Friday, August 13, 2010

Bring me the (editorial) head of the New Yorker

Here's a link to part of iFanboy's coverage of the San Diego Comic-con, during which a couple of the usual suspects turn up and gurn at the camera.

And from the notebook:

Idea for a one panel cartoon #256
A close up of a digital clock-radio-alarm on a bedside table. The digital clock reads 06:59. A large SQUID TENTACLE is reaching in from out of shot to thump the "snooze" button.
Caption: The Kraken wakes.

Idea for a one panel cartoon #309
A collectors fair or car boot sale. A banner reads "Records and CDs". A glum stall holder looks on as DARTH VADER thumbs through old albums in a box marked "Artists A to Z".
Caption: "I find your lack of Faith No More disturbing."


Anonymous said...



Liking it very much. You should put these out in a 'Bunny Suicides' style book for Christmas.

"The Random Ramblings of The Abnett Clones."

frieslander said...

The Kraken Wakes LOL!
I agree, you should do a Xmas special book full of those cartoon panels :)

BigWill said...
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BigWill said...

I thought it would be fun to actually make these.

Dan Abnett said...

BigWill - brilliant!

BigWill said...

I would be more than happy
to illustrate any One panel cartoons you come up with,it's fun.

Anonymous said...

Panel: A man sits at a desk with a pile of newspapers on his left and a pile of newspaper bits on his right. In his hands is a large sheet of paper being bisected.
Caption: Jack the Ripper.

Panel: A youth staring into a mirror. His face is festooned in numerous letters 'x'
Caption: 'X' marks the spot.

Panel: A man sits in casualty approached by a pebble with eyes, arms and legs in a white coat carrying a clipboard.
Speech bubble: "Dr. Livingstone I presume."