Thursday, August 05, 2010

Help Wanted

Let's begin today's post with a splendid, makes-the-job-worthwhile letter from the mailbag:

Dear Messers Abnett and Lanning,

You've gone and done it again!
I was reading the Thanos Imperative #1 and was completely thrilled
at the comment that ‘evil' Captain Marvel makes to the
‘evil' Quasar about how this universe is still young enough to
have death, as this immediately made the following come to mind "And
with strange aeons even death may die." This was absolutely
brilliant! As it completely evokes the concepts behind H.P.
Lovecraft's Chtulhu mythos without being a terrible pastiche.
All I would really need for this to completely go over the top would
be the return of Cthon (the Marvel watered down version of Cthulhu
from the 70's horror) and an epic battle involving Dr. Strange. Now I
know these are highly unlikely to occur, but you have hit just about
every possible ‘beat' of my psyche with all your series so far
so a fellow can hope.
Further, now that SDCC has passed us by, I was gleeful at the
prospect of a Rocket Raccon and Groot mini! This just sounds as if it
is going to be a hilarious romp with Rocket using ever increasing fire
power and Groot constantly banting about yelling "I AM GROOT!".
Speaking of Rocket Raccon, I loved his threat to rampaging Thanos.
Not that he'd kill him, but rather he'd incapacitate him long enough
to put him in serious suspended animation so he would
live…….forever! What an excellent threat against someone
who's in love with Death.
And because I've truly adored everything you've written (that I've
read), I'm going to go ahead and give your Thor/Ironman mini a go and
see if you can pull the same magic with the Marvel first stringers.
Keep up the great work gentlemen, and here's hoping you've got years
more cosmic, or non-cosmic, comic tales to tell.
With much happiness,

Trevor Chapman

Bramtpon, ON


Thanks, Trevor.

Now pay attention, everyone. I need your help. Well, a friend of mine does, anyway. Please take a look at the illustration below (brought to you - eventually - by the wonders of computer technology and Rachel, no thanks to my useless so-called "scanner") and see if you can assist me in identifying the artist. We've pretty much ruled out Beardsley (we have, haven't we?), but Rackham is still a person of interest. Anyone? Any ideas at all? There may be some sort of non-specific, non legally-binding prize if someone can ace it.

Help me, Obi Wan. You're my only hope.



Niels Risgaard Hansen said...

Dearest Master Abnett,

I am convinced that this is a piece of Harry Clarke (thanks to Google Goggles). Have a look at

Kind regards

Seattledv8 said...

Possible that it is Franz von Bayros?

harvb said...

I'd concur that it was almost certainly Harry Clarke:

Seattledv8 said...

Ah Neils , has nailed it.
The Masque of Queen Bersabe by H.Clarke.

AmbroseKalifornia said...

I dunno who Harry Clarke is,but I'm pretty sure that's Alternate Dimension-Alan Moore in the background.

Madclaw said...

I concur, Harry Clarke

HiWayRobry said...


I have to concur with Trevor's sentiments about all things DnA. Although I have to admit I haven't read Thanos Imperative (I'm a trade-waiter, and insist on trades not hard covers so I've just now finished War of Kings) and would like to add a bit more praise to that being (deservedly) heaped upon you.
I LOVED the interaction between Groot and Mad Maximus! That was some of the most clever writing I've read in a loooong time. Groot would just say 'I am Groot!' Max would hear a complete statement and respond accordingly. Brilliant! Much kudos.
Since you're tackling Thanos now, are you going to bring in Pip, or Eros, or Mentor? Just asking :)

Matthew Churchill said...

I would have said Sidney Sime or Harry Clarke. Definitely not Arthur Rackham, and it's definitely by one of Aubrey Beardsley's proteg├ęs.

Dan Abnett said...

Magnificent group effort, everyone! We have authenticated!

Niels - you were first in (inside an hour, kudos!). Email me your address, and we'll devise some kind of reward ;)

Bane_of_Kings said...

Hey, I was wandering if you could check out some of my fanfiction? It's on a forum and I'd be glad if you could critise it. I know it's not as good as yours yet, but yeah, thanks very much. Here's the link below.