Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Off to sunny Baltimore tomorrow, and looking forward to meeting and greeting all those attending Games Day US. If you need more details, roll down a couple of posts.

Meanwhile, a little late (my bad) but never mind, here's notice of the BSFA meeting in London next week, where I'll be the guest interviewee. Very nice of them to ask me and make me the focus of attention. If you're in the neighbourhood, it should be a most enjoyable evening.


BigWill said...

Have a good flight.
Hope to see you there.
I have just bought a fresh new copy of Eisenhorn that needs to have your name on it,again :p

Big said...

Good luck mate have a great time!

Madclaw (Chris) said...

I'll see you there. Have a safe flight.

Lightbringer said...

Baltimore! Ever seen The Wire, Dan? If not, watch it immediately, it's better than chocolate coated platinum! If I were going there I'd be tempted to wander around the Corners like a stupid Wire tourist, and probably end up getting shot! :-) Enjoy your trip!


Rob said...

Dan, Nick, and Matt Churchill:

I know that due to his increasing size, the Army is likely going to be called out on poor Pilgrim pretty soon--and likely Mayhem too for giving aid and comfort to a giant rampaging kitty.

However, if they both had sets of Cat Armor, they could shrug off those tank rounds no problem. (They also have sets for mice, so the rodents of the house aren't disadvantaged against a heavily-armored feline.)

Matthew Churchill said...

Wow! Armoured cats! And I got excited enough by the Baltimore photos of Huron Blackheart in his cat armour! GW needs to make more cat models, far too many dogs as it is.

e.molinski said...

holy cannoli, i am in love with the cat armor!!!

Rob said...

I'm particularly fond of the "Persian" armor.

Also, I noticed that under the tab "New Stuff" in the Gallery section, he has a set of Elven Cat Armor.

How can you beat that?

Matthew Churchill said...

Persian armour is my profile picture on Facebook. Σ:-3

sredni vashtar said...

Oh, trust you to arrive on the East Coast just after I departed it for the year...

Anyone else visiting Birmingham for the UK edition next month? I'm gonna try and get the day off work while somehow also retaining all of my external genitalia. Haven't quite figured out how, yet.

Dan Abnett said...

Good to see you there, Will, Liz and Chris!

Lightbringer - I’m about to start watching The Wire, but I have been watching its genetic precursor Homicide, which is why we went to Fells Point.

Rob - Pilgrim is getting hisself some of that shit (he told me).

sredni - see you in Birmingham!