Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stuff for Ideation

First point, I hate the word ideation. Just saying.

I can't remember if I've posted this before, but what the heck. Thanks to "Diablo Cody..." for sharing this. Windows onto the writing process are always intriguing.

The Mamet connection reminded me of this post, which is of itself fething brilliant.

And while I'm in a sharing mood, if you're not regularly looking at Jeff Vandermeer's blog Ecstatic Days, or Graham Linehan's Why, That's Delightful, or dipping into the works of Peter Temple, Ted Chiang, Kelly Link or Ben Katchor, then there are ways your life can probably be enhanced.


BigWill said...

Zing for the late night Zombies :p

If you want a funny site to see check out ThereIfixedit.com

I'll be sure to check out some of those blogs as the insomnia takes hold.

harvb said...

I write quite a bit - no you won't have read any of it - and dialogue it's my biggest "thing", bugbear, what have you. I always write as it sounds, or try to. Conversation must flow, it's got to sound as if it's being spoken.

Just my two galactic creds worth.