Sunday, April 17, 2011

Illustrious in Birmingham!

If you're going to be at Eastercon this coming (Easter) weekend, in Birmingham, then you can catch me – along with many of Angry Robot's finest – there. Known as Illustrious, this is the 62nd National Science Fiction Eastercon, and you can find out more about it here.

I'm going to be there on Friday and Saturday, and I believe the mighty James Swallow will be attending over the weekend too. This year, the theme is military SF, so it seemed like an ideal time to officially launch the UK paperback edition of "Embedded". I'll be doing a reading, and then joining with the other Angry Robots – including Lauren Beukes, Lavie Tidhar, Aliette de Bodard, John Meaney, Colin Harvey and Andy Remic – in a mass AR signing/robotfest at 4.00pm.

If you're not actually attending the Con, you can nevertheless catch all of us between 12.30 and 2.00 that same day at Waterstones, Birmingham High Street. You can find the official details of these events at the Angry Robot site here.

For those of you at Illustrious, there's also the NewCon Press event on Friday afternoon at 4.30pm. This is to launch their latest anthology – Further Conflicts – which I've contributed a story to. This is a collection of all-new military SF and I'm in some pretty – pardon the pun – Illustrious – company. The book is an exclusive, limited edition signed by all the authors. Details here.


sredni vashtar said...

Like to, but after Salute on Saturday there's no way I can scratch up £30 by next weekend... I'll try and make Waterstones instead, although last time I went to that store they threw me out for not wearing a shirt

Anonymous said...

See you were!

In the meantime i present to you a synopsis for your book Salvations Reach on book sites (really against your words its fun in the wrong way):
and many others -
The Tanith First-and-Only infiltrate an Imperial underwater ship and must wrestle it from Chaos cultists in the thirteenth book of this popular Imperial Guard series.

Yeah? Really?

Anonymous said...

Alright Dan,

I read Prospero Burns this holiday as a treat and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm glad you wrote about the Wolves because I don't think another writer would have got them right. Like seasoning in food, there is a fine line between getting the flavour right and I really liked the Wolf vibe you created. I got the impression that Kasper reflected your own thoughts on them.

Anyway, so you've got your stamp over the Space Wolves, Alpha Legion and soon the Ultramarines in the Heresy Novels, I was hoping you could claim some other Legions before someone else does. Namely: The Imperial Fists, White Scars (both of which I've heard you say you like - you write a great Dorn), and maybe the Blood Angels? I feel you've already claimed the Fists; you've already said you like the Scars and if you put you research cap on when researching them they'll be awsome and I found it funny how you described the Blood Angels as melodramatic goths, something which I'd never thought of. This would then put you in a fantastic position to write the Siege of Terra, a novel which I think the Emperor himself has destined you to write.

On a final note, can you help me with a quick question regarding the Lightning Tower which I recently read. If the smoke pale portrait of a woman with the most curious smile is the Mona Lisa; and garish yellow flowers rendered in thick paint is Van Gogh's sunflowers, what is the unflinching, rheumy gaze of an old fleshy man, cast in shadow, tobacco brown?



Deirdra A. Eden said...

LOVE THIS!!! I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Brilliant Writer Award.
Go to and pick up your award.
PS. Really enjoy your writing style! Keep up the good work!

Big said...

Good Luck Today mate!

Uncle Truth said...

Question about Eastercon:

Is it an evil transformer that alternates between robot, chocolate egg and pissed off bunny modes?

If it isn't, then it probably should be.

Sorry if you've already answered this, but is your latest angry robot offering available as an ebook? I'm Kindle-daft at present due to space constraints.


Uncle Truth said...

Scratch that question, I've just checked Amazon and note that it IS available for the Kindle ;)

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