Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Clone Arrives To Swell Abnett Workforce

Mmm... so many cool posts on the last entry, I feel I should reply to them all. May I just say, in no particular order, that: (1) Robert’s memories of Chicago and food advice was priceless; (2) I’m glad you all liked Transformers; (3) chin up in Arizona, Jesse, and good luck with the cult; (4) Eisenhorn is coming... at some point; (5) Chris, you showing me around the tournament was MY high point too, thanks; (6) Xhalax takes the prize (as usual) for the funniest, deadpan one liner (a girl makes a model railway joke, how cool is that?); (7) I actually LOVE the Inquisition book, sorry... all the lore in one place (and I wrote the psychic mastery thing heh heh!); (8) Martin (pack master) - email me your snail address and it’ll be my pleasure to SEND you a signed copy of something; and (9) thanks to everyone who came to Chicago Games Day. I have some piccies. I’ll try scanning them and posting them.

The main reason for tonight’s post, however, is (10) to welcome to this site the one and only (first and only?) Jack Abnett O’Reilly!

Isn’t he just... much much sweeter than me? Thanks for the picture, Chris, and my very best wishes to you and your family.

Now everybody post “awwwwwwww!”

Funnily enough, that's exactly what I look like when I sit in the Golden Throne my clones have built for me in the basement and play "I'm the God-Emperor". Only not quite so cute, obviously.


Anonymous said...


Pack_master said...


Dan, I love you (no offense meant, Nik, ;) )
Uhm, to which email? ""?

Well, now I have the hard objective of thinking about the right book...

Haven't got The Inquisition yet, maybe that one.
Psychic Mastery list in there? Meaning the levels? (Ravenor was something between High Delta and Low Gamma, if I remember correctly). Aw, that gonna be cool!

Dan Abnett said...

Yes, Martin.

I was just lazily reviewing some of the previous posts, and I have to say the movie tennis game was kind of fun. So (new game, first serve)...

When Cameron came to Egypt's land, let my Cameron go...

Go on, return THAT.

Anonymous said...


He reminds me of the babe. The babe with the power...

Gospog said...

For the record, Mr. Abnett, when I sit on the "golden throne", I am usually reading one of your books. ;)

lordy said...

Well, if it's compulsary then -Awwwwwwwwwwwww.

Jesse said...

Obligatory 'ooh, aah's' aside, that really is a cute kid.
To Chris O'Reilly: Well done!
To Mrs. O'Reilly: VERY well done! To Jack: Welcome!
To Nobody in Particular: That little monkey has more hair on his head than I do! *grumbles indistinctly about the unfairness of genetics.*

That being said, I still reserve the right to name my next boy Tristan Ibram C----. I have a tentative go-ahead from my wife. Could I get some feedback on this? It might help me plead my case.

I have named my boys after the most powerful leaders I could think of in the categories of righteousness, justice and freedom. To that end we have gotten J. Michael and G. Leonidas. Yes, Leonidas was born on the U.S. premier date of '300' but that had nothing to do with his name. It would have been Leonidas anyway!

I figure that as leader, my next son could do worse for an example than Commissar Ibram Gaunt. He may not be an actual person, but he is an amalgam of the greatest leaders of men in history and has a leavening element of humanity that Leonidas and Saint Michael, due to their legendary status, no longer possess.

So what do you think, folks?

Jesse said...

To Matt Churchill-

What power?

(and keep it up. I can do this all day!)

Anonymous said...


The power of voodoo!

And the immortal power of the blessed God-Emperor. Bless his cotton socks.


Anonymous said...

To Matt Churchill-

Who do?

Anonymous said...

Oh hell, damn and blast it!

Now I feel like I'll have to come up with a deadpan one liner every blog entry.

So much pressure!

What's my prize anyway? Is it pie?

And the Psychic Mastery part was very interesting and wished it was elaborated upon more.

As for the rest of the book.......lets just say reviews are plenty and none of it good. It's gripe month at the BL forums.

Anonymous said...


Damn, i got Ravenor Rouge through the door today in hard back. it is an amazig book so far (only half way through it)

Congratz on the baby naming thing. first babies named.. then The world!

All shall Fall to Abnett God-Emperor of the universe!

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot,
Jesse and Oliver:
You do!

You remind me of the babe.

Madclaw said...

Thanks for all the awwwws and well wishes. This weekend was tough on the O'Reilly clan. Jack A. picked up a bug and we ended up in the hospital for two and a half days. It was nothing major. I mean, he gained weight while there.

The biggest problem was I forgot his bed time story book. As luck would have it, I had "Brothers of the Snake" in my bag. So, I read the last half the book to Jack.

After Wallacw and Gromit is finished tonight we're onto the Eisenhorn.

Have no fear Dan, I'll keep you updated and protect the clones.

marco said...

While everyone's goo-gooing the ickle baybee, I can sneak in and backhand your Cameron quote... Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

Stitch this:
- Oh, not now, Marvin. I have a headache.
- But Jessica, you promised.
- Oh, all right. But this time, take off that hand buzzer.

Dan Abnett said...


Forget it. I don't work Toontown.


Motorphetamine said...


Congratz Mr Abnett :)

Rob Rath said...


Lil' Abnett made me like kids again. I just got back from Boston on a flight where a 3 year-old beat me the whole way with his saliva-sodden plush giraffe.

colonel tempest said...

i finally got the founding and it's pretty darn good.

do the tanith ever get their trophy world?

marco said...



"I am the great traitor. There must be no other. Anyone who even thinks about deserting this mission will be cut up into 198 pieces. Those pieces will be stamped on until what is left can be used only to paint walls."

Anonymous said...

Ravenor Rouge?

did someone leave Ravenor alone with a makeup set again?

awww..sweet babe... many good books coming out, and so little time to read them...I dont know whether to be happy or sad

Bodjo said...


Nikesh Murali said...

You are the best dan. I was not a big fan of sci fi until one fine day I decided to pick one of your well written outstanding novels from the local books did you get me hooked! Thanks for the outstanding start to the horus heresy series and I hope YOU are the one who finishes it off.because you are da bom! Congrats on becoming a father!!!! and of course awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww