Thursday, September 20, 2007


Proper bloggage to follow, with answers to and comments on that mahoosive previous post.

But this is just a quick word to say, hey, it's Games Day UK in Birmingham this weekend, and I look forward to seeing some or all of you there!

May the jam be defended.


Anonymous said...

Dan & Nik
An the whole of the crew

c u sunday

Stephen & Claire

Anonymous said...

See you then! Claire, are you coming too? You must be mad, 8 months pregnant and all :-)

Anonymous said...

see you there guys!

Pack_master said...

Mentioned buddy of mine is going to see you there, Dan. I'll mutilate his body if he forgets to send my greetings.

And call yourself lucky: he wasn't able to take more than 2 books with him to get'em signed ;)

Anonymous said...

i'll just bring my two gg omnibuses and anything i buy there

Pack_master said...

Tsk! I got every first Edition print of the GGs. Didn't got the first few CEs, so I did not start that, but everything else... Necropolis, my fav, is beginning to loose pages because I read it that often... but I love it.

Y'know, I love the covers of the first books. Ghostmaker, First & Only, Necropolis, they have that air... the later covers didn't quite catch that...

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to getdistinct feelings that if I don't show up with some jam, people won't be impressed.

Anonymous said...

i live 2 mins down the road from the NEC btw!

i wonder how you feel about marmalade?

Anonymous said...

Xhalax - If there is no jam, how are we to defend it?

BTW I'm a sucker for apricot, and bramble jelly (with peanut butter of course).

Dan's more of a marmalade man, but I'm not convinced that's a jam at all - please, let us not have that discussion.

Anonymous said...

Tempest - that's just weird. You and I must have posted at exactly the same time, because when I published my comment yours came up.

It looks like marmalade is on the table guys :-)

Bodjo said...

Gak me. If only I could catch a flight to the UK over the weekend without failing a variety of assignments due on Monday/having to pay money. :P

Only 45 more days before I one-day ship Gaunt's Ghosts to the US of A.

Pack_master said...

Hmmmm, marmalade... :)

Anonymous said...

Oh hell!

Now I'll have to bring jam with me.


My mum is going to think I'm seriouly out of my tree when I ask her to buy jam for me. I don't even like jam!

Rob Rath said...

Man, why do I see Dan walking away from Games Day UK balancing eight to ten jars of jam?

Hmmm... I'd probably bring Guava Jam, since no one else will.

Or maybe bread. No one seems to be bringing bread...

Anonymous said...

The challenge is to bring something properly homemade, so if anyone's got an obliging Granny, go and be nice to her, right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not even planning on going to Games Day this year and I still dreamt of it last night!

But why (in the dream) did:
A) Nik make me literally roll out a red carpet?
B) Dan disappear to look after a baby boy?
C) NO-ONE WHATSOEVER come to the Great Signing Queue and the Black Library stalls?

That's the last time I read a Dan Abnett book before I go to bed!


P.S. Xhalax - What with your notorious jam dream and my red carpet dream I suppose we are now the founding members of some weird club. But I'm afraid my inclinations will always be to destroy the jam. Let the fruit bloom forth freely, as nature intended!

Anonymous said...

the whole point of it is to take the jam and show it to him but not let him have it.

nik-woo a coinkydink!

Anonymous said...

grrr. I'm even working in Birmingham on friday - and then pissing off to Boston saturday morning. this is the third year in a row I'll miss games day. THE FRUSTRATION.

Anonymous said... want me to MAKE home-made jam in time for Sunday?


And when did the jam dream become notorious?

Anonymous said...

dan didn't say somin about sabbat-martyr in the dream now did he?
i think he wants his chosen ones to activate the ancient jam factory that is buried under the nec.

i've said too much!

Kampfhamster said...

Must... see... Dan... I'm so happy I get on that GD!

Anonymous said...

i've just started work on a project that may interest you tanith fans

stay tuned

Anonymous said...

sneaky roxxorx tempest....he didn't.

All he said, in a very not nice way, was that there'll NEVER be a story about what happened to Nathun Inshabel on Elvara Cardinal

Rob Rath said...


Unfortunately, the only thing my grandmother makes are martinis.

Anonymous said...

Robert - that's the kinda grandma we all want!

I once asked an 80something woman how come she looked so young, and she put it down to strong drink and hot sex! Now that's who I want to be some day!