on a postcard to...


Rob Rath said...

You know, this is odd, because as a project when I was in high school I had to write a film treatment of Necropolis, along with a tentative cast.

Here's what I can remember:

Gaunt: A young version of the villain from TRON. I was unhappy with this choice from the start, and changed to Antonio Banderas at the last minute.

Corbec: Sean Connery

Larkin: Anthony Hopkins.

Soric: Bruce Willis

Lately I've thought Kevin McKidd (Vorenus in Rome) would make a good Gaunt. Also, Ian McShane just has to fit in SOMEWHERE. I also think Powers Boothe would bake the best Sek I could think of. Watch Deadwood and try to tell me he's not one of the most evil characters you've ever seen.

Of course, I worry that if they make a movie of 40k, it might turn out like this:

Watch the ones with the Tallarns. I've always had a soft spot for the desert raiders, since they were my first army.

Rob Rath said...

Oh, and I also had as part of the project...

Alan Rickman as the nasty Commissar in Necropolis... the one whose name I sadly can't remember, but who was my favorite part of the book.

Anonymous said...

Just experienced a minor joygasm at seeing Ian Holm's name as Doc Dorden. I've always visualised Dorden as Ian Holm.

Hope some of the other regular blog posters have a quiet little joygasm too, after reading that thorough list and spotting another casting suggestion that so vibrantly springs forth from the page!

Although... I would humbly propose Roger Allam as Hark and a young Harry Dean Stanton as Larkin. And as for Carl Thonius? Pah! Thonius is mine. All mine I tells ya! The Llewelyn-Bowen ain't got nothin' on my towering ego. He can't even act!


Bodjo said...

@ Robert - That's Commissar Kowle. A great character who personifies what's wrong with the Imperium in a nutshell. Like you, I enjoyed Kowle a lot. He went about things in a horribly brutal way, and believed what he was doing was right. Scary guy, great character.

Gotta say, Dan/Nik, I would definitely favor Lewis over Denzel. And actually the "Lewis looks like Gaunt and has played a Gaunt-like role" is secondary to the fact that I feel he's not a big enough name to "steal the character." I feel like that if Gaunt's Ghosts was ever turned into a TV series or a movie, it'd be a mistake to cast a big name guy like Denzel or Damon or Crowe as Gaunt. Why? Because I think people, even GG fans, would look at the screen and say "that's Denzel playing Gaunt." I think with Lewis, who to my knowledge is a very good actor with nowhere near the fame of some others, he'd actually "be" Gaunt. I'm probably biased as a Band of Brothers fan, but did I mention that Lewis looks like Gaunt also? :P Anyway, all I'm saying is that some perfectly good movies suffer when well-known actors turn a character into themselves.

Okay, so...I've given far too much thought to all that. Suffice to say I generally found the casting stuff pretty funny/cool. Especially Hark and Horus.

As to converting my family, you're welcome. I think I might have convinced my dad to read "First and Only." Which means I'll get an e-mail from him saying "it was great, but why all the bloodshed?" Some things never change.

Might I suggest Josh Hartnett for Dalin? Soem people are going to laugh, but he was excellent in Lucky Number Slevin IMO. And by the way, who plays Kolea?

Anyhow, I hope a good time is had by all at Games Day UK this weekend. I'm sorry I'm an American. :P I'll be there in spirit...while someone holds my limp body while I Kinsky across the Atlantic.

Bodjo said...

I should add, also, that first and foremost I'm hoping for an Eisenhorn movie. :)

Soapy said...


We used to play the 'casting the movie' game in the van on the way to wargames shows and came up with some fantastic ones, most of which escape me now.

The only one I can remember is Colin Farrel as Rawne. This was mainly because the Tanith were always Irish in my head. Something about the physical descriptions, tattoos and sing song voices. Over the years their accents have slipped away as the rub shoulders with varoius other imperials such as the New Yorkers of Vervun Hive an inexplicabley Welsh Belladons.

For some reason the only Dalin that springs to mind is Daniel Radcliffe. I can't really explain that one...

Anyway it never really matters how well an author descries their characters, once the TV people get hold of it they chance beyond all recognition. Take Sharpe for example, a black haired Londoner with a disfiguring facial scar became a dusty blond from Rohan. Go figure.

See you sunday if I can get away from Warhammer historicals.

Stay lucky,

Kampfhamster said...

Ah yeah, Dan. I'm the collegue of Packmaster who brings the books. So, I'm sure we'll meet. You'll recognise me, because of the wo CE books. ( Traitor General and His Last command)See you on sunday.

Anonymous said...

I've just finshed the episode featuring the medic the other day, still loving it- but yeah, 2 and 3 definitly did captured a scene or two from gaunt's ghosts on film.

I could sit there and cast out the entire regiment probably, love doing that sort of thing... but some of the ones you mentioned I'd say were perfect, others completely off of my own image for them.

I always put Ian McKellen in for dorden. Maybe Ryan Gosling as caff. Christian Bale as Rawne.

Some actors I think could make good ghosts, just can't decide who are Edward Norton, Stephen Baldwin, Steve Buscemi (probably larikn, and call be crazy but Gutes.) Ben Foster as Meyrn? I sort of like the idea of Gary Oldman as Wilder. Mkoll and Ven are hard to pick for, I don't know if anyone could be as friggin cool as them. Guy Pearce and Eric Bana sort of come to mind for mkoll if they were grizzled up real good.
I dunno, you could go on forever with this.

ahaha, well I've had my fun.

Will Wright said...

Dan,I have an Inquisitor Eisenhorn model I had made for me but was too big for my purposes.
Here is the link if you like him
it would be an honor to let you have him as you are the reason I got back into the hobby.

Btw I heard from a friend of mine some of your ideas of your Ideas for Legion from a friend and all I have to say is genius
ps I know you have a mountain of HH work but dont abandon your Inquisitor series there is so much more there,even if you go the Star Wars route(perish the though)and make Eisenhorn slip into the grip of chaos and have Ravenor take him down.

Will Wright said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Will Wright said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Will Wright said...

sry just add pg to the end of the link

Anonymous said...

i must say that the splinter cell series was my favourite before they went silly with all the renegade stuff.

cya tommorrow

Anonymous said...

actually, I reckon Ian McKellen (a la Richard III) would make a perfect General Sturm.

Anonymous said...

I'd put Bruce Campbell (medievil dead era) in as either a straight cut Daur or Bonin and possibly a second choice Varl.

Hail to the knig baby!!


Anonymous said...

Hail to the King also ;o)


Pack_master said...

Hmmm, nice list. Really.

I think I'd prefer the actor of Commissar Holt from "Final Liberation" als Gaunt - he's not as broad in shoulders and not big enough, but he has that face.

Gary Oldman as Larks, no other possibility. He has the voice I always had in mind for Hlaine.

Oliver Platt als Hark - yeah, looks good. He has the body, quiet the face.

Annette Benning as Ana Curth - that sounds really good!

Kevin Bacon for Varl - why not Christian Slater? Methinks he hast exactly the air and the smirk of face required for the gambler Varl.

Tori from Kymera sandwich house as Kara Swole - uhm... sorry? I have absolutely no clue whom you’re talking about... 

Famke Janssen as Patience Kys - yessir, that’s it. But as things go, Jannsen would be my fiorst choice for Lizzy Bequin, too.

Lawrence Lewellyn Bowen as Carl Thonius - a bit strange, but I can live with that. Expected someone with tightly combed hair.

Ron Silver as Orfeo Culzean - yeah yeah!

Ben Affleck as Ban Daur - hmm... not really. To smart-assed for Ban. Someone a bit mire reserved.

Brian Glover as Agun Soric - sure thing.

Gerard Depardieu as Gol Kolea - huh, sounds interesting.

Chrissie Hyndes in 1975 as Tona Criid - I can’t say... that was way before my birth... ^^ googled it, but haven’t found much.

Matt Damon as Caffran - that fits. Baby Face.

Megan Mulally, or Pam St Clements as Cynia Preest - Megan Mullally with the attitude of Pam St Clements? ;-)

Wentworth Miller as Ludd - Aye.

