Friday, March 02, 2007

Something for the weekend

Who's going to be in Epsom tomorrow between two and three? Apart from me, that is? Come along and we can celebrate the opening of Epsom's GW store.

Things That Occur To You Randomly On A Friday Afternon #47: considering that standing stones and dinosaurs are two subjects of which I am particularly fond, how odd is it that I live (and was born near) the only town I know of that a) is named after one of the former (the 'Maiden Stone') and b) has the latter on its civic crest? And how much odder is it that I've only recently noticed it?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure my house is haunted.

Anyway, how was your day?


Anonymous said...

I'll be there, sporting my favourite japanager silk tie.

My day thus far has been moist and uneventful. Welcome to Wales.

lordy said...
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lordy said...

I would be heading over to Epsom, but I can't find anyone will to travel with me, and don't want to take a two hour train journey to get the few remaining books signed.

I mean, I got them all signed apart from Warpsword. And Ravener Rouge. And Armour of Contempt. And the Damnation Crusade comics. And the Torchwood book...*ponders*

Maybe I should go afterall - I wouldn't want to get you to sign 20 books on a trot again.

Anonymous said...

I would head to Epsom if I knew where it was, wasn't living in what would probably be the opposite direction and didn't have to work tomorrow.

But other than that I'd be there.

As to my day....I find it difficult to describe it without ruining my vocabulary with profanities.
Needless to say, I'm not happy.
Work blows and it's getting worse, with a grand total of no days off and no days off next week (with the exception of Sunday)....stupid training that is just, pointless. And just AAAAAAAAARGH!

I desperately need a new job. One that doesn't involved the unwashed, uncultured and generally stupid and ignorant mass that are the general public.

On the flip side....I made fishcakes for tea. Proper fishcakes too. Not crummy packaged once....PROPER fishcakes.
Go me!

Soapy said...

Today I have:

Finished sculpting 8 miniatures.
Had a bacon sarnie and watched a bit of Stargate.
Examined 19 people in basic first aid.
Replied to 1 blog.

The rest is as yet a mystery.

See ya tomorrow,

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'm heading to Epsom tomoz...tis a big day down there and for Surrey (the county which has Guldford and Woking workshops in em as well)

Hey Dan, I'm actually into writing my own 40k/WF stories as well! (I dnt mind which race they are as long as I think the idea is a good'un and hopefuly gets ppl entertained, I enjoy that more than playing the game!) It'll be great to meet you in person!

As for my day?...School...more school and my class went to the gym as part of our PE GCSE (really enjoy that!) Came home, saying hello to friends and dazing in my imagination of Black Templar Marines killing random heretics and aliens running around! (they should get bug repelent for Tyranids...could save lives!)

I'll probs be on a bit later to hearyour reply (unless otherwise), so see ya soon!

Anonymous said...

(imagine a yorkshire farmer type accent, although I'm actually from surrey)

Today oi've been mostly plantin trees. At this this mornin' oi've been plantin trees.

(back to normal voice)

ahem..that really hurts the yeah, I planted a load of trees with my father this morning...proceeded to play Final Fantasy 12 and F.E.A.R this afternoon/evening.

Currently debating whether to go to Epsom or not. I would love to, but I dont know if it would be practical.

I will definately be there in spirit if I dont actually turn up with mother in tow...

Unknown said...

I live in maidstone! Huzzah!
Never knew about the maiden stone thingy-me-bob!

Learn something new everday!

I have spent the day doing job searches at the ymca center! The pain..Also trying to work out whether to walk to town and buy HH4 or order online! So Lazy!

Anonymous said...

nope, it'll just be you. better take a book.

AHAHAHAHA oh god i just kill myself sometimes

Anonymous said...

Apart from the slight hangover, today's been a pretty good day.

Haunted house, eh? I used to live in one when I was in Texas. Never really was a problem aside from the occasional strange whispering in the middle of the night. Though once something threw a coffee mug at me.

Anonymous said...

Heh, funnily enough. ive been in school writing a book review on "the Armour of Contempt" although im not very sure i did it much justice.

Do some Book signings in Scotland!

Nick said...

I really wish that Ravenor Rogue was released sooner in the States... the aggrivation!

Dan, counting down to the 8th... and crossing my fingers that I am chosen to be on for the xfire chat... that would be a HUGE amount of fun...


Nick Staiano