Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ally Pally

Dan and James, pens in hands.

Graham, Dan and James

You see, people don't just put them on their shelves and look at them!

Big Blue Monster!

Big Balloon!

And from this point on, everyone marvel at Big Steve's custom made Blood Pact army. Take a bow, Big Steve!

Rear view...

... and front view of the regiment's corrupted ex-IG commander!

Here come the mutant auxillieries, Steve's 'twist troops!'

Check out the long-form staves of the flamers! And the Grotesks!


Anonymous said...

So... simply wow...


These are awesome! Oh, I'm so jealous! My compliments!

Someone out there really liked the interceptors from Sabbat Martyr, eh?^^

Anonymous said...

...and didn't Lily take some lovely pics?!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are briliant Lily thanks mate

lordy said...

Cheers for signing another load of books, once again without protest.


Dan Abnett said...

By the way, in case this wasn't clear... B.P.Steve posting here is Big Steve himself. So everyone may praise him!

Taylor said...

Wahey! Loving the pictures. Cheers mate!

Good models, always love to see models based on Gaunt's Ghosts novels.

Anonymous said...

woof. they need to feature this in white dwarf, pronto. at the very least, it deserves a shout-out on the BL site. even I love it, and I'm a dyed-in-the-eyeballs devotee of Slaanesh.

Toymachine said...


I love... everything there!

The mutants (is one supposed to be a loxatl? the one with rat head and guns for arms? If so, well done - it looks like what i imagine a loxatl looks like!) are awesomely well painted.

Forge world should use your baneblade / titan as their display models, ive never seen any so well painted.

I tried my own blood pact, but next to that, their puny!

Congratulations, man, thats really something special.

Dan Abnett said...

I think it would be appropriate for Big Steve to take centre stage and tell us all about the work he did. Steve? Any comments? WD, are you watching this?

Anonymous said...

Hi guys hi Dan we got a brilliant response to the army at Ally Pally so thanks to everyone there.All in all we took about 4-5000 points worth (which took about 2 years to paint/collect)to Ally Pally and put them on display.All are conversions all come with original grotesques.To keep them feral looking i used the spare bits from the kroot sprue.Their covered in black powder pistols old fashioned looking round bombs (used as frags) knives ,body parts u name it.I kept in as many solid firing weapons as possible auto cannons etc so they stayed in character .They are a Armoured co with Mech infantry support so all the tanks are converted to.

Anonymous said...

Yes i am the idiot who forgot to put his name on the top of his posting.And thanks to Dan an Lily for spending the time with us on such a busy day cheers mate.Next on the agenda Sons of Sek, Rough Riders , and Stalk Tanks.Heres a topic for disscusion do u think Forge world should do more character based B.L. stuff in parternship with the authors .

Anonymous said...

Hey Steve!

Nearly got a stroke when seeing this awsome Blood Pact army.

I've got some questions. Me and a bunch of nerds have a multilingual project ongoing, collecting 40k fluff and putting everything in order and else. So I wanted to ask if we could use some of the pictures as examples for a custom made BP army? Full disclaimers with your name etc, of course. They are so breathtaking, they would make our textes about the blood pact a real looker.

Martin, Germany

Anonymous said...

Ahh, their reading Fulgrim without me. Thats just horrible. I can't wait till it comes to the states. lol.

Anonymous said...

Graham - your mother's Stornaway black pudding is, bar none, the best of its type we've ever had. Pan fried with scallops and Dan's amazing sauce, it made a fantastic starter for our Saturday night dinner. The only problem is, from here on in, nothing else will do!

(that's blood sausage to anyone outside the Uk - see the segue... blood pact/ blood pudding... okay, just me then)

Toymachine said...

Definately, steve (b.p has nothing to do with the ford team, does it?)

I'd love to see a loxatl or stalk tank in real minature format.

Anonymous said...

yeh definatly some loxatl, got some rules for them to from the warhammer world weekend, sabbat campaign which i am hoping they will run again sometime.In fact thats were this all started for a Sabbats World Crusade Campaign which just became a mega hit.Because i was running it i said "whos gonna be the bad guy " all fingers pointed at me so thats how such a big force was born.Hopefully some people up north will realise how popular the books are an do more specialist stuff.Stalk tanks ...i think were going to have to go outside the box on that one.Have u seen the picts? medium insectoid assault tanks im definatly going for it.I am really looking forward to doing the rough riders though as u can imagine really weather beaten, living from the saddle, nomadic Blood Pact horsemen.I would like to say thanks to George Dellapina and Joe k of Enfield for making this possible.Long live the Enfield Rifles!

Anonymous said...

Forge World should just do MORE!

One can never have enough beautifully sculpted resin!

Anonymous said...

Question Mr. Abnett.

Kinda spoilers here....but since I'm asking Dan you shouldn't be paying too much attention to it anyway.

But I'll try to keep it as ambigous as I can.

Is the female Inquisitor that takes some of Ravenor's retinue at the end of Ravenor Rogue the same female Inquisitor that appears in Ghostmaker to accuse Brin of being a witch?

They share the same name and it's not the first time a character from another Inquisitor-based book as turned up with the Ghosts, so I'd just like some confirmation, if you please.

Anonymous said...


Well, too much coincidence. Aye, I would say. Same Name, same appearence, same field of actions (Eldar). There're so much characters all over the books... (Ravenor, Heldane, Abfequarn...)

Dan Abnett said...

Xhal - it seems Lilith lived as long as Haldane did.

BTW, all - posting the piccies seems to have, um, centred my blog. I'm trying to fix it, but I don't want to lose Steve's Pact pics, so we can all live with the centring until one of my clones gets his head around the code, right?

lordy said...


Abfequarn? I don't recognise that name - who is it?

Anonymous said...

So it seems.

And it almost like you forgot about it. Was that one of your clones being sneaky and sticking that in when you weren't looking?

Anonymous said...

Her full name's Lilith Abfequarn ;) Lilith is her forename :D

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind Heldane making a future cameo appearance either. quite apart from his being such a marvelously obnoxious individual, he was also a radical BEFORE it was trendy!

lordy said...


Ah, ok. I thought you were refering to someone new, and I was wondering how I missed them.

Saxon said...

Wow that's a great army.

I think I'm going to go away and cry now about how my armies never come out that good

Anonymous said...

is there any chance of more pictures, or a site devoted to the army?

can how did u get the grostesques looking so cool?