Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NYCC additions and revisions

Off to New York in a second. Just wanted to add a quick update to the previous post. As of today (Wednesday), this is the most accurate info I've been given:

Artist Alley: the tables numbers for me and Andy are now T10 and T11.

On Saturday, Andy and I - along with Brad Walker - will be signing at the Marvel Booth between 3 and 4. This means my signing a the Codex stand that afternoon has been put back to 4 - 5. The Codex stand signing in the morning at 11 remains the same.

On Sunday, Andy and I will be at the Midtown Comics stand (2143) for an hour's signing at midday, as previously reported, and we will also be participating in a Marvel panel at 1.15 (room 1A06).

I will try to update you with any revisions and additions as I learn them. We're looking forward to seeing you at the Con.


Dju said...

This Dan is going to be a busy man. Or clone, whichever is right.
And, of course, zing.

Big said...

Sabbat Worlds is Mustard!

cor said...

agreed big just finished regicide and all I can say is WOW aaron did a fing great job

Big said...

He did! Always wanted to know how that scenario played out, everyones talking about The First Heretic but i got straight into the S.W. , what can i say im a

Blitzspear said...

I've just read a great review of Sabbat Worlds on Graeme's fantasy book review. Glad Iron Star is in the book it's the only Ghosts story i don't have. Apart from SW which i'll have soon :) And thanks for the post back Dan about the Maidstone signing.

Blitzspear said...

Linky would help d'oh

Hurrah for the Hussar said...

Wow! Big news hopefully that Dan is intending us to be told about (or already knows). is giving away a free copy of 1st and Only for e-readers!

I'm writing a congratulatory email to BL now for finally getting in on the future but wanted to let everyone know.

My much beloved 1st and only book can now be saved the indignity of being stuffed in a bag when i want to go travelling and becoming even more dog-eared, it can now be cherished and read only in a temperate stable environment.

I'm chuffed that I can now read Dans stuff in a more sustainably-transportable-modern medium.

Hefty self backslaps all round.

e.molinski said...

hope you enjoyed NYC!

e.molinski said...

and happy birthday.