Monday, March 05, 2007

Kick start the week

Let's start this Monday morning with a big thank you to all who turned out to Epsom on Saturday. From the size and volume of the gathering, I'm going to guess it was a runaway success for the store. I had a great time, anyway, and it was especially nice to meet a few of this blog's regular posters in person. Newly observed signing request quirks: mobile phones and trainers. Oooo-kay.

(Pauses to make cup of tea.)

Monday morning's Read It Now recommendation: The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall. It's not that it's crammed full of amazingly cool ideas (it is), there's just something amazingly pleasing and involving about the way it's written. Read it.

Oh, and my house is definitely haunted.


Soapy said...

Epsom was mental. Whatever happened to the Great British queue, that's what I want to know! Ah well, that's 12 year olds for ya...

Not a bad afternoon, but then I wasn't writing my name for an hour solid. Met Matt (nice tie!)and reminded my self why I enjoy working from home.

I'm going back under my rock now.


narrativium said...

Is the "haunted" comment anything to do with Gaunt's Ghosts, or something else?

If something else, can you be more specific? Why do you think it's haunted?

Anonymous said...

okay so two things:

1) Ravenor Rogue! I interrupted one of Michael Moorcock's new Elric novels to read it, and I didn't regret the decision for a moment. I can't really go into a lot of detail about my favorite bits without bouncing through a minefield of spoilers for those who haven't read it yet, but I will say it is the most delightfully twisty-turny-nail-bitey inquistorial story you've penned so far (in fact, I recommend that GW start packaging the next editions with emery boards). and the squat reference is priceless. good job, and add my vote to the "more Ravenor stories please" pile.

2) something I keep forgetting to ask. in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade background book (and a couple other places), there are a few bits and pieces of a cartographic chart of the Sabbat Worlds. I'm assuming that the whole thing exists somewhere; how/when will we be able to see it? enquiring minds with nothing better to do demand to know.

Anonymous said...

Mentioning the maps of the Sabbat Worlds: In The Sabbat Worlds Crusade is one big error: the map showing the Sabbat Worlds position marks an Ork Empire mentionend in the 4th Edition Rulebook - between Segmentum Ultima and Tempestus. But the Sabbat Worls lie on the borders of Pacificus to the Halo Stars. So we really don't have a clue, where they lie ;)

Toymachine said...
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Toymachine said...

1)Yes, haunted... No one snuck into your house and rumaged for gaunts ghosts notes... (heavy sigh).

2) Are we allowed to discuss Ravenor? I remember the days of AOC and the o-so-tempting spoilers. Better not.

3) Does anyone know how to get the rules for a 40k Chaos/Imperial titan WITHOUT buying the Imperial armor books?

4) Helen says hello.

Anonymous said...

toymachine: while I'm sure many of us would love to help out, it's worth bearing in mind that GW's legal dept take "improper" dissemination of published material very seriously - and you never know what sites, or even blogs, they might be reading at work. it'd be dismal if someone got legally corraled for responding to your request here, is what I mean: it could potentially get Dan in trouble, in addition to any well-intentioned but unsuspecting commenter.

I don't like sounding like a finger-waggling old fart, but to stay on the safe side of any potential unpleasantness it might be wise to employ a little circumspection, if you see what I mean :P

Toymachine said...

@ sredni: Your sooo right that it scares me. Didn't think of the legal rammifications to my mindless blundering. I just dont see the point in buying the chunky imperial armour for the rules to a single model. Incidentally, Are they any good?

Anonymous said...

tip for a queue...wait till it dies down, I did that and got my Dark Angels Codex signed well quick so I was chuffed!

MONDAY glorious, glorious MONDAY!...(sighs) I have Science Coursework (which isn't bad but still don't wanna do it!)

Hey Dan, when you got back from Epsom, was your house trashed by the clones like I guessed?...if it was then you should threaten them by getting rid of their individual personalities! some sorta death ray or something

Epsom was pretty mental! THEY HAD CAKE! Epsom had this painting competition as well and a girl with a Forge World Avatar won (it didnt even look finished?!) oh well...well done to her!

I was a little annoyed cuz I couldnt get to talk to you bout Black Library stuff and if its ok I like to get a spare min or stuff to talk about it if your interested? Tried signing up for that Chat thing on xfire but it wont let me (pooie!)...hmm perhaps I need some sort of DEATH RAY!

Anywho, I hope you reply back to this and catch you soon!...or I get DEATH RAY!...needs a better name huh? how about...BIG Death Ray?

Anonymous said...

toymachine: the warhound titans are okay in game terms - at least in that they have very large guns - but I don't think the 40k-scale super-heavy vehicle rules really do them justice. one imagines them as being quite agile and stompy, and those are tricky attributes to convey with a ruleset that's really designed for giant tanks.

Anonymous said...

Pfft. Beautiful.
Tis all one need say.

lordy said...


Surely you can just look at the rules at your local GW. Don't they have a copy?

Anonymous said...

What you need now is a young priest and an old priest.

And remember that power of christ compels you.

Unknown said...

Woo, my first post..

Hm, I shall have to add Raw Shark to my reading list, which is now approaching several feet high. In fact, to my shame, I've not even got around to Ravenor Rogue yet, which as anyone aware of how much I enjoyed the previous two Ravenor novels will know, shows how desperate the backlog of books is right now.

On a happier note, I managed to win myself a place in the Xfire chat tomorrow night. WOOHOO! Go me! Et cetera! Now I must think of some questions by tomorrow night..

Good luck with the books, and ick, writing with a deadline must be terrible.

Talk to you tomorrow.. o.O

Anonymous said...

Haunted? Cool! Well, assuming it's not malevolant.

Oh, and my wife wants a Gaunt's Ghosts book with a happy ending...

Toymachine said...

@ sredni;
I have an appropriate looking conversion for a titan, and the scale isnt too high (15 inches), so dont worry about it ruining a game. Thats why i wanted to know if there were download sites and whatnot. No one needs to be sued over carelessness on my part.

@ Lordy:
Not a bad idea, thanks!

@ anyone; are they worth the price tag?

Forcide said...

@Toymachine - re: pricetag
depends on what you want to get out of the book. The rules for the Titan are in both IA Update 2006 and IA Taros. Taros has an excellent background to go with the rules, but is expencive as heck; Update 06 is cheapish, but is just a list of units.