Friday, February 05, 2010

Clickety-Clack! (the sound of my fingers typing faster than Jessica Fletcher's)

Up to my Nova Corps helmet chin-strap with some Marvel scripting right now, so I'll be back with another chunk of "Dear Ryan" writing tips as soon as (though here's one to be going on with: writing for a living trumps writing about writing for a living).

In the meantime, a short but very sweet review here.


Jay said...

Zing Zing Zing......and Zing again!

Dan thanks for the great blog on Babel Clash.

In your letter with Ryan you discuss killing characters. My favourite GG book is Traitor General. I just love all that behind enemy lines guerilla warfare stuff. The Wire Wolves are awesome and scary...


But how come you didn't kill any characters in that book? Not that I am some bloodthirsty disciple of Khorne but if there was ever a book where we could have felt the cold pain of loss it was that one. Or was that simply too obvious?

Blitzspear said...

I really need to catch up on current superhero /supervillains, it's been an age since I've read anything even resembling a comic book. Good review short and indeed sweet my kind of review.

HiWayRobry said...

The Sphinx?!?!?
Dan, you truly are a genius!

Dan Abnett said...

Jay - exactly. That was the one book where EVERYONE was expecting someone to die.

HiWayRobry- I am. I truly am.

Anonymous said...

completely agreed with Jay
Now we have two books there nobody dies from the Ghosts!
And i want to mention that the main characters are: HARK Gaunt Criid Curth Dorden Mkoll Larkin Ludd Domor Rawne Brostin Bonin Maggs Beltayn Kolea Daur Varl - thats all - please mister Abnett kill one of them in your next book - and not some minor private ghost!!!