Robert Knepper as Cuu or an alternate Larkin - I’d like Gary Oldman as Larks and Knepper as Cuu, but both (actor AND character) can be switched. Larkin and Cuu are more alike than one can imagine.

Sarah Wayne Callies as an alternate Bequin or Curth - aye.

Billy Connelly as Corbec - Connelly’s perfect.

The young Alan Rickman as Rawne - I’m in love with that choice. Always have seen him like that. But not Viggo Mortensen. Ah-ah. Iggy Pop could do, but I’d prefer Rickma. Even at his current age he fits better.

Elijah Wood as Milo - Hee hee hee. But that’s a good choice.

George Burns as Zweil - Muahaha! :D What about Woody Allen, only more actively cynicle?

Stone cold Steve Austen as Nayl - Yessir!

Alan Bennet as Aemos - well, considering half his face isn’t visible because of augmetics... ;)

Haley Joel Osment as Zayl - yes, that should do.

Prince as Midas Betancore and Eva Mendes as Medea - the face of Midas should be a fragment harder.

Brendan Fraser as Bragg - sure thing.

Damnit, because I’m not ant G UK, I have to mail you a picture, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

hopefully this will be the first live chat we have had on the D.A.Blogg.What im going to do is ask the misses about going to gamesday tommorow whilst being 8 months live!?!.But first let me tell u about myself just to set the seen in ur minds eye.i am a 21 stone bouncer,power lifter,ex squadie an prize fighter im 6,2 bald,got a beard and am devileshley handsome.Claire on the other hand
is about 5,6 and about 8stone with babe. now remember this chat is about as live as i can make it so we are gonna go all big brother on the D.A.Blogg.
right lett me get myself together
Ready? im not sure i am
no response live blogging what can u do
"what im busy"
"could u come here a sec"i say
theres some back ground noise now none of which sounds good
she is on her way, the tension mounts becuse if theirs not a good reason to be calling whilst she is busy God help ya,
hold on here she comes
"what" she says
" well i was just wondering if u were still up for it G.DAY tomorrow n that"
"why dont u want me to go " typical women always reversing the question
"na course i do .its just u know " i knod towards her stomach
"just what" she says and her eyebrows start to raise in a vexed manner, an my butterflys start to go mad .U know give me a drunken monster any day.
"well u being so far gone are u sure u ,ll be allright an that"
now at this point she doesnt even speak but just gives me the look ,an the butterflys go to a whole new level.An all guys know the look (Dan back me) am i right or wrong!?!
"well i was just sayi..."
"well dont"
"come on, i was just sayi..."
"shut up will ya,im pregnant not ill ,u did get me a ticket?!"
"yeh course i did"
"well then " an she spins on her heel and is off .end of converstion confident as u like .i on the other hand am still in a state of shock over the thunderous Leman Russ type glare i recieved.
An their she goes back down the corridor like the H.M.S. Idomitable
Do i feel lucky course i do !
Now if i could just get her a ticket for Gamesday i think that would help...!

Thats me B.P.Steve signing off hope u enjoyed me having my rather large and well groomed ego striped of its title belt. good luck c ya tommorow .
if i,m lucky

Anonymous said...

Stone Cold as nayl top choice
Ray winstone i will chat with him about it if u want he is a friend of mine
Ben affleck definately
steve buscemi as larkin thats a good one!
Viggo as rawne yeh i can see that

Pack_master said...

Steve Buscemi? He's a great actor, but he doens't have this 300-yards-stare like Alan Rickman got it.

And Viggo Mortensen's just too handsome for Rawne. He doesn't have this controlled fiercenesse like Rickman (IMHO).

BP Steve - you mean "The Stare", like Tim Allen in Home Improvement taught us (or rather Delores did ;) )

Anonymous said...

Damn, I can't get to Games day tomorrow, I can only get on a train the day after.

Ah well, at least that's because I've found my first job.

Just a quick question Dan, if you've ever read the Commissar Cain Books, did you ever catch the Gaunts Ghosts Referance in "The Traitor's Hands"?

Anonymous said...

Bruce Campell? ahahaha, yes-freakin-please. If he was younger, I think he'd make a great Varl.

Anonymous said...

I always saw Martin Kemp as Rawne. Eyes like a snake.



Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, I'm a new reader of your books (and BL in general) and I am currently about halfway through First and Only, have finished Xenos and working on Malleus, and have read Horus Rising...

I have to say that so far, although I like it all, Horus Rising was so good it gave me goose bumps. I want to see more HH from you after Legion, which I cant wait for...

My question: will we see Aximand again? Was he your character or BL's? I want ot know his story very badly.

Anonymous said...

samuel.l jackson as the miner boss. agun soric?

Anonymous said...

i know this is a long post but i'd like you guys to help me with this..

The engines kept roaring. Never stopping. They roared even louder as he began to pull back on throttle and climb to the the height of the tallest mountain. He was piloting a sleek mkVI interceptor- forged by the techno-smiths of the southern ridge- with a custom made escape system and enhanced weaponry. Twin barrelled autocannons under each wing and a heavy bolter under the nose. With all of the expertly crafted modifications its engines still made their loud spluttering noise and he was sure to check up on it back at base.

He couldn’t even contact base at the moment. He was no tech priest but he knew this bird was going down. 15 more minutes and he’d be back on his way to base, just one more pass over the valley and he was done. It was a normal patrol over the
Heldine Mountains. He could see the shimmering rivers below him, like crystal veins reaching up into the Rocky Mountains. He lost his concentration for a moment as he remembered his youth. He was quickly brought back into full alertness however as he felt a sharp pain in the back of his throat. Like someone plunging a Slick-knife into the back of his neck and he could taste blood seeping into his mouth. His heart began to race but he knew exactly what to do. The Shogun was right, they had been betrayed…

He quickly dived to the left and swooped into the mountain valley. His radar detected two incoming jets a few hundred meters to his right. He began to chant the prayer of limitations and felt his muscles tense, his mind became clear, and his fighter was now fully armed. He fired off to flares before doubling back on himself and ripping into the nearest craft. Its fuselage ripped to pieces as the large calibre rounds tore into its armour plating. It took a hit to its turbine and went down in a swirling flame ball. The other craft had disappeared off his radar and he couldn’t see it anywhere. He scanned the horizon and it was nowhere to be seen. He closed his eyes and began to sing yet another chant, the incantation of holy sight. It was above him looking up he could see the bottom of the craft and make out each individual rivet as it soared above him. He flicked a switch and his engines cut out. He pulled back on his flight-stick and scored a direct hit on the enemy’s fuel tanks. Smoke billowed from the craft for a few second before it erupted in a fire ball.

The area was clear and this time he was sure of. It was too late; he couldn’t let them know he was still alive. He flicked another switch and was catapulted out of his craft, Las-carbine in hand he fell towards the mountains. He fell towards his future…

any tips plz?

Anonymous said...

really sorry bout the triple post but rasberry or strawberry?

i'll try and get to you once i've fgot a few things.
we should get special blog tickets to skip the cue....

please look cos it took me hours to make :)

any clue as to why ears suddenly ring for a few moments?

Anonymous said...

I absolutely REFUSE to cast anyone famous in the roles of 40K novel characters because all famous people look nothing like how I see the characters in my head.

And if there is going to be any hiding from me I always opt for 'hiding in plain sight' and there are times when it does actually work....even with an elf under my arm.

Though I'm not ditching Kermit in a vain attempt to be less conspicious....he'll be all upset if I take Captain Jack instead.

But CURSES! Anyway.....I will defend the jam with my life, after all, it's not like I'm going to eat it anyway.

And one last thing:

*runs around screams with glee before retreating to a corner where she proceeds to sit and giggle in a terrify manner*

I shall say no more on the subject manner at hand.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Necropolis, you say?

If I find Ban while I'm there looking, can I keep him as a pet?

Anonymous said...

well about 11 hours to go.

Anonymous said...

Hmm... Patrick Stewart as Van Voytz or perhaps as Rorken? *muses* and Natalie Portman as Nessa? She looks fairly elfin with a shaved head...

Am quite excited about GD now. Am desperately having to stop myself bringing every book I own for you to sign :p I've settled on my Eisenhorn omnibus and the rather fab Inquisitor book, I think. Although it's tempting to bring Ghostmaker too as that's the first Black Library book I ever read...

