Sunday, March 03, 2013

Who is 50

Of course he is. We all knew that. And to celebrate that momentous birthday... well, lots and lots and lots of delicious Doctor Who things are happening this year. Cakes, for starters. Cakes in the shape of Daleks, most likely.  Hot air balloon flypasts where the hot air balloons are ingeniously made to look like Sontaran capsule ships. Or, indeed, Sontaran bonces, both being conveniently spherical. What else? I dunno. A special broadway revival of the musical Miss Zygon.

I digress ("No, really? You? Digress?" they all call out sarcastically).  I'd like to draw your attention to one delicious Doctor Who thing in particular. BBC Books is reissuing eleven classic Doctor Who novels -– one for each Doctor – from across their fiction range. Each one has a new cover, a new introduction, and looks pretty damn gorgeous, and my Eleventh Doctor novel The Silent Stars Go By has been selected to represent the Matt Smith incarnation. Look! Look below! Look, how pretty!

Doctor Who: The Silent Stars Go ByThere's a good chance I'll be doing several signings for this as part of the 50th Anniversary event, but one is already set, and that's at Forbidden Planet in London on Saturday March the 9th. Here's the skinny. So materialise, get a signed copy, plus signed copies of the books by Gary, Ben and Terrance, and a very good day will have been had by you. And no mistake.

Miss Zygon. *makes a Sheldon Cooper "I've just amused myself" yelp-laugh*

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OpenID edfortune said...

A lot of the lyrics from Miss Saigon adapt quite easily into the idea of Miss Zygon. It's rather disturbing.

8:21 pm  
OpenID edfortune said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday chap.

8:22 pm  
Anonymous Pamela Su N said...

I am so excited. I can't wait for the anniversary special.

I suppose I could read a few Doctor Who books or a dozen to make the long wait less painful. :)

The cover of your book looks fab!

3:23 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dan, i truly believe we may be related just hear me out ok? the first and most obious reason being we share a last name, abnett. my name is madeleine maree abnett i kid u not (i live in australia not a very common name here) now the second reason for my belif is that im obsessesd with doctor who utterly obssed you see right now im just sitting in bed and i can see 3 sonic screw drivers and 6 tardises, whats the plural for tardis anybody? anyway the point is i have alot of doctor who stuff coz i love it so much, sigh its a lonely life. now my 3rd reason i believe us to be realated is u were born in the same year as my dad, did someone say long lost brothers? its been known to happen. now my forth and final reason, i like you aspire to be a novilist its all i want, hm well thats a lie i also want my dad to let me paint my walls purple and more then that i want to be the doctors companion but thats beside the point. dan abnett we are realated, dont even deny it there are way to many coincidences for it to be otherwise. anywho love always your dear maybe possibly yes unlikely to be niece maddie

4:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey its me again maddie, just thout id let u know im reading silent stars go by for the fith time, my school libarian hates me now see its six weeks over due and i made her order it in (i had to threten her with my sonic screw driver) so now because ur books so damn good i have to hide behind a tree every time i see mrs nurse walk by and my high schools tiny there aint that many trees to hide behind. so yeah thanks alot dan for being such a great writer.

4:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maddie again, clearly i cant just be a normal timelord and write nice little comments like everybody else, no i have to write whole f~ing paragraphs. i give up on interneting. its just not for me

4:50 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

#save the day

7:03 am  

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