Thursday, June 15, 2006

Speaking of Conflux

Conflux - in Canberra, Australia - is a slightly better excuse for not blogging frequently. Not only the trip away but the rush to get work up to date before I left.

It was a good trip, and I enjoyed it very much, even though I seemed to lose about two days of my life somewhere in the long hauls there and back (I mean two days more than the long journeys themselves. Time zones - go figure). And I seemed to suffer not so much from jet lag as season lag (it was winter there). And don't get me started on the parrots. That's just odd.

I'd always wanted to go to Australia, and a week's round trip to the Capital Territory probably wasn't the best way of fulfilling that ambition, but it was fine. If nothing else, it convinced me that I had to go back. The city is great, in a curious 'not a city at all' type way, but I can attest it boasts a frankly humbling art gallery and the best war memorial I've ever seen (a war memorial doesn't sound much like a great visitors' attraction, I know, but it was something else). Best of all, it was meeting people. Australian creators are great, enthusiastic and inspirational, whether they work in comcis, in art, or in the current rennaissance of Australian genre writing. And the fans are terrific.

So time out here for a word of thanks to all - especially Matt Farrer and Donna Hanson. Amd apologies - if any are necessary - to David Quinn for that conversation about Galactus, macademia nuts and his, uh, mother.

Glimpsed the Australian Deal Or No Deal while I was out there. That's just even wronger than the parrots. I mean, no banker?


Anonymous said...

"That's just even wronger than the parrots"

Wronger? Is that even a word?

Love your work Dan. Some updates about what your currently working on would be nice, especially if it involves Ravenor Rogue.

Anonymous said...

Hi. It was great to meet you in Canberra (a very strange city indeed -- and I lived there for 8 years). I was the guy you dragged up onto the Australian Comics panel, which went very well.

I can't say I was familiar with your work before we met, but I am suitably awed after the event.

David C

Anonymous said...

You have forsaken them all...... and they have left you......alone. But you still have me your pal Lowink. When do you think you can fit me into another story of yours? I am getting quite bored. Thanks Danny and keep up the good work!!!!

Bruce said...

Hey Dan,

It was a pleasure to be your podcaster for the convention. The chat with my brother in chaos David Quinn (aka, Quinny or QDog) was bloody funny and thanks for the beer, my shout next time.

Glad you enjoyed your stay, but next time take some time out and see the country(i know it wasn't possible this time) and come down to Tasmania, we (ie the podcasters) will show you the sites.

Anonymous said...

Hey, only just stumbled onto this blog but I'll add it to the favourites :-)
Im loving your books for BL. I finished Ravenor and R returned, now Im steaming through the Eisenhorn books.
Ravenor is an awesome character, when can we expect the follow up?
keep up the good work dude

Anonymous said...

Dan why didn't you write the second Horus Heresy novel?

Anonymous said...

because graham mcneill did...?

Anonymous said...

Dan your work on Nova with your buddies Lanning and Walker is awesome. Walker's renditions of all the characters are great as is the humor that is in every issue, not too much not too little. Great job! I know Marvel says there could be a Nova mini in the future, do you think you guys have a shot at working on that as well?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan,

I won't even begin to pretend I know how contacts are going on either of our parts, but I figured I'd thunder my way through the red tape wall of bureaucracy and talk to you personally, seen as I really, really hate dodgy communication lines...

I work for as the miniatures manager, getting all the interviews, staff, articles... sex, stuff like that. I was told a good while ago, from BL, that you and I were to have an interview. Well, I was to interview you, but you can put together your own questions if you want to...

Either way, I find me working with the person is, well, much more successful. Andy C and I can organise an interview in an email or two, you and I don't even speak after two months of negotiations. Silly eh?

So, if you've heard of this, or are rather surprised to hear you're being put forward for an interview, drop us a mail at ross.birkett(at) and we can try and sort this.

This is legit, though, I ain't just an overeagre fanboy. I really was told I'm to talk to you, and I'm burning through Eisenhorn because of it!

Thanks, and hope to speak to you soon,


Anonymous said...

Would love to see some more blogging Dan! How about some news/stories or anything?

Anonymous said...

Tactica Imperialis...amongst other things.

Well we ever see anymore Lone Wolves?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Abnett,

My name is Pablo and I live in Mexico D.F. Im a fan of 2000 AD and Sinister & Dexter (very hard to
find material related here).

Also Im a fan of Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, and Slaine that are among my most beloved characters.

I get some 2000 AD issues were you did Snister Dexter and I try to locate every issue of them (a titanic task here)

You are an inspiration for other creators and the quality and unique style of your work is incredible.

I like your work above all, because you are unique. I know you are working for DC and other companies but I focused my interest
on your Snister Dexters...violence...humor...clever dialogue..punch lines...every history is entertaning, violent, hilarious...for me
Finigan Sinister and Ramone Dexter are a reflex of the best of 2000 AD and the history of comics ever.

Of all the ¨new¨ 2000 AD characters Sinister Dexter are the best and your team with Mr Simon Davis are for me the best team in
the history not of the comics but of the entertaining and the art field.

Sorry if I don´t know all your others work, but Sinister & Dexter are a true masterpiece and the ones I try to follow.

I know it´s not posible, but if were for me, Sinister Dexter would be in evey 2000 AD issue and the Megazine too.

I want to respectfully ask you if you can send me your autograph, an issue autographed or what you can or want related to Sinister & Dexter.

If you cant do this or have no time I can understand that you are a very demanded writer and a unique one.

Please, I dont want to bother you in any way and if you dont reply I dont bother you again

My best wishes and I hope to see how to get more
issues with your histories.

An admirer

Anonymous said...

I want a new blog!

Anonymous said...

update your blog you wanker!!!

Anonymous said...

update your blog you wanker!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thorn Wishes Aegis would blog more.

Anonymous said...

Hey dan, its me, randy, i talked to you on the phone at gencon... Its great to be able to talk to such a literary genius... I sent an e-mail to you if you don't get it you can contact me at

Thanks Alot!

Anonymous said...

Running out of phantoms to burn.......

Sir Dan,
Hoping your not dead, ill or a captive of the Inquistion.


Anonymous said...

I knew Abnett was a heretic!!! Who else would speak of such lies & filth about updating his blog in the morning.

I do hope the black ships have come to claim him.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wonder if Ian Watson has a blog?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan

On the weekend, Matthew told me you mentioned us, Conflux and Canberra on your blog so I thought I'd go look. Thanks. It was a pleasure to meet you too.

I hope you get to come back again.


Donna Hanson