Monday, April 10, 2006


I've just finished the tenth Gaunt book - The Armour of Contempt - in time to attend Games Day in Paris. That was a fantastic event, the tenth year of French games days, and I had a great day meeting readers of both the English editions and the French translations. I'd like thank everyone who came along, and especially express my thanks to the Gaunt translator Julien, and my host at the Bibliotheque Interdite, Mathieu Saintout, for looking after me and my family. We had a great time and would return without hesitation, any time we were invited. Que brule la galaxie!

Now Gaunt's gaunted again for the while, my time will be taken up with writing the next Ravenor novel. It's called Ravenor Rogue, since you asked. In another thread, Damian asked if Ravenor was going to be a self contained trilogy like Eisenhorn, or an ongoing series. I want it to be be an ongoing, so I'm imagining more than three at this stage. Certainly this third novel will end the first main arc, but it's not the over all end. I'd love it if the 'cases' all lasted for different lengths - one for two or three novels, another over in one self-contained hit and so on. We'll have to see. We'll have to see what you think, too.


Damian Leach said...

Excellent news about both Ravenor Rogue, and the continuation of the series. The only criticism I have of Eisenhorn was that it was so brief! Being a new series at the time, and an experimental style in 40k too, I can understand why it was made discrete and fixed.

There's something of a nostalgic, almost mournful tone to Ravenor, especially from the operatives who once served his old mentor. Are we likely to see a lightening of that, or will it deepen as time goes on?

Anyways, looking forward to Rogue, and more of Ravenor's cases.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dan, I'm looking forward to the new Gaunt's book and I am very glad to hear that you are starting the third book in the Ravenor series.

I also can't wait until Horus Rising is released here in the States.

Are you going to be at Gamesday Baltamore like last year?

Matthias Romanov

Jeff Preston said...

Good to hear about The new Gaunt's book and Ravenor Rogue.

It would be interesting to see smaller cases handled, possibly resulting in failures or even featuring some of his staff as the main character in short-stories or even novellas, placed between chapters/ books.

Like Nayl and Patience chasing after X, on a side-mission several years prior (like a flashback), then picking back up with the main story line which somehow ties back to the small prequel adventure.

Or possibly flashes to Ravenor when he was younger, pre-chair and events that weren't significant at the time...but in the future become very much significant.

And of course there is always Eisenhorn. At some point Ravenor could come in contact with him and find out some interesting(disturbing?)things.

Regardless, I'm certainly glad the two series are continuing!

Damian Leach said...

Jeff, Ravenor did come into contact with Eisenhorn again, in the short "Thorn Wishes Talon" (from the anthology "What Price Victory").

But more Eisenhorn would be great. Actually I'd like to see more Midas Betancore, we didn't get to see much of this fellow.

Witchy for a look said...

Glad to hear you're thinking of Ravenor as ongoing. I'd definitely like to see this group receive the series treatment so the characters can continue to evolve. They deserve it and there is certainly mileage in the setup. I found the rapport between Carl and Patience especially fun, until he changed... Who's Kys going to rile in future?

Just read Playing Patience, the event that forged her into a hard woman on her homeworld Sameter. Her disaffected outlook is just the sort of state I can imagine the 41st millienium creating in some people, which is what adds to her believablity and makes her different from dashing Kara; an excellant read. I hope the Rav series will grow and thrive; alongside Double Eagle and the last two Gaunts I rate it as your best work. Now if that’s not encouragement I dunno what is.

Looking forward to catching up with the Ghosts again too.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm really looking forward to the new Gaunt's Ghosts novel. Do you know when it will be out here in Norway? Just want to say you are a great author, probably the best sci-fi author out there. You have really understood how the concept of chaos works!

Med vennlig hilsen/kind regards

Christoffer Valberg Fjelldal

vicsrealms said...

Playing Patience? Which book is that in? I don't think I remember seeing that any where. Definetly have to look it up.

Witchy for a look said...

Hey Vicsrealms,
Playing Patience can be found in the huge anthology recently published by Black Library called 'Let The Galaxy Burn.' Do a search on Amazon and you will find. The story is a novella, running about fifty pages. There are three other Abnett stories in there too, one of which I really liked called 'Pestilence.' Enjoy

Nick said...

Ravenor Rogue, sounds good. I always imagined a Ravenor to be called: Ravenor Resurection. Has a nice ring to it.

Can't wait for the next Gaunt. I just finished Fell Cargo, Dan you had me up half of last night reading it great.

I'd like to see more Eisenhorn especially featuring Midas. I can't wait to get my hands on the Kys story, as she is definetely the most well thought and developed character in Ravenor.


Nick Staiano

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan - great news about the new Gaunt book and your forthcoming Ravenor one... I was fortunate to buy your original Gaunt book and then to be able to devour future ones on release. I've spent many hours (and good wine) reading your stories in my back-to-nature back garden. Don't stop writing please! -paul-

Witchy for a look said...

Just seen the cover for The Armour of Contempt on Black Library's web site. Moody, visceral, intense. I've thoroughly enjoyed the Gaunt series, especially the last two - Traitor General and His Last Command - and I've a feeling 'Armour is going to be a real storm of a novel...

Anonymous said...

Mr Abnett- your the best read, Your series with the ghosts is just addictive, I love reading the continuing story of this "group." I hope Milo is not gone, but I leave that to you. Your the writer...:) When is the book -Armour of contempt - available in Australia?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dan, mainly it pardons my English, he is very bad:) We are many those that we read to you in Spain, please tell me that they are going away to sell in Spain the new books and that they did not take much, if you can give the date me:) We want but books! you do not let write!!!:) in single Spain they have arrived a ("General Traitor"). Thanks to answer, if it is that conversations to the message:) FROM SPAIN WITH LOVE:) XXX

duck_on_bike said...

first off, not to get away form the subject of Gaunt, but i just finished Horus Rising, in my humble oppinion, one of your best books hands down, not only for the picture it paints but how it is written as well. Thank you. Now as for Armour of Contempt, there have been mentions of advance copies already out, so i guess the question is who do i have to hurt and how bad to get my hands on one of these? Also will there be advance copies of Ravenor Rogue coming out and how do i get on the list for one of those?

Saggoth said...

Im a big gaunts fan so im so happy another book is coming out. Also on Eisenhorn i think a continuation would be an exelent idea. Isenhorn was a huge step from the norm with its lush detail and unreal enviornments (even to the 40k univers). Also i wonder how far apart gaunt and Ravenor are year wise... im a bit confused on that.

Banshee said...

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