Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Baltimore and other stuff

I've mentioned it before, but just in case you missed it - I'll be at Games Day US in Baltimore next week, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the US readership there (I am a regular visitor to the Baltimore show, but I wasn't there last year - it was Toronto's turn - and, of course, this year has been something of a bumpy ride). This link to the Ultramarines website hints at some of the fun you can expect. Anyway, see you there. Nathan Long, C.L. Werner, Mike Lee, Gav Thorpe and John Blanche - it's going to be quite a gathering. And if you come, you might be able to meet Nik too. She normally shies away from such events, but someone needs to come and keep an eye on me. Dig out your precious editions of Hammers of Ulric or Gilead's Blood, both of which she has a co-credit on, or if you're lucky enough to have an early copy of the new Sabbat Worlds Anthology, bring that, because she has a feth-tastic story in it too.

I recently did the following interview for the Vigilance Podcast. I'd like to thank Mike for taking the time to chat to me via Skype, despite ringing phones and other interruptions (at my end of the line!).

Finally, some (literally) bonkers case notes, courtesy of Ben Morse at Marvel. Thanks, Ben.


Commissar Ploss said...

Glad to hear you are going to be there. I had a free ticket in, but transportation funding fell through. Would have been a pleasure to meet you in person. Vince offered to set up interviews for me with all the attending authors to be posted in high esteem on my blog The Founding Fields (, as well as (of which i am on staff as Fiction and Fluff Mod), however that won't be necessary now that i'm not going. haha. I hope you'll be open to an interview sometime in the future. I'd love to have a chat with you, via email or some medium.



davetaylor said...

Very excited to hear you (and Nik) will be there! I'll have to make sure I bring along the Blood Pact army now ; )

Looking forward to catching up again, however briefly.


Madclaw said...

I'm really looking forward to Gamesday and having the opportunity to catch up with you and meet Nik. I'll be digging out my copy of Hammers of Ulric to bring along with me.

e.molinski said...

AWESOME! hahah, maybe i can actually meet you in person, instead of having my lackey in the UK go to events for me!

Artein said...

Will Sabbat Worlds Anthology be a part of an omnibus at some point in the future?

BigWill said...

I cannot wait to finally meet you.
I am going out to buy fresh copies of Eisenhorn and Ravenor,so I can get two signed copies for the stasis chest.
I hope I get the chance to talk your ear off for a minute ot two

Tinweasel said...

Good health and good times to you at the Baltimore GD this year, chief!

I unfortunately won't be going because of family finances and driving to Maryland being problematic. I met you in 2007 at the Chicago GD, picking up the first Gaunt's Ghosts omnibus as an excuse to meet a famous author and have something signed. I'm well and truly hooked on your writing now after that first 40K book ever, and would've liked to have chatted again.

I'd probably have been bothering you with diabolical ideas I've been kicking around for a tabletop force of The Shriven, though, having made a few small inroads into converting and sculpting some of them. (You see, following their defeat at Fortis Binary, a contingent of The Shriven are now theoretically allied with The Disciples of the Four, my CSM warband...)

Maybe you're the lucky one that I won't be attending - I'm a little obsessive about quality literature and my miniature hobby, apparently. Heh.

Joe said...

I wish I could make it down there... I know you've got a lot of projects going, but are you visiting anywhere else in the US this time around? (Maybe Boston/Cambridge?)