Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Clone himself


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

My name is Kevin Power (15) and (as often as you properly get this) im a major fan.

This needless praise comes with one hitch... (as all surely do, hee hee hee...) I was hoping you could perhaps explain how one avails of the black library's "constructive" criticism (It sounds very threatening, doesn't it?). I’ve been writing a few years now and want to know what they will make of some of my prototypes.

I would majorly appreciate it if you could tell us on the next blog or "Badger" Guy Haley for me (and, im sure, every one else who, well... just doesn't like him. I didnt type that, did I) so he might feature it in W.D.

Anonymous said...

Love the shirt Dan!

Toymachine said...

Hey, i wonder what this picture is advertising...

(P.s Dan, thats cheating! A stroke of genious, though - unable to keep up with your blogging every week?
-just use a picture. Worth a thousand untyped words, after all)

Anonymous said...

Cheers for all the fun mate. I just snorted Bacardi & Coke out of my nose and all over the Eisenhorn omnibus over a certain caustic comment about Sebastian Verveuk relating to bolter rounds being fired up his nose.

Very Respectfully,

Navy Diver 2nd Class Pär J. Larsson
San Diego, CA

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan,

As you can probably guess from the 'so and so said...' bit above, my name is Stephen Surridge.

First off, many, many thanks for signing my copy of the Armour of Contempt today at The Gamers Guild in Redhill. I'm sorry I was unable to be there in person, but I understand that you had a great chat with my mother, who was kind enough to go in my stead, and who ended up having a photo taken with you.

I have received the messages that you gave to my mother to tell me, and I will gladly help with any queries you may have that you think I could help with.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading Ravenor Rogue, as well as "Only in Death". Your books are fantastic, and I love the way that you write.

The Emperor Protects,


Stephen Surridge,
Archaeology Graduate, University of Southampton

Anonymous said...

lookin' sharp there! how'd they manage to beat away the hordes of screaming teenage girls long enough to take that photo??

The Armour of Contempt kept me up until 5am this morning, by the way. my only complaint is that i can't quite cram its big, fat, hardback ass onto my shelf of Abnett/40K (which is now full), so it's languishing out in the wastelands of Julian May :(

Anonymous said...

Well I finally managed to start (and therefore finish) Armour of Contempt.

In order notto give anything away, I won't mention any names, but I don't believe he's dead. No, not him - him. Yeah, that one.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you there lordofthenight. He's not dead. He CAN'T be dead. Not him.

Other than that..

Well done Dalin Criid!!!

Toymachine said...

It appears you're hanging up Gaunt's storm-coat for a while, and the Horus heresy books wont last forever, as he died, so is my understanding (Little teaser for you all - how come "Madox", y'know, from William King's Ragnar books, come back from the warp –"dying is a great experience... everybody should do it at least once..." - classic - but Horus cant? think about it now, people...). And Ravenour appears to be finished (for now). Surely your fingers can slip for five minutes and type what your working on next?

Looking back at your previous blogs, I actually like the idea of a young Gaunt. Its a cool idea but it might ruin the magic...

Dan Abnett said...

What am I working on now? Well... see the blog.

Just like to say hello to Stephen there. It was a pleasure to meet your mum at Redhill, and I'm glad the book got back to you. I hear you're something of a writer yourself...

Glad every one seems to be enjoying The Armour of Contempt. As for the shirt - leave the shirt alone. It's a nice shirt.

And I'd be pretty honoured to be out in 'the wastelands' alongside Julian May. Her Saga of the Exiles was a huge fave of mine in the eighties.

Anonymous said...

it's a pity that her new Boreal Moon series doesn't seem to have received the attention it deserves, but i guess it's understandable, given that the choice of genre has probably put them in direct competition with George R R Martin's awesome Ice and Fire books.