Bodjo said...

ARGH! Keep Natalie Portman the heck away from this hypothetical cast!

Anonymous said...

whats wrong with her?

Anonymous said...

Whilst we're getting all rather excited about a hypothetical cast, may I suggest a hypothetical crew for a 40k movie? My suggestion:

Director – Paul Verhoeven, Terry Gilliam, David Cronenberg or Peter Jackson,
Scriptwriters – Dan Abnett, Frank Miller and Ian Watson
Executive Producers – Alan Merrett and Gavin Thorpe
Music Composed By – Ennio Morricone or Vangelis
Songs by – Dire Straits
Production Design – Guy Dyas
Costume Design – James Acheson
Special Make-Up Effects – Richard Taylor
Special Visual Effects – John Frazier
Special Artistic Consultants – John Blanche and Jes Goodwin

All those lovely casting ideas are fine but they'll be no use without a strong crew behind them!


P.S. Jeremy Irons for Gaunt. The campaign starts here!

Anonymous said...

If we are making casting suggestions, only clint eastwood has that craggy, non smiling face to play Eisenhorn. Also if you watch Private Ryan, watch Vin Diesel and believe he can be Bragg.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Portman for Saint Sabbat.

THAT is a woman I would worship.


Anonymous said...

... God it's gone quiet in here all of a sudden, after the manic posting of the last few days. Everyone's gone to Games Day! Hope you all had fun, guys.


Unknown said...

Don't worry Matt, I didn't get to Gamesday either. Too busy with other things.

I like a lot of those casting suggestions. Some fit very well, others were just amusing! As for recommendations for Dalin.. Hmm.. Perhaps Nicholas Holt? Decent actor, about the right age, could pull off the 'I'm a baby and new to war' thing. *Shrugs*

Oh and I agree, Natalie Portman would be a good Nessa.

However I'd also agree with the sentiments expressed on not having really famous people playing the parts. Nor would I want it to be a big budget Hollywood film.. Low budget all the way!

Hope you all enjoy Gamesday!

Rory said...

Matt Damon as Caffran? I couldnt allow that to happen.. everytime he came on screen someone would go "matt Damon" in that Damn stupid Team america Voice!!
maybee a Younger Euan Mcgregor (like is SW episode 1?) would fit the role better. haha

Anonymous said...

thanks for signing teh books Dan!

Anonymous said...

Xhalax brought the jam
Xhalax brought the jam
yes he did ,yes he did
Xhalax brought the jam !

Remember if all else fails

Defend The Jam

post u later got to watch the U.F.C.

Anonymous said...

You cowardly bunch of snivelling excuses for...

I sat next to Dan for hours and hours, and only a couple of you actually made yourselves known to us!

Rachel - thank you so much, your little gift made the long journey home considerably more bearable.

Xhalax hello Jam-Bunny.

Lindsey - so thoughtful! How lovely!

Mat, Dju and Leo - as always XX

Steve and Claire - a pleasure, good luck, all the best, and send photos.

Rebecca - see you on the other side.

Graham, Nathan, Alex, Ben, Steve, Jim, Neil, Mitch et al - what a thoroughly lovely bunch of professional, funny, clever guys. It was so nice to see you all.

Marco, Christian, Nick, Mark, Lyn, Caroline, George and anyone else I met, either for the first, or umpteenth time - turned out nice again!

I was so impressed with all the standing about and waiting that everyone did in that horrendous queue! I hope it was worth it.

Matt - I instructed your emissary to kiss you for me when he saw you... doubtful, maybe, but the thought was there.

Anonymous said...

Just a short note to say hope you enjoyed the chocs :)

Anonymous said...

i would have said hi heck i even wrote tempest on front page of my book but Dan missed it.

i was with my dad and in a ruh though

i was there about half past 3 with the speiacl edition backpack

Rory said...

This is going to seem totaly out of Context, but i have to Write an Book Review for my Coursework at school, what would you say the Main themes of Necropolis Are?

Any Help Would Be Much appreciated..

Pack_master said...

I could think of Scott Glenn as Eisenhorn, too...